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    You do know that Apple did not maintain backward compatibility with old programs in their newer operating systems?


    I have seen it mentioned that an OLD version of Java must be installed to get an old program (CS6 and earlier) working with your new operating system


    If that doesn't work, I know of no way to get a program from 2012 to work with an incompatible operating system

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    It is true that the OS can be an issue. And I found only one other occurrence of "Mojave" in this forum, but related to a problem shared by PC and Macs. So while no one has reported they have Encore CS6 working on Mojave, my guess is they do.


    Also, the problem you are having is hard to conceptualize as an OS issue.


    What specific dot version of Encore? There was one update for Encore on Mac. The latest is 6.0.1. But I don't recall any bugs like this.


    As a test, start a new project iMac. Add one menu, and see if the color set is greyed out.


    When Macs have had problems (for several OS versions now), they are almost always related to permissions. Make sure that all Encore involved files and folders are each set to read write.

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    Hi Stan,

      We have created a new project and imported menus from psd cc 2018 and cs3 with the same issue.  I have also created menus within encore itself and have the same issue.


    Color Set is always greyed out.


    However, if I open the project on my macbook runing el capitan, the menu is visible.




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    At a loss. I am on Win10, so not a parallel.


    New project, add menu, select menu in Menu viewer, Menu -> Edit Menu Color Set is selectable. Does not appear to matter whether menu properties are "automatic" or default. It DOES appear to a matter that the menu is selected in the menu viewer, not just in the menu panel (as you have in your screenshot). I assume you have tried that. But when I select something other than a menu in project panel, for example, nothing in the File -> Menu is selectable. When I select a menu in a panel (rather than viewer), only Replace Menu and Edit Menu Color Set are NOT selectable.


    As I said, I always think permissions, but I don't know what file/folder permission could have this effect.


    Can you right click the menu and "edit in photoshop"?

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    Forgot to ask. You have the default button for the menu set to 12. Max of 18 buttons for 16:9 DVD. Make sure not exceeded, and try setting default button to "default" (1).

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    Figured it out.  The Menu Editor was undocked.  Therefore, when I went to choose the Menu / Edit Menu Color Set dropdown, it was gray because the mouse focus moved from the undocked Menu editor...thus we were not working on a menu.


    Once I docked the menu in the interface, everything worked ok.


    Oi Vey!



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    Glad you got it sorted! And I'll take this as evidence that Encore may work on Mojave!

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    Preferred pay :

    Getting its .iso file and burn it to DVD with Imgburn or Rufus (Free tools)

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    Hi Stan,

    It seems to work well in Mojave.  I think this is a bug though.  When using dual monitor mode, the user has to use the top navigation menu associated with the location of the panel.  So, when clicking the menu editor located in the right hand monitor, the user has to use the top nav menu to load the color menu set.  This does not seem to be the case with any of the other panels in the right hand monitor (if you have configured dual monitors).

      On occasion it will crash if you select a menu item from the undocked menu editor in the right hand monitor and use the pick tool to choose an item in a docked panel on the left hand monitor.  No warning, no file save, just shuts the program down.


    I also use win8 with this version of encore and do not experience either items above.  Strange.



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    Thanks for the update.

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    I'm seeing the same problem (on Mac). It appears to be caused when Encore decides that it must transcode the file.

    I exported from Premiere using H.264 BluRay HD 29.97FPS Interlaced and told Encore not to transcode, but it did anyway and then barfed with the error. I'm currently re-exporting the asset at 23.97 Progressive (which will take another 6 hours); I already tried that with a shorter clip and it seemed to work.

    0 0  wrote


    Simply to have more burn control (ie-ability to select a slower burn speed) I make it a habit to ALWAYS tell Encore3 to create an ISO, and then use Imgburn to create the actual DVD


    (with apologies for the selective quote)

    The best burn speed is the slowest combination allowed by media & burner and IMGBurn simply does this better than any other tool I have tried - if you set the speed too low, for example, it will automatically adjust to the best that can be achieved.

    We have 2 Blu-ray burners & 3 DVD and they all have different speeds - even with the same media (for BD50 we always use the Japanese Verbatim BDR 360) on my main DAW the best I can get is 4x (the only available speed) but on this system (authoring) I can get down to 2x - there is nothing to be gained at all by burning too fast and this should be avoided at all costs.

    Swapping book types is exactly how Jon describes above - setting this is a way to try & get around some set top players not handling DVD+R well and setting book type to DVD ROM will sometimes get around this. Thankfully the whole +/- R thing seems to be largely consigned to the dustbin of history these days although it must be said that burned BD-R are at about the same place CD was 15 years ago - flaky. Far, far too many machines will simply not load these at all - PS4, PS3, X-Box, X-Box 1 etc all spit the dummy when presented with burned BD discs - even though at the time Sony were selling Vegas as a way to put your music onto Blu-ray yet the discs will not load into their PlayStation consoles which are sold as Blu-ray players (when they are not any such thing and should be treated with the same suspicion as software players, which is what they really are) due to concerns about so-called "piracy".

    Finally the other thing that seems to slip through sometimes is that older players have a much slower access speed. My older Oppo BDP-83 SE runs at a value of 13 against my BDP-105 in the upper 20's (for some reason I want to type "FPS" but this might not be right (My Java programmer puts a counter on test builds & I cannot remember what the actual acronym is) and I don't want to confuse people by letting them think this is frames per second as it isn't the same thing as a frame rate for the video file. The point is older players are far slower, and the slower the player the longer it takes to load all the graphics etc. So for test purposes it is best to have a range of players to check on - we have the 2 Oppo, and a really dodgy Panasonic DMR-PWT655 unit that also carries it's own internal HDD as well as freeview and a way to record TV programmes etc - in it's manual it starts to mention playing actual discs way back on page 37!! The point is that it is a dog of a player with a badly flawed Java implementation which is why we use it ever since we were alerted to it's problems. We also test on PowerDVD Ultra since version 15 but none of the PlayStations will load the discs until we get to test pressings.


    But I ramble on and it is time I shut up

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    Your best bet if you want long life is to go to M-Disc.

    These will not degrade - period - and have been checked by the US Naval department as they were getting these issues with the high humidity & UV as you state in the thread.

    M-Disc does not use a vegetable dye and although they require a special burner and special media, these are what you want to be looking at.

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    This is more than likely due to the endian setting of the PCM file - Mac use a different setup to PC & Blu-ray - one s Big-Endian, the other is little endian. This is possibly exacerbated by the already noted different channel descriptor.

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    Not sure how much this will help in your troubleshooting, but the behavior that you're describing indicates that the second layer is not present.





    It certainly does - any chance of a look at a project?

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    Thanks for your observations

    Can you go to this link below and vote for this bug to have higher priority

    Just click on the 'vote button' and add a comment if you would like to

    Link :

    Fix errors in H264 Blu Ray encoded files - AME 2018 – Adobe video & audio apps


    I added this item to this Forum which reports Bugs to Adobe and New requested features


    The _ves bug  is a pain for all of us who create Blu Ray discs with H264 export - and wasting our time !


    ......  Maybe we can send a collective invoice (for all our wasted time) direct to Adobe Accounts



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    I do think I understand your goal; just not what you have an why you can't activate.


    evgeniykachaev  wrote


    I bought a subscription for a month PREMIERE PRO CC  …

    Ok, downloaded.


    How/what did you download? The main alternative is to download/install this from the cloud desktop. Go to where you installed PR CC, left click the arrow to the right of "Open," then click on Manager, then Previous Versions, and select CS6.


    I just did this recently, and I was not prompted for any number or login (since you are already logged in to your subscription).


    You must be logged in with the same email as the account you subscribed under.


    evgeniykachaev  wrote



    I can open the program PREMIER CS6, but only the trial (the program does not see my subscription). Ok, trial.

    If you pick trial, it will not work. You must get it activated/running under your subscription.

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    thomasv88265700  wrote


    I have exactly the same problem. The error lies with the last chapter marker. You´r just not allowed not put it directly to the end. Push him a few frames forward and it should work



    Thank You!  This fixed my issue. I moved that last marker back by maybe 20 sec or so and my issue is gone!

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  • 11/27/18--11:55: Adobe Encore
  • Hi, i am wanting to install adobe encore on my laptop but also i have it on my other computer and keeps crashing or it will freezing when burning it to blu-ray disc please can someone help.

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  • 11/27/18--12:41: Re: Adobe Encore
  • This is about a different program, but this the the kind of information you need to supply when you ask a question


    More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information


    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ

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