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    While these are great workaround ideas for the problem, if anyone else has ideas about how to get Encore to just burn discs again (since it always has before and that would be my preferred outcome), I'd still really appreciate those!

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    I don't know - we have encore, premiere, photo shop, etc. How do I found out if we've downloaded those programs from the cloud?

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    Are any of them CC versions?

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  • 10/14/17--15:46: Re: burning a DVD in encore
  • Somewhat dated now, but still some good information for Encore

    PPro/Encore tutorial list has lots of tutorial links to help learn

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  • 10/14/17--15:30: burning a DVD in encore
  • how do you burn a dvd in encore


    [Here is the list of all Adobe forums...]

    [Moved from generic Creative Suites forum to specific Program forum... Mod]

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    I have tested TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 and think it is great but i still use Encore. The biggest downside with TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 that stopped me from buying it was/is the very limited menu options. For every Blu-ray i create i want custom made motion menues, custom button highlights and to make that work in TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 is hard, near to impossible and seems to be the very issue that people complain about.


    The software itself is great with an easy to use interface.


    I second that the TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for Premiere Pro is superiour compared to the Pr/AME encoder. I use it for all my Blu-rays and H.264 encoding and have stopped using the x264 PRO encoder due to error messages that never got any attention.

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    I agree with you.  The Menu options are very  limited.  Fortunately for me I very seldom create Menus.

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    I frameserve to TMPGenc Video Mastering.

    author in Encore and burn with CDBurnerXP.

    Been doing this for quite some years now.

    First dvd now only BD and mp4 for Youtube etc.

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    I've got a project that I want to create a blu ray disk from using Encore CS4. Project is 1920x1080 29.97fps.

    I've created an mpeg-2 of this film (a sperate .m2v and .m2a file). I can create a Blu ray disk using encore from this which plays fine in a blu ray player- just the film - no other content, the timeline for this film being set as first play.


    I want to add a menu screen to the blu ray - a video background with some music playing and a single button to play the film. I have rendered the video and audio for the menu background using the same preset settings as the main film. I've set the motion settings for the menu screen to loop forever and I've set the duration of the menu as the length of the back ground video / audio which is 00;02;58;05.


    If I then burn this to disk and play the disk in a blu ray player, the menu only plays for about 3 seconds then starts from the beginning again, The menu does work - i,e, if you select the play button then it plays the film, but I can't get the whole duration of the menu to work after having burned about 10 disks now.


    I'm pretty sure the video/audio for the menu is good. If I burn a disk of just this video (not set as a menu background - just a video) then this disk plays fine, Also I notice when I edit the menu in photoshop the canvas size is only 720x480 despite the project being 1920x1080 - I don't know if this is relevant but just thought I'd mention in case.


    Anyone got any thoughts what the problem could be?

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    Not the problem you are having, but a 480 menu in bluray will not look good. Use an HD Encore library menu and modify it.


    I would first try exporting the menu motion audio as wav and let Encore transcode it. I wonder if an m2a is a problem.


    Note that the menu will be transcoded to the Encore project setting, Blu-ray default. If you have anything other than highlights on the buttons in the menu, Encore will re-transcode it.


    Are you sure that you don't have a "loop point" set in the menu motion?

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    The solution is often to close the project, make sure that you have all assets ready in correct sizes aspect ratio etc before even creating a new project, and then create a brand new project and start from scratch. Make sure that the new project you create is a Blu-ray project and not a DVD project. The size of your menu indicates that you are working in a DVD project.


    Having an existing Encore project and importing things, adding more, maybe delete some, change things here and there is a great recepie for odd errors such as yours. Don´t blame me for this, i am just the messenger and have experienced the same thing until i learned to always have all assets and planning done before i create a new project. It sound silly but in the long run it will save you time.

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    Thanks, Neil, for the detailed response. The Star Trek series I was referring to was the original series, broadcast from 1966-1968.

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    Thanks, Neil, for the detailed response. See my comments below.


    I do have a few questions about Blu-ray replication. Is it best to ask them in a new thread or contact you privately?


    Blu-ray is complicated, and you will need to forget everything you know about DVD as it is no longer relevant.

    Luckily for me, I don't know much about DVD. I purposely skipped that era of digital video and waited for Blu-ray. I never liked the idea that DVD was stuck in the past, clinging to the roots of 1940s TV.


    4 - …Encore cannot output Blu-ray replication masters without a plugin and I am not sure this is even still available any longer.

    That'd be BluStreak Tracer from RiverGate Software. It looks like it's still available.


    2 - Your clients will need an AACS content owners license

    Clients? I'm my own client – a keen hobbyist trying to generate Blu-rays and have them replicated. Which reminds me of the old courtroom saying: "Anyone who acts for themselves, has a fool for a client." An apt comment in this case, with me trying to do the lot. But it's a good learning experience, even if the replication doesn't come off.


    I contacted a few years ago about obtaining my own AACS license. Peggy on the switch and Justin on the technical side were very helpful.


    A - NetBlender's DoStudio was bought by Sony Creative Software & has been shut down now.

    B - Sony's own Blu-Print has been shut down

    I didn't know about the loss of DoStudio and Blu-Print. I had to go to the Wayback Machine to find my original links to Sony's DoStudio webpages about Blu-ray authoring – the best sources I was able to find several years ago. For anyone interested:



    Are you sure Blu-Print has gone under? What about these?

    bluprint | Radius60 Studios

    Sony Blu-print 2D/3D Blu-ray Disc Authoring System

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    Thanks for the reply Stan - I tried converting the audio to wav, create a new encore project using the new wav audio but still the same problem.


    No I don't have a loop point set - the value in the loop point box is 00;00;00;00

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    Hey Averdahl - thanks for responding. I didn't actually choose a 480 menu, I just right clicked > new menu. I noticed the resolution when editing it in photoshop.

    Anyway I have tried using a template HD menu, bu I still have the same problem - the menu still only plays for a second or two - though it is now 1080.

    Agreed re. creating new projects rather than editing the same one over and over, unfortunately I've probably created a new project 20 times now so I don' think that is the answer

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    Hey - I realise I wasn't very clear in my last message - its not a DVD project, it is a blu ray project - I'm basing that on the 'authoring mode' shown in Project Settings, but if there's somewhere else I need to set this as well then please let me know



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    just another update, still got the same problem and I have tried:


    • create a menu with just audio but no video
    • create a menu with just video and no audio
    • create a 20 second menu instead of the 3 minute one I have been doing
    • turn off looping for the menu
    • use encore cs4 on a different machine (also windows 10 - I don't have access to any other PCs)



    none of this has fixed the problem. I think I'm going to give up on the motion menu but if anyone thinks they know what the problem could have been I'd still be interested to hear from you




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    The problem does not exist in Encore preview?


    It might help to post a screenshot of your Encore flowchart.

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    No - the preview works - the video is very stuttery but I think I remember its normally like that - anyway it plays the whole duration of the menu.


    Here is the flow chart:


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    Looks fine there.


    Create a new test project and bring in an Encore library HD with motion menu, e.g. Crib Menu HD (30 seconds, no sound). Delete all buttons except one. And add your movie (or a shorter one). Add end action to the movie. Link button to movie. Does that work?

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