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    Yes, played on a standalone Blu-Ray player on my living room television. Sorry I didn't mention that.


    I'm not at my editing computer at the moment; I'll post my flowchart when I get the chance.

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    The popup when I click the first menu item (this is the thing I want to get rid of):



    The paused view showing the chapter information:


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    That looks like a display from the player or tv...

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    Hi! I'm using Adobe Encore CS6. So the problem is to import my subtitles file: after I right click on subtitle track "Import subtitles... > Text script..." and choose a .txt file, the program shows me an error window "No text found in scrpt file"


    Help me, please, to solve it. Thanks

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    Post the first few lines of your file.

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    Right; I don't get it when I watch the DVD on a computer. I'd really like to get rid of it, though. The player doesn't do it with a store-bought DVD, so what am I doing that makes the player treat my disc differently?

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    Scratching my head... I don't think DVDs themselves have such a setting; it would be in the player or perhaps TV, but I'd guess player.


    Try it on another player/TV?


    I could not find a setting on my bluray player, and did not get it on an Encore built DVD. I am more used to this appearance on the computer, playing files.


    To be clear, first play is the one (and only) menu in the Encore project. You click button one and it plays the Bars and Tones timeline, and returns to the menu. Click button 2, and it plays the Bars only timeline and returns.


    If the iso is small (it should be!), you can send it to me (dropbox if over a couple megs) and I'll test here.

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    Lots of gotchas in script files, and formatting is everything. How are you creating the file?


    Help file on scripts:


    Adobe Encore * Subtitle scripts

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    Here's the example from file - take a look. It's written on russian, but I hope it's not a problem for you

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    Stan, I didn't made it by myself - client gave me an .SRT file with all of this data inside.

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    I'm assuming you downloaded a TV series, and the .mkv file compression used on those are extremely efficient - I don't know how such small files can look so good!


    However, a Video DVD can only use ONE kind of compression, and that is the older, inefficient MPEG-2 codec. So forget what size the downloaded files are. What we really need to discuss is LENGTH of the videos. In reality a 4.7GB DVD can at best hold about 2 hours of video at a reasonable quality. Do not expect to put the whole season on one disc, simply not happening. A dual-layer DVD will double that for you, but still short of holding a season of anything.


    Pick up a digital media player box with HDMI output, very inexpensive online, and just feed in most any format from USB hard drive or thumb drive and forget about DVD which is also limited to SD quality, no HD.





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    I do get the popup on other players, and the popup looks different on each one (the popup on Sony players looks different from the popup on Best Buy players, for instance).


    Yes, please! I'd be happy for you to take a look at the .iso. Here's the DropBox link (6.2MB):



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    If you look at the link above, you'll see the text file format Encore wants. e.g.


    1 00;00;02;02 00;00;03;15 The cat never came back.

    She just walked away.

    2 00;00;05;18 00;00;09;20 I hope she's all right.

    She always looked out the window with a special kind of longing.


    You can't just change the .srt to .txt. And when you do, you find the error you got.


    A free program called subtitle edit will do the conversion. Open the .srt file. Do a save as to their format "Adobe Encore (*.txt)". There are several Adobe Encore options; I think that is the one...

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    BTW, you can get odd things with NTSC vs PAL and drop frame versus not. I don't recall the particulars. I was always NTSC drop frame.

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    Burned to DVD+RW. No popup on Toshiba BDX2150 to Sony 4K TV.


    Also no popup, as with your results on PC, or playing iso via PowerDVD17.

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    Well, shoot. I guess that means it's something I'm doing in the burn and not in the authoring. The good news, then, is that it's not some mistake I'm making in Encore.


    I really appreciate your help!

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    How are you burning? The iso is a build from Encore, right?

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    Yeah, I built the .iso in Encore CS6, but the burner in my Mac is fried, so I took the .iso to my Windows computer and burned it by right-clicking the .iso and choosing "Burn disc image."

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    I am PC. I burned with ImgBurn, so I repeated using your method. Same result.


    The Sony and Best Players were with the same TV?


    I'd try some more players/TVs.


    You could go back to Encore and build to a folder. Then create an image from that. (I use ImgBurn.) But I don't think the issue is with Encore.

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    Yes, I'ms still creating DVDs, but it really died off around 2012.


    Legal video (mostly deposition video) is still delivered almost exclusively on DVD-R.  I don't work in that field, but I know a videographer who does.  When it comes to old formats still in heavy use, I was a little surprised to learn that the US Immigration Court system still uses cassette tapes.





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