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    JonesVid  wrote


    Yep - I have the 2017 versions on my desktop but problem is my Preniere Project from 2018 will not import into PP 2017 so can't do anything with it.

    If you have a project on which you have spent loads of time then you are a bit stuck. So cant use the 2017 versions

    You have to export a file from 2018 to import to 2017. A lossless intermediate or similar is best.


    Here is a list of options I've identified and posted in a different thread:


    Install PR and/or AME 2017 and use them to create the H.264 Blu-ray format export,

    Use MPEG2 Blu-ray from PR 2018,

    Export a regular H.264 (not H.264 Blu-ray) using higher bitrate to maintain maximum quality - and then let Encore re-transcode it,

    Use a lossless intermediate from PR and let Encore transcode, or



    Yes, it is still a pain....

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    Walkertx  wrote


    It worked on my system.  On my Mac I have Encore 6.01.013 and on my PC I'm running version 6.02.004.  I created an iso file where it would not on my PC.  If it starts to give error code 3 does reverting back premier pro and encoder earlier version work?

    When you imported to Mac, did Encore transcode it?


    FYI, both versions (Mac 6.01 and PC 6.02) are the latest. There was an issue with PC 6.01 and an update was issued for PC only.

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    It transcoded the original file that was created on my pc using the latest updates in premier pro and encoder.  On my pc the same file would get error code 3.  I tested just the file on my pc in encore and I got error code 3.  When I transferred it to my mac desk top and ran it in encore it transcoded without any errors.  I just finished building all my menus and now I'm transcoding the entire project to an iso file.  keeping my fingers crossed.  IF I get an error code well it won't be pretty.   LOL.

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    It worked.

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    Unfortunately, I did not read the reverse of the Dave Allen DVD case that noted Dual Layer.  This accounts for the DVD blank disc running out of space since I do not have a dual layer recorder or player.  Perhaps a dual layer format that is not recognized by the Sony Blu-ray player or the Panasonic DVD end play noted above accounts for their problems.

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    Thanks for reporting back!

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    Agree that all these problems with created by AME 2018 are indeed a pain.

    Question is ...will Adobe AME team ever fix this problem ?


    It is somewhat annoying when you are paying Creative Suite fees per month - then get an update of SW - then the whole thing falls flat on its face and no way (other than the time consuming work arounds) to get this working again.


    Has anyone tried the current AME H264 BluRay Export files with another Blu Ray author build software to successfully create an ISO (burnable) image?.

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    Forgot to add

    If you want to support getting this problem looked at by the Adobe Media Encoder engineering team - follow link below and vote which is the User Feedback and Bug Report website for AME development

    I posted a report there a few days ago.

    Link : Fix errors in H264 Blu Ray encoded files - AME 2018 – Adobe video & audio apps

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    After working wonderfully for ages all of a sudden Encore CS6 will not open any type of common media as an asset.  Nothing on my computer has changed, no updates (Premiere 2017).  My work flow has not changed, edit in Premiere - output mpeg2 - author in Encore.  I made a DVD about 2 months ago successfully but now....  Any comments appreciated!   Kevin

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    Encore opens? Allows adding a menu? What happens when you try to import? What specifically are  you importing?

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    Stan - Thanks for the response.  You inspired me to dig deeper.  I was dragging and dropping files into the project window as I have been doing forever...not any more.  File>Import>Import as asset is the way to add media.   Kevin

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    Odd how a workflow can stop working. I always use "import as timeline " unless I really want it just as an asset.

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    I experienced the same issue after doing some system clean up. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling quicktime. 

    - Shut Down Encore

    - Uninstall Quick TIme

    - Download a fresh copy of Quick Time - in the event the installer already on your system is corrupt

    - Install QuickTime

    - Relaunch Encore

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    A few of us still do create media. You can't beat the integration with photoshop for creating menu's. Yet no CC version. While optical media can't even come close to being a clean copy, (at least for DIY burners) it sure is better than losing the memories all together. Such loss could be caused by numerous issues that an optical disc could survive.


    I am not necessarily after new features, I'd just like a version that realizes quick time is no longer needed on Windows. QuickTime for Windows has been abandoned for a long time now.  You wouldn't think it'd be all that hard to fix that little bit of code.  Unless of course the built in components are insufficient, in that case I would imagine some of that could be copied from the Premiere code.


    Of course their is the competition that is updated, but the lack of direct integration with Photoshop kind of makes them difficult to work with....and end up with a product that doesn't scream template.  


    Are there other authoring programs that work as tightly with photoshop? A competitor? (GiMP for example)


    I do also have DVD Architect, but getting away from that "Template" look was proving to be too big of a pain in the butt.  

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    Encore still works well for many of us. I'm on Windows 10. I can't remember the last time I installed quick time, and no longer get the warning prompt. You can also simply ignore the warning prompt if you are getting it.


    No, no chance they'll upgrade Encore.

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    Read reply #15 for why Encore was ended

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    I missed seeing the original post.


    I don't see any .mov in the screenshot. QuickTime should not be needed. It may or may not throw the warning that QT is not installed.


    Do you have a slideshow?

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    Thanks for that link. It makes sense now.


    For me QT is required. While yes you can ignore errors, the action you

    intended doesn't fully complete.  If QT player is open on it's own, Encore

    doesn't work at all for me.


    Those errors I was experiencing all went away after a full re install of

    QT. With QT not installed at all, I was unable to open a project.


    Anybody who's read the QT website knows that QT shouldn't be required for

    anything anymore. But in the case of this old software, it still is because

    of coding. More specifically, dependency checking.


    On Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 10:47 PM John T Smith <>

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    I do not have QT installed, and Encore CS6 puts up a warning when started, but works with no problems on Win10

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    It Works, Thank You Dummergold!!!!.

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