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    I already matched the exact sequence settings and the problem persists:Sequence settings.png




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    That still shows a mismatch 24 fps vs 23.976.


    What are you using to see the time issue: Premiere or an exported file? If exported, please post a screenshot of your export settings.

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    !) Windows 7

    2) No special characters

    3) No problems with photoshop layers - I even modified the photoshop menu layers (which are basic) and re-rendered the motion menu's

    4) No problem with DVD Burning hardware - I was able to use Nero 2017 to copy a disk I created previously with this file

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    As a test, create a new Encore project. Import any non-motion menu. Delete all but 2 buttons. Link the buttons to each other. Does that build?

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    It only gives me the following options:

    Screenshot 12-04-2017 17.10.00.png

    What should I do?

    Screenshot 12-04-2017 17.14.20.png

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    Okay. CS6 shows several things differently (e.g. it does not show total time exported, which CC does). Hard to sort this.


    Back to basics: why do you think the time has changed? The file exported with the above settings is shorter in Encore?

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    Ill get the latest CC right away, no point on having to deal with this.

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    CC may not fix this: it should work in CS6.


    What OS? CC 2018 changes Dolby from app to OS.

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    "CC may not fix this: it should work in CS6."


    I realize this, but i figure, better use the most up to date software.


    Windows 7


    "Back to basics: why do you think the time has changed?"


    It is definitely a thing with the timebase and display format, if i use the following settings:

    Sequence Settings.png

    Premiere Pro will show the clip with the same length as the source MP4 video:

    Screenshot 12-04-2017 22.26.59.png

    Screenshot 12-04-2017 22.32.02.png


    However, once exported to M2V with the settings I've posted above, the film becomes much shorter. 24fp gets much closer to 23.976fp and IMO, thats why when I match the sequence settings, the desynch is only really noticeable late in the film.


    I think that and as you suggested, if I can somehow get the format display to 23.976fp, the desynch will disappear.


    "The file exported with the above settings is shorter in Encore?"


    If I match the sequence settings, no matter if imported to encore or simply rendered by a media player, the resulting M2V file desynches.

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    It worked!!!


    Thank you so so muuuuuch!!!

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    > Windows 7


    Be sure to read the posts in the PR forum about the Dolby change. Windows 7 does not provide OS support for decoding dolby, and CC will not provide it.


    Also, even with Win 10, CC no longer provides Encoding of dolby.


    This does not affect Encore as a CS6 product doing the encoding for stereo only dolby.

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    That's odd. Do you have a short sample in the original form you can share?


    The file in Encore "desynches" and is also shorter, correct? What are the original and shorter lengths?

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    When I use the dynamic link in pro and it sends the video to encore I do not have any audio. I have waited long periods of time still no audio.

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    What are your export settings?

    Can you post a screen shot?

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    No export settings for dynamic link.


    What version of PR/EN?


    What format audio?


    Does an audio track come into EN?

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  • 12/06/17--10:00: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • Ohh, no I'm not sure but I want to say no...?

    How do I do this?!

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  • 12/06/17--11:23: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • My writer is: MATSHITA BD-MLT UJ260AF


    But I have a Mac so its not letting me download the firmware I need

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    Sorry for taking so long to reply, I was busy upgrading my whole stuff among other things. So! Here's a total update of the situation.


    Premiere Pro CC 2018 now lets me set a timebase and display format of 23.976fp at the same time:

    Screenshot 12-07-2017 10.27.43.png


    Also no matter the timebase or display format, premiere's monitor always shows the movie with the correct length:

    premiere pro monitor.jpg


    I decided to make 2 transcodifications, 1 with 23.976fp and the other with 24fp, bitrate viewer shows only a minimal change in the length of the M2V videos:




    However, once rendered in any video player, the length changes drastically:



    So the desynch is now even worse:



    Im going to make another transcodification using 15fp just to see what happens.


    "This does not affect Encore as a CS6 product doing the encoding for stereo only dolby.


    I figured that much so i kept encore installed, also, encore shows the same video length as Splayer, VLC and Windows media players.

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    I decided to transcodify once more, however, this time I did it to H264 mp4 format and it didnt desynch or change the video length:

    Screenshot 12-07-2017 17.24.39.png

    Screenshot 12-07-2017 17.26.45.png

    I used 24fp as timebase and display format. This suggests that the problem (or part of it) is in the transcodification to MPEG2-DVD format.

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