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    Hello all,


    I'm using Encore CS6 and authoring a DVD with two subtitle tracks. When I check the disc for errors I get two errors, both of which state that I have overflowing subtitles. I've searched the web and come up with nada about this error message, can anyone help?

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    I've authored a DVD with three menus.

    The main menu has three buttons: "Play", "Set Up" & "Extras". When I preview the DVD in Encore all the buttons on the main menu highlight when I roll my cursor over them. The other two menus also work as expected.

    However, when I burn the DVD the "Set Up" & "Extras" buttons will not highlight when selected, otherwise they function just fine.


    I'm using CS6.


    Can anyone help me?


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    Button routing?


    In Encore preview, don't use roll over with the cursor. Use the screen controls and see if you can move into the buttons.

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    Not an error we see much.


    See this post that suggests it is the subtitle text "overflowing" the space - possibly caused by a too large font (or too much text).


    Re: Overflowing Subtitles

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    We will never know. I deleted the menu and rebuilt it. as expected now.

    Thanks for offering a solution. I didn't know I could use the screen controls instead.

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    I saw that post and went into the subtitles to visually check and found nothing out of sorts. Also the error states that the entire subtitle stream is out of whack, a vague error in my opinion.


    I burned the disc regardless and the subtitles look just fine. Red Herring maybe?

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    What I love about Encore is Photoshop being integrated.

    You can go back and forth change all kinds of stuff in you menu.

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    Maybe. For the future, screenshot of the error message?

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    Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 7.33.16 AM.png

    Here's the screenshot.

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    As suggested by the previous posts, this warning can be ignored and the subtitles may be incomplete. If the overflow is only trailing spaces, you wouldn't know the difference.

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    I have tested TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 and it has very limited options when it comes to custom design your own menues. Many people including me think this is the very weakest feature in TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6. Overall it is very nice to work with, but the limitations when it comes to the creative process when it comes to menues is putting me and others off.


    I really hope Adobe bring some kind of disc authoring solution back. Today there are kind of two alternatives when it comes to third party apps: Customer applications with template based, limited feature set or high grade professional applications with a price tag many people just cant pay or justify. Some of those pro grade apps don´t even have price information on their web page.

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    Vegas DVD Architect DVD and Blu-ray Disc Authoring has a free trial.

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    Little help please.


    I'm using Encore CS6.


    I'm trying to burn a DVD who's content is 3.58 Gigs. However, Encore has Disc Info telling me the disc is 5.95 Gigs which I know is not true.


    The project worked fine until I replaced the m2v video stream in the timeline.


    Can anyone help me out?


    Thanks in advance for your wisdom.

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    Any ROM content? (See the build panel.)


    Please post a screenshot of the project panel showing the DVD transcode status. Does it show "do not transcode"?

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    Yes, i have tried it for about six months ago but it had no support for Pop-up menues.

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    Hey Stan, see above.

    Thanks for the help.

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    When you say you replaced an m2v stream, what do you mean?


    Why do you  believe the size is actually 3.58GB?

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  • 03/09/18--05:45: DVD won't burn audio
  • Hi,


    I have a project that was shot using 2 cameras. Laid out camera 1 as the prominent project for video and the shotgun mic for narration. Camera 2 was used for cut aways and prominent audio.(music) After edit sent to Encore for DVD, it is all there on the Encore timeline (audio and video) but when I burn the DVD the audio from the shotgun mic (camera 1) is not there.

    I tired exporting to mp4 and burning from Encore then, but that same audio does not come through on the burn. ?? It comes through everywhere except for the actual burning of the DVD. (The audio from camera 2 is not great as the headset mic he was using goes in and out, or I would use that.)


    Can ANYONE suggest a way to make this work? Does anyone know why the DVD burn will not allow the shotgun mic to come through?



    Thank you in advance...


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    I re-exported the film after editing a couple of minutes from the end. Imported the new m2v into Encore, deleted the existing m2v in the timeline and replaced it with the new one.


    It would be more accurate to say that it's approx 3.5 GB... I added up the file sizes listed in the project panel.

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    Motion menu (audio only?) gets added to all that. But it appears short...


    Replacements can result in corrupt project. Encore is easily confused...


    Are the png used only in menus? Or are any timelines anything more than the original m2v and audio?

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