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  • 02/27/18--09:40: Encore & Menus
  • Ive just had to do a full reset on my MAC and reloaded Adobe software (premiere pro . cs6 and encore).. I've downloaded all the 'standard menus' but they don't seem to be loaded in correctly,, Im also trying to load into Encore, purchased menu templates as Zip files, but encore is having nothing of it and not recognising them. Please could someone give me some pointers as Adobe are not supporting this anymore, even though they have not replaced the authoring software and need to supply dvds and blu rays for my job!

    (Loaded encore - preferences - media - NOT able to choose my zip kits)


    Working on iMac

    OS. High Sierra

    Processor. 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory. 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Graphics. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4GB


    If someone could give me some pointers pretty quick as have lots of deadlines with my MAC out of action! TIA

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  • 02/27/18--10:19: Re: Encore & Menus
  • As John says, the zipped templates must be unzipped. Check with the company you got them from as to whether they are added to the Encore library, or whether you import them as menus to a specific project.


    One of the Encore Library downloads only installs basic menus. The other one, installs all the content. I'm not at my computer, so I can't keep the specific links, but they are both available on one of the links on the page that John gave you.

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  • 02/27/18--10:28: Re: Encore & Menus
  • Thank you both. I had the un-zipped purchased menus installed before my MAC had a re-set but can no longer contact the supplier of them as they now only deal with 'online monthly subscription menus!??"


    Shall look into the links given.

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  • 02/27/18--10:40: Re: Encore & Menus
  • Okay. First try unzipping them, each template should go into its own folder. Then from an encore project, use "import as menu," and go to that template's folder and select the main menu. Any associated motion asset should be imported with it.

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  • 02/27/18--09:57: Re: Encore & Menus
  • Go to How to download and install Adobe Encore CS6  and scroll down to


    Install the Encore CS6 templates and library content


    for an instruction link


    As far as I know, Encore does not work with zip files... you must manually un-zip and put the resulting files in the correct location

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    Why do you have your Desktop selected for DVD ROM CONTENT, which in itself is 42GB?

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    Re Jeff's question, are you on a Mac by chance?


    More once you get the ROM sorted...

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    Sorry; it is 18 per DVD widescreen menu. Adjust my comments accordingly. I.e., you can have up to 17 plus the 1 link to another menu.

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  • 02/27/18--11:41: Re: Encore & Menus
  • Ok Ive done all of the above... Encore still will not 'toggle between menus' so I cannot see the different menus. AND I still cannot import the un-zipped menus I purchased - Just will not hi-light them to import.. They are motion templates if that makes a difference?

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  • 02/27/18--12:19: Re: Encore & Menus
  • What are the file types of the unzipped template? Post a screenshot?


    I can send a screenshot of the encore library later, but in encore preferences, it will show the library location. In finder, look at that location, and inside the library folder, you should see the category folders (General, etc).

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    I am on a Mac.


    Following SAFEHARBOR11's suggestion, I was able to transcode and write the final file to a DVD and play successfully.


    Everything looks and sounds right aside from some shakiness to the video. Can this be resolved with adjusting settings?

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    Your 720p source videos are Progressive, while the DVD by default likely got encoded as Interlaced (480i) which may be the "shakiness" you are seeing in the final video.


    Best practice is to encode all your clips to MPEG-2 DVD format before importing them into Encore, rather than having Encore do all the scaling and transcoding. That way, they are ready to go without any transcoding in Encore. Choose a Progressive preset when encoding MPEG-2 DVD assets that are 720p or 1080p to start with, and make a Progressive DVD for best results.





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  • 02/28/18--03:08: Re: Encore & Menus
  • Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.06.17.png


    These are the files I'm trying to import... SOMETIMES it lets me import, but not the moving templates (m2v).... Then Encore ''doesn't respond"

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    Congrats on your progress. Your best product will be avoiding Encore transcoding, and Jeff has described the primary method.


    Note, however, that your method in Encore (putting multiple videos on a single Encore timeline) may result in Encore transcoding and a variety of issues that can be difficult to fix.


    The better method, since you have individual movies, is to put each movie on its own timeline (so chapter play is each), and use a playlist for the "play all." If you're happy with what you have, that may be a suggestion for the future.

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  • 02/28/18--05:30: Re: Encore & Menus
  • Note in Encore that there are 3 relevant options: "import as" ... "menu," "pop-up menu," and "asset." And you only use the ones for the type of project (NTSC or PAL). Import the Main.psd "as menu." If the .m2v motion background does not also come with it, import the NTSC or PAL (depending on your project).m2v "as asset," then select it from the menu's motion tab.


    I don't understand the .psd's being NTSC/PAL specific, but see what you get.

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    Thank you for your help, Stan! Following your advice and Jeff's, I now have a DVD that looks good and appears to be functioning well! We're going to do some final testing and then start cranking out copies.


    You gentlemen have been a big help and I can't thank you enough!

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    Glad we could help! As Stan said, putting several videos on one timeline is a bad idea. Can cause audio sync issues and other problems. Could combine those clips in Premiere and export as a single MPEG-2 DVD clip, then use Chapter Marks in Encore to jump to start of any "segment" in that timeline.





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    guys what happen to the workshops from adobe to encore dvd cs6

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    What is the name and link you are looking for?

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    I think most of them are taken down or moved to ............

    MIght want to try this:

    Encore | Adobe TV

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