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    Thanks for the information, Neil!


    Do you know if Scenarist BD can author DVD, as well as Blu-ray discs?


    I really wish Adobe would continue to develop Encore and also include Ultra HD Blu-ray authoring.





    Sadly no - Scenarist BD is just that, Blu-ray only, in both Interactive Graphics and BD-J modes of authoring.

    For DVD, you need Scenarist SD or else DVD-Lab Pro 2 if Scenarist is too dear (DLP works really, really well & also has full scripting support as well as customizable VM commands giving you a flexibility that Encore just does not have sadly)


    UHD is yet another, very expensive, animal altogether. One of the annoying things with Scenarist is the lack of upgrade paths - no upgrade route from SD to BD and none from BD to UHD either.

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    Thank you for the great information, Michael.


    This looks to be the answer to Adobe Encore CS6:

    TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 - The Ultimate DVD / Blu-ray / AVCHD Authoring Tool - Pegasys Inc.


    It's sad that Adobe has abandoned Encore. Hopefully, TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 is superior and will continue to improve and be supported. Thanks, Michael!

    This is okay but heavily template based and if you need anything outside of this you are screwed. This is for home film makers with halfway decent camcorders but not professional users.

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    >It's sad that Adobe has abandoned Encore


    Not exactly... the owner of the core modules that Adobe used inside Encore was sold, and the new owner removed the license, so Adobe could no longer develop Encore


    Adobe then (seemingly) made the decision not to recreate what had been licensed to build an Encore replacement... but since I don't work for Adobe, that part is only conjecture

    Adobe could not have reverse engineered the authorcore & reworked it - not legally. One of the things that the regular bunch who all want everything from SD to UHD in one package including all necessary encoders for about $50 (and even at that price I wager serious numbers will still look for hacked versions) all tend to forget is that this is all patented & licensed technology.

    Adobe's Authorcore was from Sonic Solutions, who had the rights to Daikin's original Scenarist application. Encore's core was from the at the time unused "DVD Producer" application and all Adobe did was added their own front end into the author core, which is effectively the multiplexing engine & the bit with all the hooks for the GUI to be added to - it sets the ground rules for what is & is not allowable in theory, with the local (Adobe) developers in this case deciding what sections they are prepared to give access to.

    When Sonic Solutions were bought out by Rovi, Rovi diod not remove the license from Adobe, they closed down the entire Optical Disc section altogether including (after leaving a years grace) all support for Scenarist DVD & Blu-ray as well as the Sonic DVDA tools. The consumer grade stuff was flogged off to someone else (I cannot remember who offhand) but all the pro stuff was canned totally, leaving no support at all.

    It was at this point Scenarist LLC ended up being created from the ashes of Sonic Solutions, and all Optical Disc types are again under development & fully supported.

    Interestingly, it seems that Sony are now out of the game too - Sony Creative Software is gone. Some of the lower end stuff has been flogged off to Magix, but all the serious stuff is gone including all optical disc (not sure if Blu-Print is still going, but don't much care) stuff. No more Vegas, Soundforge, Spectral Layers/Pro, DVD Architect etc.


    In closing (and I honestly do have a point) there is room for Adobe to come in hard here, and add optical disc packages to the CC package as there is next to no alternative out there at a professional grade. All there is now is Scenarist & DVD-Lab Pro 2.

    I wager that Scenarist LLC will happily talk to Adobe about licensing...........and remember, they own themselves again now.

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    You need BD player software (e.g. PowerDVD) or a standalone player to play the movie.

    Absolutely 100% spot on.

    So many people keep blaming the authoring tools when they cannot play on free media players that literally do not support properly the media they are trying to play.

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    Thanks for the info, Neil!


    So for both Blu-ray and DVD authoring, it looks like the best alternative to Adobe Encore CS6 is:

    TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 - The Ultimate DVD / Blu-ray / AVCHD Authoring Tool - Pegasys Inc.

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    Bummer. I wish there was something out there that was comparable or better than Encore CS6 and could do both Blu-ray and DVD. Thanks for the info, Neil!

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    What is it you cannot do with Encore so you need better software?

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    If you have used the trial version of TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6, let us know your opinion of the software.  Who are you creating the DVD's and Blu-ray's for?  I have some 4K UHD videos that I have experimented with.  I use a converting program(Brorsoft) that converts the videos to 1920 x 1080 format.  Using Encore CS6, I create Blu-ray discs.  The quality is similar to the original 4K quality.  If your audience is the general public, they will be impressed with the quality of the videos.  I also have edited 3840 x 2160 videos in Premiere Pro CC 2018.  I uploaded them to Vimeo.   I send a link to the videos  They can be watched on a computer, tablet, etc.  They can also be downloaded and put on a flash drive.  If someone has a 4K television with USB ports they can play the videos.  If they have a 4k UHD player with a USB port, they can also play the videos.  However, there no menus.

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    I really would like the interface of Encore updated. It definitely has that clunky and out-of-date 1990's feel. In addition, I would like Encore to be able to produce 4K Ultra HD discs.

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    Thanks for the response, Michael. I have not used TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 yet. I have heard mixed reviews. The main thing it has going for it is that the company supports it and continues to improve it, unlike Adobe with Encore CS6.


    I do shoot in 4K, edit in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, and output to all types of media, including Blu-ray and DVD using Adobe Encore CS6. I just wished Adobe would support Encore and would improve its 1990's-era non-intuitive interface. The functionality is decent, but it would be great to see it improved, including the addition of 4K UHD.

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    Based on my own opinion and what others have said on this forum, there will be no update or upgrade for Encore CS6.

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    I have been using Encore ever since version 1.0.

    I dont mind the old fashioned interface.

    It works with Photoshop and AE.

    I dont know of any software where you can make your own custom menus or own custom motion menus (and I dont mean just the thumbnails)

    And as for 4K you can put that on a flash drive and hook it up straight to your tv.

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    Try Youtube: might be a lot of tutorials still out there.

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    You are supposed to let other people mark your posts as helpful.

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    According to the TMPGEnc website their program Authoring Works 6 allows you to create custom menus including motion menus.

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    I mean can you design your own buttons, make them fly around at the start of a menu?

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    The TMPGEnc website has detailed information about Authoring Works 6.

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    They refer to custom menus, but the functionality appears to be limited. For example, this page:


    TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 Help


    discusses turning images into buttons, and refers to being able to use multiple images from layers in a psd.


    I find nothing indicates you can bring a psd menu in.


    For some users, not a big deal; for me it would be. One of the reasons I left MyDVD (was that the name?) MANY years ago was limited menu functionality.


    It does appear, however, you can bring in a motion video/audio:


    TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 Help

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    I emailed TMPGEnc technical support.  They responded that you can use PSD Menus.  They have a trial version

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    Installed the trial. V


    I see no option for using a .psd as a menu. I'm not saying there is not, but... I'll try to play some more.


    I can import a psd as a background (appears to collapse all layers).

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