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    Original .MKV file!z0xkxJoJ!OxyjTT040YnUQ8OTXlp5k3b2PugxcxGmMoaEjpfTh6Y


    Converted .MP4 file!2kAxTaKJ!iZL41sAoSBAnB7BCXyuOi8ExBr5_emMQlE19f9JqBGE


    I was away for a few days, so I couldn't send the videos. Making short samples of it would probably result in a different conversion, so I thought it would be best to just upload the whole video files. And yes, interlacing is what I meant!



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    You don't say, so I'll mention that DVD does not support multipage, only BD. If by any chance you are making a DVD, it will collapse the menu into one.


    Second, it can be odd to access the pages/buttons not in page 0. You can do this through the menu panel (the appearance in the menu viewer does not change) or the layers panel (the appearance in the menu viewer does change). Edit: Forgot to add that you can move between pages in the menu viewer using the Show Next Page/Show Previous Page buttons. See screen shot added below.


    Third, the Encore preview does not extend beyond page 0. Pretty worthless.


    So finally, burn a rewritable disk to test, or build to a BD folder or image and playback with a high quality software player. I like PowerDVD since Total Media Theater is no longer available.


    Edit: added this image to go with edit in paragraph 2.


    EN Next Page Button Menu Viewer.PNG

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  • 05/01/18--07:08: Re: adobe encore è vecchio
  • Encore is EOL: End of Life, and will not be updated. Adobe lost the licensing for Encore and will not start a new program.


    Encore continues to work on operating systems it was not designed for.


    See these threads regarding alternatives:


    Re: What Software is Better than Adobe Encore CS6 ?


    Re: Alternative to Encore CS6

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  • 05/01/18--07:13: Re: adobe encore è vecchio
  • Hello
    Thanks for the reply
    OK as you say adobe has lost the license to encore, so why not think of doing something new?to pair with Adobe Premiere for professional menus?

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  • 05/01/18--07:46: Re: adobe encore è vecchio
  • Adobe is very unlikely to put effort into what they have said is older technology. Plenty of users disagree, but more users are going for streaming options and little use of menus.

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  • 05/01/18--08:09: Re: adobe encore è vecchio
  • The majority of my videos are uploaded to Vimeo.  I send an email attachment.  Viewers can watch them on computers, laptops, tablets, etc.  Also, they can download the videos, put them on a Flash Drive, plug the Flash Drive into the USB port on the television and watch.  The majority of 4k televisions today have this capability.  Some HD televisions have this capability.  You have to check with the manufacturer

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    Interesting: PR 2017.1.4 does not "see" the mkv file in Media Browser. PR 2018.1.1 sees and imports as video only. (The audio is Orbis.) My laptop has 2018.0.1 and does not see the mkv.


    All of the versions look pretty good (mkv, your mp4 which can be improved, my mp4 test that upped the datarate to the original).


    FYI, I had no trouble getting an mpeg2 by just setting the codec and letting handbrake put it in an mp4 wrapper that I could rename.


    But I'd look at 2018.1 and see if you can take your mkv directly in for processing. Before installing, look at issues for the 2018 versions, however.

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  • 05/01/18--16:09: Re: encore
  • How absolutely ridiculous to have to install/uninstall an OLD version just to get a piece of software that you need.

    What a dog's breakfast.



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  • 05/01/18--20:18: Re: encore
  • CS6 is end of life and is no longer sold... Adobe is allowing Premiere Pro Cloud users to download and install Premiere Pro CS6, with the bundled Encore, as a service to those customers who still need to produce a DVD or Blu-Ray disc

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  • 05/02/18--14:37: Re: encore
  • Thanks, John

    I was aware of this, however normally such software would be available as a stand-alone download, rather than having to go through the whole rigmarole of installing a useless outdated version of something else and then having to selectively uninstall it again.

    That is the part that I consider to be a "dog's breakfast".


    Also, that there is now no adobe software to replace the functionality of Encore is to my mind a hole in the creative suite, as there are still people out there who want to produce DVDs/BluRays directly from Premiere in its native format, rather than exporting to another format and importing it into a random DVD authoring program.  As soon as you export/import anything, the problems begin.  Sigh.


    Anyway, thanks again for your reply.


    Bill C

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  • 05/02/18--15:31: Re: encore
  • Encore is bundled with Premiere Pro, it is not available as a separate download... and, since PPro CS6 is no longer sold, the only way to get encore is by installing PPro CS6 using the "previous" process in the Cloud... you are not forced to uninstall PPro CS6 after installing it and the bundled Encore... that is your choice


    Parts of Encore were licensed from a different company... which was sold to yet another company, which killed the product AND the license to use those program modules in any other new (or updated) program


    I don't work for Adobe, so I may only conclude that Adobe decided that a new version of Encore, programmed entirely by Adobe, was not worth the effort due to the changing market for streaming video... I still use Encore CS6 so I don't agree with Adobe's decision, but not agreeing with that decision doesn't mean that I... or anyone else... can change what Adobe decided about Encore

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    When you finish editing in Premiere, go to File > Export > Media and choose H.264 Blu-ray as the export format, and then choose an appropriate Preset best matching the content you are encoding for Blu-ray.


    What is the total duration of the video being encoded for the Blu-ray disc? Plug that into the DVD-HQ bitrate calculator Stan linked to, and that will tell you the proper bitrate to use in Adobe Media Encoder so that the encoded material will fit the Blu-ray disc, without going over on size. Assuming all variables in calculator are set correctly of course!




    Jeff Pulera

    Safe Harbor Computers

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    nilsb13505332  wrote

    how can I adjust the size of the Blu-ray manually so Encore doesnt inflate the file to maximum 24,9gb?

    thank you

    You will have to export from Premiere again with a lower bitrate to make the file fit.

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    you need to link the ”next” button to the next menu page not to the button on the next page!!

    Stan I am sorry to say you are wrong.

    You can have many, many menus linked back and forth even on a DVD.

    My “claim to fame” is a 400+ page history book virtually all made of menus edited in Photoshop!! One menu equals one page with links....

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    Yes, you can link many things. But DVD does not have "multipage" menus - each menu is only one "page" as defined in the spec. Only Blu-ray has "multipage" menus.

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    Yes, I'm a new Encore user but a quick learner.

    I have created a HD test video with a very simple static still image background and 3 menu buttons for each chapter. The 'motion' property of the menu is set to 'Hold Forever', which i understand will keep the menu on display until the user clicks a link.  I created a BluRay ISO ok, and viewed it in Leawo.  The video loads to the menu, but it automatically plays the chapter after 30:00 seconds, with no user action.
    I can't find anywhere that anything relating to 30 seconds has been set, in the menu, buttons, or anywhere else.


    Any help most welcome...  :-)

    Bill C

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    I apologise, I've jumped the gun!


    I didn't distinguish between "multipage menus" and "multiple menus".

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    I think it's Leawo. Made a quick iso. Leawo shows the 30 second timeline for the static menu, and executes the default button at the end. Did not see any settings that might affect this. (Odd "timeline" countdown even in a video, that was not related to the video length.)


    Cyberlink PowerDVD 17 plays it correctly.


    Very few software players are good for testing. This problem is a bit odd; the problem areas were more often slideshows and the like.


    Ultimately, I used BD+RE for testing in a set top player hooked to a TV.


    My old favorite was Total Media Theater, but they didn't keep up with the OS.

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    Stan, thank you for that.

    Your experience was identical to mine with Leawo, so yes it must be the software.


    Much appreciated.




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  • 05/08/18--16:03: Re: encore
  • Thanks again John.


    I understand the politics/economics behind the decision, and also don't agree with the decision to deprecate it.


    I wonder whether in the future physical discs such as DVDs and BluRays will make a resurgence in the same way that vinyl has in the music world -  where people will look for a physical item to actually hold and keep which has (perhaps) better quality than an online stream.

    Food for thought.


    Bill C

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