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    Yes, I'm using Dynamic Link and transcoding in Encore

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    Not remembering for sure: are you changing the project settings so that you are transcoding for both DVD and Blu-ray?

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    I have set for Blu-ray (only) under 'Project Settings' and also on the 'Build' tab.

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    Sorry; I got confused and thought you were doing both a DVD and BD.


    And it has been a while since I used dynamic link.


    You don't use "revert to original."


    When you change the PR project, Encore should prompt you with something like "the transcoded sequence has changed, do you want to reimport." And when you say yes, it makes it untranscoded. If the length is different, you must adjust the timeline in Encore. The section to be changed is shaded. (Drag it shorter or longer.)


    If you have chapter markers in PR, there is a special step required.


    Since you didn't do that, I'm not sure there is a shortcut. I see no option for updating the sequence. Worst case is to Reimport the sequence and link it up. Note, however, that when I tried to use the same Encore project for a second sequence to test the options, EN did not give me the message about reimporting it. Also, when I tried to reimport the same PR sequence, Encore refuses and says it is already in the project.


    You can just forget dynamic link for the problem sequence. You just have to figure out the datarate needed. Export from PR as MPEG2-DVD.


    Just more reasons some users never did like dynamic link! I used it for quite a few projects, but no more.

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    Thank you.


    I am using Dynamic Link only because the Pr project is huge (to me) with 30 sequences accessed via 11 menus, sub-menus and sub-sub-menus (my terminology) with a total run-time of 4 hours. Several sequences still require minor editing, as determined by reviewing them on a Blu-ray disc in a process that has to be iterative. His process has worked well until very recently.


    Now though, whilst Encore still correctly updates itself with the latest edits made in Pr (observed by running the En sequence), when Encore is asked to produce a new disk image the disc subsequently produced from it (using Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2) does not contain the latest edited sequences but earlier versions -- from immediately before the problem started.


    Thus I can edit sequences in Pr, show that En updates itself appropriately, but I always end up with the same, unedited content on the disc.


    I only started 'reverting to original' following Adobe advice to delete transcode files at section two on Adobe webpage 



    Thanks again for you thoughts; I'll ponder them further




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    Ah. Reasonable steps, but the ultimate Encore troubleshooting step is a "do-over." New project with a new name.


    If there not too many of the 30 sequences affected, you could probably still try to fix them by dropping the dynamic link asset using replace asset. Or "locate transcoded file" or the like. I don't know if any of those would work.


    You'll see advice from the ultimate expert Neil Wilkes that the only totally reliable Encore project is one that has all the decisions made about workflow, navigation, etc and all the locked down videos transcoded before bringing them into Encore.


    Lots of us have gotten away with other, looser workflows over the years, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet. (I.e. the do-over.)

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  • 07/01/18--23:49: CS6 Subscription?
  • Hi All,

    With  Encore CS6 no longer in development if an older addon is purchased will this be a single one off cost or a subscriber model. I plan to continue the older version for a while before upgrading.



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  • 07/02/18--07:25: Re: CS6 Subscription?
  • You may install CS6 with a Cloud subscription

    How to get Encore using a Cloud subscription

    -an option to check to see more previous

    -and more on previous versions see reply #3

    -and even more on previous versions see reply #1


    If you already own the serial number version of CS6 you do not need a Cloud subscription


    Adobe no longer sells the serial number version of CS6

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    For best results, do not import random formats of video into Encore. Creating a DVD requires that the video content be a specific type of MPEG-2 file. If you give Encore anything else like H.264, it will TRANSCODE it every time anyway. And likely not do the best job at it.


    From Premiere, export using the MPEG-2 DVD format, and choose an appropriate preset as well, such as NTSC DV Widescreen Progressive or whatever best lines up with source video. The resulting export provides two clips - .m2v video and .wav audio. This is exactly what Encore desires!


    Depending on length of source video, you may need to adjust the bit rate for the MPEG-2 DVD export from Media Encoder. Rule of thumb is 560/minutes = bit rate, but don't exceed 8.0 with shorter videos. Or use a bit rate calculator but then you must be careful to enter all values correctly or it throws the formula off.


    DVD-HQ : Bitrate & GOP calculator


    For longer videos, like 1+ hours, encode using 2-Pass VBR to squeeze everything onto the DVD with better quality at the required lower bit rates. For instance, a 2-hour video is 120 minutes, so 560/120 = 4.66 so maybe set the Average/Target bit rate at 4.5 then. For anything up to an hour, can just use CBR 8.0 to max the quality.




    Jeff Pulera

    Safe Harbor Computers

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  • 07/04/18--20:26: DVD+R DL への書き込み
  • 初めまして。Adobe初心者です。


    premiere pro CCで生成した映像をencoreでメニュー画面を設定し、encoreでビルドチェックも問題なく、DVD+R DL(8.54G)に焼きこむところまできました。


    ブルーの容量使用状況によると[7.017G]の使用 表示されていますが、いざ焼こうとすると










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    I had a simlar prob .... make a playlist with all the chapters pages in it and then link the popup to the playlist .... I think that may work.



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    I have created my popup menus OK and when I play the disc they come up as they should I choose my option (in this case it is whether the subtitles are on or off) then press the popup button on the remote again to turn the popup off and go back .... but instead of continuing on with the video it goes back to the start  .......... any ideas?. Any and all help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.



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    The official answer would be you can't.


    If you specify a link (e.g. to change subtitles or audio), there is no "resume" option.


    If you create a "resume" button on the popup, it appears to not work. The movie is already playing. But it does not, in any event, dismiss the popup menu.


    See this old post from Joe Bowden:




    My conclusion is that you can fake this by something like this:


    a) create a menu - let's call it "resume menu"

    b) put one button on it and set its link as "resume" and check "autoactivate"

    c) in the popup, set your buttons with specify link to "resume menu" and the button "resume," with whatever audio/subtitle selection you want.


    I did not do that link, since my test project had no subtitle/audio selection. I just added a button to the popup called "resume menu" that linked as described.


    When you use your popup and make a selection (or for my test, when I clicked "resume menu"), the "resume menu" appears briefly and then the movie resumes.


    Not pretty, but appears to work.

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    I used Adobe Encoder to output an H264 blu ray file from an 1 hour and 52 minute mpg4 video.

    I then  brought the file into Encore and set up a project. The file did not transcode in encore.


    The build said 22.18 used and 2.82 GB free


    I made an image for blu ray


    I then burned that image onto a Blu Ray


    When I played in a player it ran fine until the last few minutes.


    I tried this several ways but I can not get a good play. What could I be doing wrong?

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  • 07/06/18--06:20: read aloud not working
  • Read aloud not working, I don't know whats wrong, can anyone help me.


    I want selected text to read, it says one sentence for all documents. I tried reinstalling, I tried changing the person's voice. What else should I do to make it work?

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  • 07/06/18--06:37: Re: read aloud not working
  • You have posted in the forum for Encore: DVD and Blu-ray authoring.


    What application are you using?

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    That does seem odd.


    Please post a screenshot of your Encore flowchart.


    What happens in those last few minutes: it just freezes; it stops and returns to menu?

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    Just an update on my fix to this error: (date: 7/6/18) . . . I tried "Run as Administrator" - deleting the database cache - going to a previous Windows Restore Point; updating Adobe Premiere CS6 with Encore - and reparing the Registry with CCleaner . . . no luck. What I did find is that the files compiled from Adobe Media Encoder were corrupted. All worked OK when I encoded the m2v and ac3 files again.


    Windows 10 / Adobe Premiere CC 2017 / Media Encoder CC

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    Thanks for reporting!

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    First thanks for the input . ..... I managed to get the subtitle popup menu to work as it should. when making the choice and then dismiss the popup it will continue instead of restarting the timeline.


    This is what I did ...... firstly I made a resume button/subpicture on the popup menu and made it as a resume button and then linked the subtitles buttons to it, saved and then deleted the resume button and bingo ...... because the resume button had resume function it was passed on to the subtitle buttons. Well that's what I did and it works fine .... I hope this might help others.


    Thanks again.



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