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    >John Smith that I recognize from a long time ago


    Could be... just looked in my computer history file, and my first editing computer was a pre-built Alienware that I bought January 2002 with a bundled Pinnacle DV500 capture card and the OLD Premiere 6 (really old... not CS6)


    I joined the Adobe forums soon after my computer was delivered... and I've had the same email address and Adobe account since then

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  • 11/02/17--08:19: Re: DVD jpeg/text issue
  • One add, I also put an underlying black layer but the whole thing still shakes when put on DVD

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  • 11/02/17--08:37: Re: DVD jpeg/text issue
  • Good tests. Next, respond to the questions I asked in the previous post:


    Re: I am trying to burn a DVD. Te begining of the video has a title page. The title page is wavy when I burn the DVD. I have tried everything including changing the transcode settings and it looks fine in Preview. before I changed the settings it did wave


    Which were:


    There can be many reasons. DVD is standard definition, not high definition. What is your source material?


    Please post a screenshot of the Encore project panel.


    If you are exporting from Premiere Pro or similar program, please post a screenshot of your export settings.

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  • 11/03/17--07:53: Re: DVD jpeg/text issue
  • I also burned the file to Blu-ray and it is fine. The source material is HD but the  only part I am having trouble with is the title page when I try to add an image. i tried Jpg and Tiff. I exported from 1920x1080 (1.0) 23.976 fps progressive to several resolutions including a matched sequence and 1280x720 24fps Progressive, `There is no problem with the video which plays fine on everything but DVDScreen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.01.14 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.03.32 AM.png

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  • 11/03/17--15:21: Encore CS6
  • Apologies up front, new to this forum.


    I have a subscription to the creative cloud via the education department. I can't seem to find how I can install Encore CS6, in order to create DVDs.


    Search results online suggest that I need to open my cloud app/preferences/creative cloud/app and toggle on "Show Old Apps", however I don't have this option?


    Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 9.20.01 am.png

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  • 11/03/17--16:04: Re: Encore CS6
  • I'm pretty sure that you have to have purchased the Encore CS6 license at some time in order to download it.

    I don't think the CS6 apps are part of the CC subscription.

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  • 11/03/17--16:06: Re: Encore CS6
  • Here is an article that shows how you can find Encore CS6

    Installing Premiere CC & Encore CS6 « DAV's TechTable

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  • 11/03/17--16:38: Re: Encore CS6
  • Things have changed a bit. Its in Dutch but you get the idea.

    In order to get Encore you need to install Premiere CS6 which also installs Encore.

    Then you install Encore's libary

    Download full library content for Adobe Encore CS6


    encore 1.png

    encore 2.png

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  • 11/04/17--07:20: Re: DVD jpeg/text issue
  • Your best option for the DVD is to export from PR/AME as MPEG2-DVD - the options you describe will be transcoded by Encore, and it can be harder to get the option you want there.

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  • 11/06/17--13:19: Re: DVD jpeg/text issue
  • Screenshot 2 shows the Preview codec used. You dont want that. Its what it is a preview codec of low quality.

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    Hello everybody,


    I do have the following question concerning Encore Cs6:




    Each episode is a button, that launches a separate video. Now it would be awesome, if each time I select an episode, the video from the selected episode would appear in the preview frame (the picture on the left).


    Is this possible?


    Thank you in advance,



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  • 11/07/17--08:15: BDCMF format
  • Hi,
    what are Software out that can convert video (mp4) to BDCMF format?

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  • 11/08/17--08:37: Re: Encore
  • What is your impression of DVD Styler?

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    Ok I have CC and Encoder.Have installed Premiere CC 2017.(trial version) I am trying to create a mp4 file in to a DVD.

    So far I have created two files M2V and .Wav

    Reached the 3rd stage and need Encore. After reading about uninstalling Premiere Pro, there is no box to

    tick just to uninstall Premiere and no mention of Encore. Any suggestions? Or is there another way of creating

    a DVD?


    [Title edited for question clarity and future forum search... Mod]

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  • 10/24/17--07:56: Re: Encore Not Burning DVD
  • For anyone else reading this, a possible reason


    Things and Software to AVOID when authoring/burning a disc

    Start -->
    #2 has WHY Explained


    The Windows program I use for burning is Imgburn... Read for notes on installing Imgburn WITHOUT any toolbar add-ons... Set Imgburn to use the slowest burn speed your drive and media will use... I set my burn speed to 1x and let Imgburn adjust to the actual minimum

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    Not sure but you probably need to make a menu page for each episode.

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    I you have a photography subscription you wont have access to Premiere CS6, alas.

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