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    Thanks for reporting!

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    You would need to ask this on the Encore DVD authoring app's forum ...





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    I am creating a menu for a Blu-ray where I want have some pseudo-animation going on, based on user input. I don't really want to describe it as true "animation" per se, so bear with me here for naïveté, as I'm sure there's a better and more technical term for what I am trying to do. I would like it so that the background changes to a different image when the user presses up or down (or left or right) on their remote and selects or goes through the available menu options. It would have the effect of being animated for all intents and purposes of the application because as soon as they make a selection, the background changes to support the menu option they've selected.


    An alternative to this would be for the menu buttons themselves to relocate when the user makes the selection, but that sounds more troublesome and convoluted for what I am trying to accomplish.


    I don't want to spoil the design too much because it's for a very special client and I'm trying to keep it a surprise, so I'm trying to describe it without showing actual pictures of what I'm doing. I could set up a mock illustration of what I am seeking if this is unclear.


    Thank you for the support and patience.



    [Moderator note: moved to appropriate forum.]

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    Scripting is one way to do this. But Encore doesn't do scripting. And the equivalent for Blu-ray is highend, and I don't know whether any reasonably priced options will.


    You can fake this by using autoactivate to go to a different menu that has a different presentation for that menu.


    Mouseover won't autoactivate, so it doesn't work like that on a  computer unless you use an option like a remote control in the computer players design.


    So you set "autoactivate" on a button and when the remote "enters" that button, it automatically goes to the link for that button, such as a a different menu that changes the image in the background for that button or other elements.  You create multiple menus, with an ordinary state for all buttons in all menus, except for the difference for the "selected" button.

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    Thank you, R Neil. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. I definitely don’t want to be cluttering the wrong forum.


    I am new Adobe video editing applications, so I am trying to get acclimated. I had assumed that this functionality was included with Premiere, based on the cursory studying I’ve done so far.


    My last experience with authoring was back in the DVD Studio Pro days, so it’s been a while. I’m hoping something like what I’ve descrobed above is possible, as it will really make an impact on the project.

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    Stan and some of the others here can help a lot. And it's not that you were "cluttering" the PrPro forum, but that the help you needed most precisely is here in the Encore forum.


    Encore is acquired through downloading/installing the CS6 version of PrPro from the CC app ... but the program is actually separate, and after installing it and the libraries necessary for it to actually work (a second part of the process) ... you can uninstall PrPro CS6 and Encore will be working fine.



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    Thanks, Stan! That sounds like a pretty straightforward workaround. Do you have any resources for autoactivate tutorials? Just something where I can see an example in action. It sounds like I will need to have several backgrounds prepared for each "menu scene" or whatever that is called, which is definitely what I had already expected going into it.


    While we are at it: is there a preferred playback software for Blu-ray on the Mac these days? Preferably free, obviously, as this would only be used for the purposes of testing this functionality before I burn to disc. I'm wondering if VLC Player would suffice for something like this, as I would prefer not to waste physical discs if I don't have to.

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    I really appreciate that, and this is a very welcoming thread and energy about this whole thing. I'm always a little reluctant when I post something as a newer user; I fear that I'll get the obligatory "use the search tool" response. Glad that didn't happen here and that people are reaching out to offer help and guidance.


    I have installed the software as suggested, so I should be set now. As far as workflow goes, am I using Premiere Pro at all anymore or do I just do all of this in Encore? My project is very simple, as it's a 40-minute video clip that I will segment into chapters at very obvious and organic spots, with some additional standalone scenes that don't necessarily follow the chapters (if that makes sense).

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    I don't recall a tutorial.


    I'm on PC and use PowerDVD. My old go to was Total Media Theater. For routine use, many players will work, but some use cases don't work on most.

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    You will use PR to create the videos and export them in the format that EN requires. You can let EN transcode them, but quality is generally better if you avoid a second transcode.


    If your video is all ready except for chapter markers, and the quality is okay after transcoding in EN,  you can add the chapter markers in EN and avoid PR.


    More instructions on your main task later...

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    Not quite a tutorial, but it will give you the idea.


    You can test this in an Encore project with only menus, and Encore Preview will show you what you have. This example uses images in the menu, rather than a menu background itself. You can do either, but the "illusion" of being on the same menu is better if the background doesn't change.


    Create a new Encore project and add an HD menu. Glass Main HD from the "General" group in the Encore library is simple. (The library must be added separately from the Encore install.) Select the menu in the Project Panel, and Edit -> Duplicate.


    You can change the names in the properties panel, or just leave as is. I'm gong to call the first menu you added M1 and the duplicate M2.


    In M1, add an image to the left of the buttons. For example, in the Library, click on the "Toggle display of images," and add the airplane. Then in M2, add a dragonfly in approximately the same position.


    In M1, select the first button. In the properties panel, select "Auto Activate." And Set the link to M2, Button 2. In M2, select the first button, set Auto Activate, and set the link to M1, Button 2.


    Preview in Encore. You cannot use the mouse, but must use the arrow keys (or the remote control buttons in the Encore preview window). Because we added M1 to the project first, it was set as first play, and the default was button 1. Because we did not "enter" that button, it does nothing. You can see that button 1 is highlighted. Down arrow does nothing, because we have entered Button 2. But up arrow moves into Button 1, which autoactivates the link to M2, and you see the image change from airplane to dragonfly, with Button 2 selected. Up arrow moves into Button 1, and you go back to M1.

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    Man, this is an amazing description! Thanks for taking the time to hep me through this. I am going to work on this right now. I am currently downloading the menu library, and it's a hefty 2 GB +, so that will take a minute in and of itself. I can't really do anything until that is completed and I have put the library in to the templates folder.


    Just at first glance, however, I think I understand the basics of what you are saying. Not only that, but I think in the example you are giving me, that might actually be an exact instruction guide for what I am trying to do. I'm just hoping that it actually does it as simply as you say!

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    Thanks for this, too. I have the video itself in a couple of different file formats — both of which are HD quality. It's a continuously running video file and if it makes more sense to simply do all of this in Encore then I will do that. I would just like to know the best method for something like this. Again, I'm not really putting together an assembly of clips from different cameras or anything like that; I'm just basically showing one video and having it segmented into chapters.


    I suppose that for my "extras" I will or can have specific scenes that are just the scenes themselves. It sounds like Premiere might be the weapon of choice for to do that part of the job. Correct?

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    The only reason to keep your "original" file is if Encore treats it as Blu-ray legal. First, it must be H.264 or MPEG2 Blu-ray. If so, create a new test project in Encore. Be sure the basic options are set correctly: NTSC vs PAL, max bitrate at 30. Import "as timeline" your file. In the Project Panel, look in the column for Blu-ray Transcode Status. If it says "untranscoded," Encore is going to re-transcode it. If so, there is no reason to skip PR. Do your editing there.


    Chapter markers can not be set on GOP boundaries. If your material is BD legal in Encore, but you need very precise chapter locations, you may not be able to place them.


    Another reason for transcoding before Encore, of course, is that the bitrate may be too high to fit on the disk. YOu want to max quality while fitting on the disk. You set the bitrate for that when you export from PR.


    Oh, there are lots of gotchas in Encore, and that it when there is not an actual bug!


    If the extras are part of the main video, you just make sure the beginning and end has a chapter marker, then you create a "Chapter Playlist" of just that one chapter. There are certain situations where EN will duplicate the footage on disk. I don't recall if that is one of them or not.

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    I wanted to hop in here really quickly just to check-in and give thanks and to ensure that you know I am extremely appreciative of the support. I am going to work on this tonight and hope to have some killer results soon! I downloaded the menu library so I think I have all of the tools I need.


    I plan on adding simple sound effects while moving between buttons, too. I'm assuming this is well within the wheelhouse of Encore.

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    So my instance was probably a coincidence I managed to convert 4 projects into an ISO file before getting the error again. I read in another forum thread recommending to run the program in compatibility mode.

    I tried that and it worked for me. I hope this fixes it for me for good.

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    maybe for windows users - for me on osx there is no comp. mode .... i think this is no good solution

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    It is called a "transition." You can specify it for any button link.

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    Thanks for suggestion. I will try a test project running Encore 6 in Compatibility mode on Windows 10 and report back - but I think the permanent fix is for Adobe to take some action and fix the H264 BluRay export on AME.

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    I am on a brand new (only a month old) iMac Pro (loaded) running the latest version of Encore (cs6).  I also have a MacBook Pro (older) running the same software.

    iMac Pro is running Mojave

    MacBook Pro is running El Capitan


    I loaded the project on both computers:


    • On the iMac Pro, the Edit Color Set Menu is Greyed out.  I have been using Encore for several years and have not had this issue.  I have set the Color Set to Menu Default on the Menu Properties.
    • On the MacBook Pro (El Capitan), everything works perfectly.


    Does anybody know why the menu item is greyed out on one platform versus another?



    Jonathan Donley.


    Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 8.51.33 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-20 at 8.53.02 PM.png

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