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  • 08/16/18--20:58: Re: Encore woes
  • Code 3 Encore


    Mac or Windows, and exactly which version of your operating system?


    If Windows, have you recently allowed a Windows update?


    If Windows, Do not count on Windows to be fully up to date when it comes to device drivers

    Go to the vendor site to be sure you have an updated driver for your graphic adapter

    •nVidia Driver Downloads

    •ATI Driver Autodetect

    There are also intermittent reports that the newest driver is not always the best driver due to driver bugs or compatibility issues, so you MAY need to try an earlier driver version

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  • 08/16/18--21:57: Re: Encore woes
  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    Windows 10 pro.

    I am pretty confident that the problem began before the last windows update, but I am considering a system restore.

    I just now updated the drivers...didnt help either.


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  • 08/17/18--09:42: Re: Encore woes
  • Any other thoughts John?

    I attempted a system restore last night but it failed and the restore point was lost...frustrating...

    The only restore point I have now is yesterday's driver update, so thats no help.

    Looks like my only option is to do a Reset...sigh

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  • 08/17/18--10:28: Re: Encore woes
  • It is most likely that a Windows update or installation of something else caused the problem, but Code 3 errors come in many flavors. And there is not a good history on fixing many of them.


    All of my CS6 and before products stopped working a while back - but they simply would not start. Only on laptop; not the desktop. They "fixed" themselves at some point. The fix was probably when I reinstalled Win10. I reinstalled the CS6 suite, and Encore CS6 works fine.


    Encore CS5.1 (the version of Encore that installs with the CS5.5 suite) works correctly. Opened a CS6 project; built to Blu-ray folder; played correctly with Power DVD17.


    Running Win 10 Pro 1803 Build 17134.228

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    I have the same problem when encoding with Media Encoder 12.12.(Build 69). Encore CS6 is not responding when importing a m4v file (h264 Bluray, 25 Mbit VBR). When i reencode this file with Media Encoder from CC15 (same profile as used with CC18) the file can imported into encore without any problem. In end of april 2018 i was able to import m4v files to encore from Media Encoder CC18 without problems. It seems that an update of Media Encoder between end of april 2018 til mid of august causes the malfunction for encore. Is there any tweek for media encoder to encode h264 Bluray files that can imported to encore CS6

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  • 08/17/18--11:09: Re: Encore woes
  • CS5.1 is what I have been using for years and is where the problem started, unfortunately.

    Installing CS6 didnt help.

    I am now thinking to try a creative cloud un-install and re-install, rather that mess with a complete reset of my PC..

    I have some things to do today and plan to pull the trigger tomorrow.

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  • 08/17/18--11:33: Re: Encore woes
  • Worth a try. Be sure to use the cleaner.

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    All import okay on my tests.


    Win10 Pro 1803 PR 2018.1.2 AME 2018.1.2 Encore CS6


    Using the H.264 Blu-ray format; 1080i 29.97


    Export from PR direct; and AME with native, nonnative, accelerated and software only.

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  • 08/17/18--12:06: Re: Encore woes
  • This is probably a silly question, but that wont remove adobe project files, will it?

    I need those

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  • 08/17/18--12:41: Re: Encore woes
  • No, BUT...


    Always have everything backed up. I backup up all files (Windows history) to a completely separate NAS, have a full backup of the entire computer for disasters with different version on different separate drives; project files synced to the cloud, etc.


    I had the very odd experience a few months ago, I think installing the first version of 2018 on my laptop, and it DELETED the 2017 and 2015 versions of AME - not PR 2017 or 2015. I heard from no one else who had such an odd event.


    So, no it should never delete project files and the like, but I don't trust any of it to perform flawlessly.

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    Solution: go to

    [Edit] into Encore Program



                         [Media] check, save media cache files next to original

                             and click on [Clean] at Media Cache Database menu

                         Be Sure that you have at least 100GB free on you external or internal Hard Drive,

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  • 08/19/18--16:07: Re: Encore woes
  • So, I still have the same error.

    I removed all adobe apps, followed by the cleaner.

    Didnt work.

    I did a full windows reset, and reinstalled adobe, and it didnt resolve the issue.

    How is this even possible?

    What am I going to do?

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    Some seemed to have same issue as me; some not.  Someone posited the issue was related to some change in Adobe Media Encoder.  I doubt Adobe even tests Encore when they update other software.  I now use Video Redo TV Suite 5 to do the audio/video multiplexing of Adobe Media Encoder output.  Back when Adobe Encore CS6 was working for me, I did not use Video Redo to multiplex because Encore wanted to re-transcode files that were multiplexed with Video Redo.

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  • 08/20/18--10:12: Re: Encore woes
  • I have been unable to resolve the issue, even after a PC reset.

    I realized one thing I had not tried was to burn an older project, one that I know worked...and it did indeed work.

    So I can burn an old encore project, but not this most recent one.

    Any thoughts?

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    I am having the EXACT same issue. M4V files created in Premiere prior to 12.1.2 work fine when importing to Encore. M4V files created in 12.1.2 are not working. I have tried various settings. Nothing works.  The problem is not Encore. If you feed it a proper M4V, the program works fine. So, the issue HAS to be something in Media Encoder.  I hope they fix it. Because, I, like you, have the same periodic need to create Blu Ray discs.  What's the point of having a Blu Ray output setting if it used to work, but no longer does.


    I sure hope someone can address this.

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  • 08/20/18--12:47: Re: Encore woes
  • 5.1 project opened in cs6 or what?


    Have you tried with a brand new project?

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  • 08/20/18--16:59: Re: Encore woes
  • Thanks for getting back to me...I am at my wits end.

    I have brides waiting on delivery, and other weddings to edit.

    I have created new projects multiple times.

    I had been using 5.1 for years...with no problems.

    It suddenly started giving me problems, so I downloaded cs6.

    While it seems much faster, the problem did not go away.

    I have gone back to premiere pro and exported over and over, using the default settings for H264 Blu Ray, and every single time I get the exact same error.

    I have tried making new encore projects several times...same error.

    I did a complete adobe uninstall, followed by the CC cleaner, did a windows reset, downloaded new drivers, everything I can think of.

    I tried burning Blu Ray discs, Images and folders...always the same error.

    I am actually trying two separate projects with different sources...I have 2 projects completed that need to be shipped.

    I have even downloaded a trial of Vegas DVD, but it doesnt like the adobe export files.

    I opened an old project in Encore and I was able to burn an ISO with no problems....thats possibly the most annoying part of all this.

    I was planning to do a complete windows wipe, but at this point I cant imagine it will help.


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    I completely re-rendered everything from Premiere through AME and chose H.264 instead of H.264 Blu-Ray for the encoding.  Re-created the Encore project using the MP4 instead of M4V + WAV files and Encore successfully created the BD-R.  It had to transcode everything of course and took a long time, but it worked at least.  Have not looked into whether I notice a degradation in video quality but I will take a look at that as well as the bit rates and see what Encore did with the MP4s I gave it.  Feel I had more control using H.264 Blu-Ray from AME but that way does not work at all.

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  • 08/20/18--20:37: Re: Encore woes
  • What version of Premiere Pro and Adobe Media encoder are you using? There's some users reporting problems with Encore using m4v files from PR and AME 12. 1. 2.

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    I am having the same problem. I have used Encore over and over to burn dual layer blurays with no issues, but I recently installed a new super-fast M drive and put my Windows 10 operating system on it, reinstalling my CC programs, plus Encore CS6. Now I get the same error as directly above. I have exported the media from Premiere is m4v format, created my menus, Checked the project, went to build the iso first, and now I get the code 3 error


    Blu-ray Error: "device error", code:"3", Note "file can not open. (K:\30-07-2015 Baldev Singh\Bluray ISO\001 Sagan Path\AuthorScriptHDMVSessions\Pteh1.m2t._.ves)-



    {But with my file listed between the ()}

    I have 60 Blurays to build by Friday. I have a duplicator, but I've got to get one first! I have tried to run as administrator as I load the program. What could have possibly happened? I figure it has to do with the new install of windows...but I'm beyond frustrated! I tried to download a different program, but I'd have to start my authoring over, plus the learning curve...I think it'll be faster to just figure this out.

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