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    Thank your for your answer, Jeff.


    It's indeed a TV series, but it's an old anime (1998), taken from old VHS tapes. The quality is remarkably good, but it's definitely not HD. I'm working on projects to have a bookshelf of touchable nostalgia, so creating these dvd's is fun and for nostalgia reasons. I'm making some nice motion menus and dvd covers for it.


    That aside, the length of the videos is 24:36 and there's a total of 28 episodes. I wanted to burn three dvd's, but now I want to put 7 episodes on each disc, so there will be four discs. That would be ~3 hours per disc, which exceeds your 2 hours of video statement by an hour. So I should probably be doing 4 or 5 episodes, but I don't think the quality will suffer that much. I can be wrong of course, I'm just a beginner with this kind of stuff.

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    The majority of my videos are uploaded to Vimeo.  I have had only one request for a DVD in the last six months and none for Blu-ray.  Most televisions being produced today are 4k.  According to Best Buy most of them have the capability to play 4k or HD videos from a flash drive.  Many DVD/Blu-ray players have a USB port which allows you to plugin a flash drive.  However, there is no guarantee that they will recognize the flash drive and play the video.  Unfortunately, you cannot have Menus on the flash drive.

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    Since the video is anime, it is possible that it could look acceptable at 7 episodes per disc. The more video that you put on a single DVD, the more it must be compressed of course to fit. However, since it is a "cartoon" format which I presume will have far less detail than actual video content, it could conceivably handle the extra compression better than "video" would. Your content may also have static background a lot of the time where just the characters move a bit, again allowing for lower compression.


    I would simply put maybe 5 minutes of clips on a Premiere timeline, representing a variety of shots from your videos. Then Export using MPEG-2 DVD format. You will also have to choose a preset then, such as DV NTSC or PAL NTSC depending on source footage and your location.


    I would encode using 2-Pass VBR (Variable Bit Rate) encoding, at a rate of 3.0mbps for 7 episodes, which is nearly 3 hours of material. You can set Min 2, Avg 3, and Max 5 for instance.


    This will export separate audio and video clips as .wav and .m2v files, which is how Adobe Encore likes it. Import those clips into Encore, then Author and Burn a sample DVD, and watch it on a home TV set from a set-top DVD player. I never recommend using the computer to test/preview DVDs since the playback quality can vary wildly due to software DVD player being used. Previewing in a "home viewing setup" will more truly represent the end result.





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    Looking back at the start of the thread, I see that you'd converted the original clips to .mp4 files. Is it possible to play the original .mkv files in Premiere? I ask because you want to limit the recompression of the material, which lowers the quality each time you do it.


    Since DVD can ONLY be MPEG-2, any other format MUST be converted at some point to MPEG-2, either in Encore or before material gets to Encore (using Premiere/Media Encoder for instance).


    So you've taken the .mkv and converted to .mp4, which adds compression/quality loss, and now it has to be converted again to MPEG-2 format. If you can go straight from .mkv to correct .m2v for DVD, that will remove a layer of unnecessary compression loss.





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    Hi Jeff,


    I've tried that, but unfortunately Premier doesn't import .mkv either. I knew that Handbrake does a great job on converting to .mp4, but in AE there are lines in the preview. This is probably because of the encoding of the timelines or it's just in AE and it will be fine on my tv screen. I've tried mkv2vob, it gives me a .mpg file but the same result. I've also tried to use DVD Lab Pro 2 to get .m2v files, but those files are three times the size, like 750 mb each (video + audio).


    So not sure what to do now.

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    "Lines in the preview" - I wonder if that is interlacing you are seeing? Maybe need to deinterlace, OR - maintain interlacing from source to DVD.  Would you have a short sample of the .mp4 you could make available for testing perhaps? Hard to make judgments on these things without seeing the footage to understand what you are seeing there.




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    How does one auto-size the buttons to the text? When I create a button (via dragging dropping the project video files onto a menu) and then type the text in, the text goes way off the button, like this : anoyyed.png How do I make it so it autosizes the gold portion to the text? Otherwise it is very time consuming, I know I am missing a simple setting somewhere but I do not know where. I have "sync button text and name" ticked and this does not change/fix it. Tried ticking/unticking "Create Text Subpicture" as well with no change.



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    This behavior varies depending on the button you are using. A button like the one you are using has other button layers that appear to constrain the text appearance in Encore. The text is there, by the way; just use edit in Photoshop and you'll see it. But to get what you want, it is not just the text box that must be autosized; it is the other layers (button background; button shape graphics etc).


    I never use the drop-and-create-button feature, and always preferred having all the buttons the same size even if the text is a bit different. Add the buttons first etc. using a button style that does not require modification.


    Look for example at what you get if you set your default button as Sunset Button - that style is intended (look at the whole Sunset Menu) to run off the right side of the screen. If you type a long button name, it would eventually run into the problem you are seeing, but it would be off screen once you did. You are using a button style that shows its right end, and your text should not go past it.


    You could edit the button in photoshop, and make all the layer elements larger, then just apply them to all the layers.

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    Error Blu-ray Object "Timeline>Hike", Error: "invalid format", Code: "14", Note: "Unknown exception"

    It's a typical project with 2 movies and a menu. Movie files are Mp4. Menu was created in Photoshop CC.

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    Thanks, it helped.

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    A variety of errors in the code 14 group, depending on the info in the "note." And here it is only "unknown exception"!


    I suspect that the ">" is in your timeline name? If so, change so you don't have such special characters in any names/paths. Encore often  has issues with them.

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  • 04/30/18--02:51: How to change Blu-ray size
  • Hello,

    my question is simple and easy to explain. I will be using Encore to create Blrays. Most of the time I work with 25gb disks. To test everything, I created a simple ISO with just one menue and one film. After the ISO was done, it was full 24,9 gb large. The problem is, that only about 22gb fit on the disk.


    how can I adjust the size of the Blu-ray manually so Encore doesnt inflate the file to maximum 24,9gb?

    or will it detect that there arent 25gb available?


    thank you

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    If your videos are not Blu-ray legal in Encore's opinion, it will show them as "Untranscoded" in the project panel under "Blu-ray Transcode Status." When this is the case, Encore will transcode/retranscode them using the settings shown in the "Transcode Settings" column. You can change the settings by picking a "quality preset" or creating a custom one.


    If the setting is "automatic," Encore will use bitrates to fill the disk. The goal is always to bring Encore BD ready assets (separate files for video and audio) and at bitrates that your total project is the right size. Automatic was most useful when using dynamic link, but many users never liked that workflow. Encore did not provide the best quality.


    This gets into bit budgeting:


    DVD-HQ : Bitrate & GOP calculator


    If your video is legal, it will show "Do Not Transcode" in the status column. In that case, as you note, you may be running into the fact that a 25GB BD disk is only 23.3 GiB. In Encore, it says it is tracking GB in the build panel, but it is really tracking GiB.


    Another possibility is that an iso may be of a size that cannot be burned to disk if it were a single file, but will fit when burned as a BD image. But I think you are right; the iso is too big.

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  • 04/30/18--10:58: encore
  • Where and how can i donwload encore

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  • 04/30/18--11:29: Re: encore
  • This is the link for info re using Encore CS6 with CC:



    The screenshot of the cloud desktop is a bit misleading. Just click the arrow by Premiere Pro (not "install") and pick previous versions


    You must install the library separately. See the link on that page for instructions.


    See the link on that page to the "using" Encore with CC tutorial (Using Encore CS6 with PremierePro CC « DAV's TechTable).

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    until some months ago my 2 sites run on PHP 5.6 and in HTTP environment. I had no issue this time.


    Then I migrated to HTTPS (still staying on PHP 5.6) and had the first trouble to connect to the database. I was able to solve that issue by leaving the "_mmServerScripts" folder in HTTP instead of forcing it to HTTPS in my redirect script and setting the site URL back to instead of https://etc.  in the DW "Manage site" panel.  In that way, both of the 2 sites were able to connect correctly to the MySQL database.


    Recently, I got the New Mysqli Server Behavior by Webassist and then made all the necessary changing from MySQL to MySQLi. (in the connections and in all the queries). When I finished I switched on my server from the original PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0.

    It seemed everything was OK, but when I tried to connect to the database I've realized, that DW Mysqli Server Behavior in the new PHP 7.0 environment did not connect anymore.  The connection settings were correct:  if I create a page with a query manually using OOP and the same connection, the page will open fine on a browser, - just the Mysqli Server Behavior panel or DW, does not recognize the connection probably because of some conflicts.


    Meantime I got a new domain that is still an HTTP site (not https) but running on PHP 7.0 version. Here, I have no problem to connect to the database.

    I have the same results in both of DW CS6 and DW 2018 (here obviously I have selected PHP 7.1)


    So, I just can't figure out why DW or Mysqli Server Behavior cannot connect to the database if the site is an HTTPS site and the PHP version is 7.0 (or higher)


    Please, can someone help me how to fix that?


    Thanks in advance

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    I don't do that process, but I **think** you are working with HIGHLY compressed files that are then being transcoded to the DVD specification, which is not as highly compressed so the files are larger


    And, yes, Encore doesn't look at the file size, it looks at the video length

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  • 05/01/18--04:07: Multi-page menus not working
  • Hello,



    I'm putting together a dvd that has 20 small clips I want to link to from a menu. I built a menu in Photoshop and imported it to Encore, only to learn that you cannot have more than 18 links in one page...


    So I decided to create a multi-page menu instead, with two pages having 10 links on each page.


    But I cannot get it to work..! When I click the link to the other page, it just remains on the same page.


    I've looked at the help files here at Adobe, searched the forum and looked at a YouTube video showing how to do a multi-page menu. I followed all instructions, but just as the commenters on the YT page says, it doesn't work. Some claim it is a bug.


    Is it a bug? Or are we all missing something?


    My setup is quite simple:


    Ten links/buttons in a menu, with one link/button pointing to a link/button on page 2 in the menu. The second page is in a group in Photoshop called (#) SecondPage. I'm never able to access those links/buttons in the second page.


    Any ideas?



    / Kiwi

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  • 05/01/18--06:44: adobe encore è vecchio
  • salve a tutti, non posso credere che dopo tutti questi anni adobe è ancora fermo con encore e non vada avanti, qualcuno sa se encore stia lavorando a qualcosa di meglio? del tipo per dare la possibilità di creare menu bluray moderni come quelli che si vedono sui film? non parlo di grafica ovviamente perchè servono più programmi, ma parlo di interazione con menù a popup con effetti di transizioni in entrata ed uscita e con tutte le funzioni che oggi giorno ha un bluray. adobe ha intenzione di restare per sempre con encore senza aggiornarlo in meglio? attendendo risposta cordiali saluti

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