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    At one point I had both m2v's on the timeline. That may have "confused" Encore.


    png's are on a timeline of their own, FBI and Piracy warnings...


    I'm going to rebuild the entire project and see what happens.

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  • 03/09/18--07:46: Re: DVD won't burn audio
  • "sent to Encore..."


    How? Are you sending (from PR CS6 via dynamic link) or exporting as MPEG2-DVD with separate video and audio files?


    Are both audios going to a stereo track with each audio on left and right? Out of phase can be an issue.


    See this thread re phase issues:


    Re: Missing audio track in youtube video

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    The png timeline will add when transcoded, but it is only 12 seconds.


    I would do as you are, redo. Start with a brand new project, but you can import the menus (but they'll be without links).


    I would make the png as a PR edit and export as DVD ready. I also prefer exporting from PR/AME as DVD ready, not letting Encore transcode. (If doing BD also, BD and DVD exports separate.)


    Using the "automatic" transcode setting allows you to avoid bitrate calculations, but you must get the entire disk ready before doing any transcoding that uses the automatic setting.

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    I rarely use Menus for DVD's and Blu-ray discs.  I am not a professional.  I create DVD and Blu-ray discs for my family, relatives, friends, schools, sporting events,etc.  The majority of my videos now are uploaded to Vimeo.  I do not know what other programs you could try.  Good luck!!!.

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  • 03/09/18--08:51: Re: DVD won't burn audio
  • Hi Stan,

    Thanks for the info,

    Yes, I have been using the CS5 Dynamic link. I also tried to export it to mp4 and then import from the desktop. Neither of these ways worked. It appears that the issue is within the DVD burner. When I send it to mp4 it sounds fine, when it goes into Encore it is all there. This only happens after the burn to DVD!?

    So freakin strange!

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  • 03/09/18--16:26: Encore stops working
  • Encore CS5 stops working. Varies early on or sometimes nearing completion of transcoding. AMD Radeon HD 7660D graphics installed in HP computer. I recently replaced the hard drive with a solid state drive and upgraded memory to 16gb. Then uninstalled and reinstalled Premier Pro

    CS 5.0.  Before the upgrade I did not have any problems. I have run extensive memory checks and it always passes. Running Windows 7.

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  • 03/09/18--18:56: Re: Encore stops working
  • Be sure to run Encore "as administrator" (not just as a user with administrative rights).


    Are you using "transcode now" or letting Encore transcode during build?


    Can you build (to a folder or image) a simple project with a menu only and nothing else?

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  • 03/10/18--04:14: Re: DVD won't burn audio
  • How are you viewing the dvd, is it in stereo? There have been many cases in the Premiere forum where the mono shotgun mic does not play on mono devices, this is often due to an incorrectly wired mic cable feeding the camera, but the same audio sounds fine(ish) on a stereo playback.

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  • 03/10/18--04:51: Re: DVD won't burn audio
  • In stereo. But it plays fine in mp4 mode. That is why I am thinking it is something in the Encore DVD burn process.

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  • 03/10/18--06:50: Re: DVD won't burn audio
  • As illustrated in the thread I linked above, that is not necessarily the case. What could it be in the Encore burn process? A correct stereo file will be burned correctly.

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  • 03/10/18--06:57: Re: DVD won't burn audio
  • Could you dropbox the audio file that plays back incorrectly.

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    I am not concerned about an authoring program for 4K UHD video.  I use Premiere to export the 4K videos to 1920 x 1080(H.264 Blu-ray).  I create an Image File(iso) in Encore CS6.  I use ImgBurn  to create the Blu-ray discs.  I do not think that most consumers could tell the difference between 4K and 1920 x1080.

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  • 03/10/18--11:20: Blu-ray Burners
  • I have an LG Blu-ray external burner.  They are no longer available.  I need a recommendation for a replacement.

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  • 03/10/18--13:29: Re: Blu-ray Burners
  • Has anyone used the ASUS BW-16D1X-U DVD/Blu-ray burner?

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    Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.10.37 AM.png


    Rebuilt from scratch.

    No PNGs or Jpgs in timelines, all media exported from Premiere as m2v.


    Prior to burning disc info states it's well below 4.7 GB, once I click "build" it jumps to 5.95 GB.

    Are subtitles an issue for disc capacity?

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    Yes, subtitles take up some room in the VOB file, but I don't think enough to account for your issue. It is more likely that your files are transcoding to a larger size, even though they are set to automatic. That part is odd.


    Yes, exported from PR as m2v, but not DVD legal: in the project panel, they shows as "transcoded" using automatic settings, so they must have come in as "untranscoded." And EN does not update the size in the project panel once transcoded, right? It is true, I'd expect them to get smaller: The m2v's are "do not transode" in the Blu-ray status column, so you are not using the right export setting in PR: export as MPEG2-DVD.


    Look in the project files, if the project name is "My Encore Project," that is in "My Media" folder, and the asset name is "Video.m2v," then look in:


    ...My Media/My Encore Project/Sources/Transcodes/Video_m2v/


    The file may be called something like Video_m2v_1_video.m2v


    Compare the size of that file to the one you imported to EN. Is it smaller or larger?


    The audio is also transcoding: I assume you have the project set for a3c; they are aac, so must be transcoded.



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    Got it this time.

    In Premiere I was selecting mpeg2, not mpeg2-DVD. I reprocessed my media and blammo, 3.78 GB!


    Thanks so much for your help. It's appreciated more than you know.


    Keep up the good work my friend.



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    Congrats! You're very welcome!

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    Thanks for the info, Neil!


    So for both Blu-ray and DVD authoring, it looks like the best alternative to Adobe Encore CS6 is:

    TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 - The Ultimate DVD / Blu-ray / AVCHD Authoring Tool - Pegasys Inc.

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    Bummer. I wish there was something out there that was comparable or better than Encore CS6 and could do both Blu-ray and DVD. Thanks for the info, Neil!

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