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    thanks,  just tried that to no avail.

    Looks like I have to grasp the nettle and just re-do it.

    I've used lot of software in my time, but Encore ranks up there in the top 3 for bugginess.  : (

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    Encore was built on the Sonic authorcore, same as top end Scenarist. One problem was both being very picky with compliance with the DVD (and later Blu-ray) specs, to ensure compatibility with players. Encore's "abstraction layer" - to make things easier - added problems and never removed any. And then there were the bugs that were never fixed.


    But the bottom line was that Encore demands careful building, and then projects corrupt with very little effort. I'm not surprised that a CS3 project had issues. But even a CS6 project can have problems.


    Good luck on the redo!

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    Your link goes to some kind of loan advertisement.

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    Yes, this is an 11 year old thread!


    This is a link to a search on for "bitrate viewer":




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  • 09/06/18--23:05: Old School Vs. CC
  • Three questions...
    1)  Why did Adobe stop developing Encore?  I really like the functionality of Encore and I don't want to build my DVD projects in any other software nor do I want to learn a new software program.
    2)  How does a person create a DVD in Premiere Pro?  I've heard of other people creating DVD projects in Premiere Pro and I do not know where to start.
    3)  Where can a person find new templates for Encore DVD projects?  I have used all of the project templates in the last Encore DVD and am looking for something new to create projects.


    Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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  • 09/07/18--04:42: Re: Old School Vs. CC
  • Adobe lost the rights to the authorcore in Encore, and would have had to start from scratch.


    You can still use Encore. With a CC subscription, download Premiere Pro CS6 (older version) and it will also install Encore CS6.


    This is the link for info re using Encore CS6 with CC:

    The screenshot of the cloud desktop is a bit misleading. Just click the arrow by Premiere Pro (not "install") and pick previous versions

    You must install the library separately. See the link on that page for instructions.

    See the link on that page to the "using" Encore with CC tutorial (Using Encore CS6 with PremierePro CC « DAV's TechTable).

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    Hi All,


    We have a requirement where we want to get the exact location details using "ContextHubPersistence" local storage variable.

    When we allow the location tracker in author mode to track our location it adds the address details correctly in "ContextHubPersistence" local storage variable.

    But this doesn't work in publish mode/publish instance even though we click allow location track when the browser prompts.



    for example:


    Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 15.40.13.png



    Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 15.33.43.png


    author has the address and addressDetailsOf object present where as it is not present in publish instance.


    Is there a way to enable it or publish instance?

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    You're in the Encore (DVD Authoring) forum.


    Not sure which forum you're looking for!


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    New administrator didn't resolve the issue. I tried it on both my MacBook Pro and my Mac Pro... Going to try a windows laptop next. But that you very much for the suggestion! I was hopeful that would be it...

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    My apologies, Atempaj, you can find the directions for creating a new local administrator account for macOS at .

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    Hello all.  I am posting a new question/discussion on the topic of: "device error, Code "3" Note Create STC Sequence: Fail to write M25 file"


    I have read many numerous posts and discussions on this topic both here and elsewhere online, though none seem to be recent.


    Here's my situation:


    Mac OSX 10.11.6 (I know, I need to update!)

    Encore CS6

    External Pioneer BD burner


    First of all, with all due respect, please do not reply that the solution is to create a disc image then use a third party to burn.  My burner is 100% working and compatible.  See below.


    I have a project that is a video from a dance recital.  There were two performances, and I am making both DVD and BD of each performance.  I do this 5-6 times a year for many years.  Premiere and Encore have always worked perfectly for this.  Still do actually, except this one...


    For this project, both DVDs are done and one of the BD are done.  All worked perfect.  However, I cannot get the second video ("evening performance") to burn BD without the above error message after it runs for approx 1.5 hours.  The disc obviously burned because you can see it on the back, but the error message comes up at the end and of course the disc doesn't play.


    Here's a few more bits of [confusing] information:


    * Again, everything works perfectly except for this one project.

    * Right now I can (and have) opened the afternoon performance and burned the BD no problem, then immediately opened the evening performance and get this error message upon finishing the burn.

    * I have completely rebuilt the Encore project 2 times

    * I even re-exported the video moving the outpoint slightly and rebuilt the Encore project again.

    ** This video burns to BD no issue if I DO NOT PUT IN ANY MENUS!!  This was something I did to trouble shoot.

    * I remembered from a past project that there is a limit to how many chapters you can have on a single menu.  My 4th page had 16 chapters so I broke that up onto 2 separate menu pages.  Still got the error message.


    Right now I am trouble shooting by removing the last 2 menu pages and burning again to see what happens. 


    Thus I've narrowed down the problem to (apparently) having something to do with the menus, though I can't imagine what since the afternoon performance was nearly identical.  The afternoon performance was just under 2 hours and the evening (the one I'm having issues with) is 3 minutes over 2 hours.  But for BD that should not matter whatsoever.


    I'm going to hold off on posting this until the most recent trouble shoot burn finishes, that of removing the last 2 menu pages.


    NOPE, that didn't matter - it still gave the error message after the burning process. 


    Thank you for your thoughts and assistance.


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    Yes, a confusing set of facts.


    I would use build to an image to test whether it is the burn.


    I understand that burning normally works for you, but try this as a test.


    It can be your disk, but I realize this is not likely as you have burned other BDs successfully.


    If building to an image works, you can set Encore to burn from the image. In the build tab, set the Source to image, rather than "Current Project."


    There is no consistent fix for this error. Some users report that a reinstall worked for them. Permissions can be an issue. But, yes, your successes with other projects makes this hard to understand.


    When you rebuilt the project, you started with a new Encore project with a new name, correct?


    I agree that you have support for the theory that it is related to  menus, but I have no idea how to work that angle.


    Please post a screenshot of your Encore flowchart. Also, the Encore build panel.


    I'd test a rebuild of the project adding only one menu first, etc.

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    Thanks so much for the reply Stan. 


    I will go ahead and try to build to an image.  I guess I didn't realize that I could then still burn to disc from that within Encore, I thought you had to use a 3rd party.


    Yup, this is a confusing one for sure!


    When I rebuilt I used the same name.  That shouldn't matter, however, I did just realize that I have not cleared the cache or anything so I will do that as well.


    I will continue to trouble shoot and post back.




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    A new name is the only way to guarantee a clean redo.


    That should also avoid cache issues, but I agree that is a good idea.

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    I cleared the cache and it took over 30 minutes so it must have been a while since I did it last!  That still shouldn't affect it since others burn good, and, since this same video file burns complete without chapters, but who knows!


    So, after clearing the cache, I rebuilt the Encore project with a different name anyway and just hit burn.  I will update y'all in the morning.


    Thank you


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    Nope!  Same warning!  I just don't get it.  This was filmed the same day, same cameras, same settings, etc.  I've exported the file multiple times, renamed it, rebuilt the Encore project etc etc.  It just doesn't make sense. 


    I will try your suggestion of creating a disc image. 


    I'll keep you updated.



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    Fingers crossed!

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  • 09/11/18--06:35: Encore transcoding issue
  • Hi All,


    I'm struggling a little with encore and wondered if anyone could help?


    My source video is an AVI and I have done some editing in premiere (I know it will be awful quality due to the AVI compression but it's all I have to work with). I'm looking at putting it on blu ray to save multiple DVD's and I also prefer blu ray menus. Anyway so first of all i exported my clip via premiere as MPEG2 DVD, opened up a new blu ray project in encore and when building the disc it wants to transcode the clip. I tried again this time exporting the clip as MPEG2 Blu Ray, again it wants to transcode. I made sure my default option in encore is MPEG not H264 but it still wants to transcode. I really want to avoid transcoding in encore as you can see a drop in quality. Apart from changing the quality to 100% and upping the bitrate I have not touched any of the settings in premiere.


    I have done some digging, my source is identified in premiere is 4:3 PAL progressive but I note from the encore manual ( that encore can only accept interlaced PAL 4:3 720x576 or interlaced PAL 16:9 1920x1080 (with black bars added to the left and right of my 4:3 footage).


    So in premiere when I export, it identified the source as progressive and sets the output as progressive - could this be what is causing encore to transcode the clip? I.e. I am exporting a PAL progressive video and putting it into encore that doesn't like PAL progressive?


    If I change the export in premiere to interlaced will that cause problems with my video? And would I select top or bottom?


    Apologies I have a reasonable amount of knowledge on DVD and video encoding but I'm not really au fait with interlaced/progressive.


    I can post info from mediainfo or screenshots on my premiere options if required?



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    He said to try Premiere CC2017

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  • 09/11/18--08:16: Re: Encore transcoding issue
  • A post of media info of your source file in Tree view is always helpful. If a different transcode setting does not work, also a media info of the file you are importing to Encore.


    When you import a file to Encore, look at the Blu-ray transcode status column, and see that it says do not transcode. If it says untranscoded, no need to go further, you don't have the file settings correct.


    Encore will accept Progressive settings, but I am not sure about pal.


    Select a small part of your timeline in Premiere, so it is a 10 minutes or so sample. Use MPEG 2 - DVD, and a preset of pal. Change nothing in the settings.


    The quality setting at 100% is actually not the best setting in most cases.


    Import that to Encore and let's see what you have.

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