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    Responded to English version...

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    You can't do it directly from Encore.


    You can export the subtitles from Encore. Select a subtitle track in Encore. right click; export.


    You can try importing the subtitle file to Premiere Pro, and export a mp4 from there. But the file as exported by Encore did not work as an .srt. Might need to convert; no guarantees.

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    Did a quick experiment. Opened the .txt file from Encore in SubtitleEdit. Saved as .srt. Imported to PR. Placed subtitle file on timeline beginning at the first timecode position. Exported as H.264, with captions set as burned in.


    Played back correctly in VLC.

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    Hi Stan. Thanx for your quick answer. Yes I also thought about this. But I only have Premiere Pro CS6 and I think I need CC for it.

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    Yes, PR CS6 did not yet allow importing a subtitle file.

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  • 02/08/18--15:56: create USB with encore
  • Hello

    Im a beginner on the editing and i would like to create a usb with encore project to be played on any TV

    what are the steps to make USB playable on Tvs?

    Thank you very much for your help

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  • 02/08/18--17:58: Re: create USB with encore
  • The TV would have to know how to interpret the files on the USB as a DVD, and have the functions to play it. Tv's do not.


    Put a mp4 on the disk. The TV's system provides a very basic menu.

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  • 02/08/18--20:11: Re: create USB with encore
  • I create video files(H.264 1920x1080) in Adobe Premiere.  When I put the video on the flash drive and insert the flash drive into the TV USB port, it will play.  Check with the TV manufacture to see if your TV will play MP4 video.  If your TV is 4k you can create a video file in 4k(3840x2160.  If you create a video in Encore with menus I do not think that it will work. Most DVD and Blu-ray players have a USB port.  Some I have found will play the flash drive.  Others that I have had will not play the flash drive video.

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  • 02/09/18--03:48: Update issue with Encore CS6
  • Hello everybody,


    since a few days I get a notification each day from Adobe CC App that there is an update for Premiere CS6, respectively Encore CS6, that I still have installed.


    But when trying to install that update I always get an error saying that it could not be extracted and I should try again downloading. It also shows the number "U44M1I210".


    While Encore still works, any ideas how to solve this issue and what this update should do?


    I'm using Adobe CC in the latest version on macOS High Sierra 10.13.3.


    Thanks in advance,


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  • 02/09/18--07:06: Re: create USB with encore
  • I've not tried this myself, but there is a product that creates videos on USB drives that have menus - TakyBox Console


    Maybe this will help





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  • 02/09/18--08:12: Re: create USB with encore
  • I'm playing with Plex, an app (on my TV in this case) that accesses a media server in the home and plays whatever content you put on it. You can organize by folders, create playlists, and more. Not a DVD/BD menu structure, but simple to organize content. And I can access it from any of the 3 TVs in the house. Also, you can add "Channels," and access Vimeo and a lot more.

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    FYI, click on Neil's name and pick "message." You can send your email via private message.

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    What version of Encore do you show? The last version for Mac was 6.0.1.


    I am getting the same update alert (but also have PR CS6 installed - along with various CC versions). This may be unrelated to the actual CS6 functioning, e.g. Camera Raw or similar. You can probably ignore.

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    Installed Encore version is

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    I would just ignore the update.

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    Okay but ain't there a reason why we get this update notification, Adobe?

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  • 02/10/18--10:41: Re: create USB with encore
  • I spoke with the creator of the program.  If you go to the website(TakyBox Console ), you can receive a free trial.

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    I'm trying to burn a Blu Ray with 50GB (BD-R). When I import my film (~1.3GB) it somehow results in 11GB on the disk! The file size is displayed correctly in the project manager!

    That's kind of frustrating as I need to put 5 films on that disk, which is impossible as this happens with all films (I end up at 52GB whereas the file sizes together are only 6,5GB)

    They are converted to mp4, 720p with 30FPS.

    I can't see why this is happening and therefor can't find a solution!

    Any help is appreciated.




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    What does the file show in the Encore project panel under the Blu-ray Transcode Status?


    More than one reason this can happen....


    Bringing an .mp4 into Encore (rather than .m4v and audio) invites Encore retranscoding. What does it say?

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    It says "not transcoded" and blu ray transcode settings says "automatic"

    (I guess, I'm using german as my primary languege)

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