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    The MPEG2-DVD was created in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.  That is the correct price.

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    Mac OS sierra・Premiere pro CC 2015,Encore cs6を使用しています。








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  • 10/02/17--07:38: Encore CS6 Burn Problem
  • I used Encore CS6 to Burn HD DVDs on my iMAC computer.  I tried 3 time to burn a DVD after building it on Encore CS6 program.

    Every time I view the finish DVD, it has only audio and no video to view.  What am I doing wrong?

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  • 10/02/17--07:46: Re: Encore CS6 Burn Problem
  • There is no such thing as an HD DVD... you may create a DVD (standard resolution) or a Blu Ray (high resolution)


    Post a screen print of your output setting so people may SEE what you are doing

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  • 10/02/17--11:19: Re: Encore CS6 Burn Problem
  • Thanks, I think you answered my question.  I will still send the screen shot you requested.

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    You may lose the first second or two of a video if your DVD player is connected via HDMI. Add a second of black on your video track and you will avoid getting the beginning fade in cut off.

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  • 10/02/17--13:00: Re: Encore CS6 Burn Problem
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    I've tried redoing the project and multiple different settings but when I burn the blu-ray disc, it won't play in the DVD player. Here are my settings:

    Any ideas?


    I tried a trial version of Leawo blu-ray creator, and it was only limited to 5 minutes of video, but that worked in the dvd player.


    Process I followed:

    1. Import .mp4 file

    2. Create timeline from .mp4 file

    3. Set First play to timeline name chapter 1

    4. End action on timeline to "end"

    5. Check project and burn (have tried to image and to disc).


    I don't have any menu's or chapters. I just want it to play the movie immediately.


    When I put it in my DVD player, I get a BD-R BDMV icon, if I hit enter on that, goes to blank screen and then back to the main DVD player menu (not dvd menu)

    Thank you!

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    You do realize that NO Blu Ray disc will play in a DVD player, you must have a Blu Ray player?

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    Sorry for the confusion it is a Blu Ray DVD Player I'm trying to play it on.

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  • 10/02/17--15:06: Re: Encore CS6 Burn Problem
  • Moving this discussion to the Encore forum.

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  • 10/02/17--15:21: Re: Encore CS6 Burn Problem
  • Thanks... I didn't see any indication that this was an install problem, but I didn't want to override an employee

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    That all looks right. The only thing (other than a glitch, or corrupt project) that might do that is accidentally placing an end action on chapter one itself. (Click on chapter one in the timeline panel or the timeline itself and look at properties.)


    I suppose a bad disk might cause this. What happened with your build to image?


    Did Encore preview work correctly?


    Encore prefers demuxed files (m4v and wav rather than mp4), but that is not likely to create this problem.


    What is the model number of Blu-ray Player? I ask for 2 reasons. You're still calling it a "Blu Ray DVD Player" and some Blu-ray players may not play all flavors of disks. But this should work on a BD player.

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    Thank you for taking the time to reply Stan, truly appreciate it.

    Here are the answers to your questions:

    - Chapter 1: End action is Stop, however I've tried it with it set to nothing also.

    - Bad Discs: I made 4-5 coasters, none of which worked. No errors or anything with the build to image, and tried burning said image from encore itself and with imgburn.

    - Preview worked correctly.

    - Only used mp4 as that was the source given to me and didn't want to mess with the original file.

    - Blu-Ray Player is Sony BDP-BX58


    I'll add that I bought the full version of Leawo Blu Ray Creator and successfully made 5 working Blu-Ray DVD's that work instantly in the BD player. I would however still like to figure out how to make it work on encore.


    Thanks again.

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    The end action for the timeline itself should be stop. There should be no end action on the chapter itself. If there is a stop action on the chapter itself, the first play goes to chapter one, plays it, then stops and displays the menu for the player itself. Since you have only one chapter on the timeline, it really doesn't matter.


    I assume you have tried starting a brand new Encore project.


    When you look at the disk in Windows explorer, what do you see? Post a screen shot.

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    Thank Stan, yes I did try a new project when it first started to fail.

    It actually works OK on the PC, I open in VLC media player no problem. Here's a screen shot of explorer: encore03 —

    Thanks again

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    Where did the AACS folder come from? Encore does not add that.

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    Hmm no idea. All that is in there is an empty folder called DUPLICATE.

    I do know that it wasn't on the first project, only the 2nd and 3rd retried projects.

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    It's encryption, which Encore does not support. I've never seen it on an Encore created build.

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    clintmccaskill  wrote


    Hmm no idea. All that is in there is an empty folder called DUPLICATE.

    I do know that it wasn't on the first project, only the 2nd and 3rd retried projects.


    Did you do the compile from Encore, or was something else used?

    AACS is simply not present in Encore, although the use of AACS is mandatory on replicated discs and it is for this reason that BD-R discs are considered non-compliant product by Sony, and written discs should not ever be sold as "Blu-ray discs" or carry the Blu-ray logo - and your player is also a Sony model and they are well-known for being a royal PITA.

    The inclusion of an AACS folder does imply that something, somewhere may be trying to either scramble or unscramble the image, and this is almost certainly the problem as an AACS flagged image cannot be played unless as a replica.


    Another possibility is the file type & standard used.

    What is the definition & frame rate of your footage please? If it is 1920x1080 in progressive scan, the footage *must* be at 24 or 23.98 FPS as 1920x1080@25 or @29.97 is only supported in interlaced form, and depending on the territory may not play even then - you will get a lot of failures in the US if using 25fps, and Sony players in the UK often do not accept a disc at 29.97 either (I stress again this is all with 1920x1080 files)


    Can you please check your file details with the (superb even though free) MediaInfo and post the resulting text file?

    Personally, I would also run the mp4 through Premiere Pro and output elementary streams as H264 as well - dump the mp4.


    In addition, I would also get Encore CS6 installed instead of the older CS5.1 version too.

    You might also want to seriously consider a short loading clip - certain players simply do not appreciate that not everyone wants menus, and going directly into a main feature has been known to cause problems in the past so what I would do in your place here is add a 5 second black/blank clip or a blank screen - anything you have - to use as a "loading" clip. Set that to first play and set it's end action to your main feature.


    We will get you sorted - no worries on that score

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