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    I think I might have found another tutorial that supplements what you have been saying so far. Have a look:



    I believe I am going to be able to do what I am seeking to do. I need to work up the buttons now to be compatible and able to display the way they need to be. Right now I am having trouble with transparency and effects that I have applied to the buttons in Photoshop.


    The menu buttons are somewhat detailed, but not crazy or anything like that. It is a white fill with a thick gold outline (the gold outline is very thick and kind of looks more like a background than an outline but it is technically an outline), and the white fill of the lettering has its own thin black outline:

    Button Example.png

    In this example, you can see the basic idea of what I am saying as far as the styling of the button and that it has transparency. This button is currently in a square container. When I use this setup, the button's text comes through as it is designed, but the background comes through as black even though it is transparent. Is there a setting I am missing here? I am using the actual Photoshop file for the button, and the text is still text; i.e. not converted to shape. Should I be using PNGs or something like that to bring that transparency? What is the best practice here?

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    I made a quick sample of just a 4 square appearance (without really doing anything with the buttons). Then I got sidetracked by trying to make a screen capture of it. Nothing works to screencap a BD - at least ones that will play what I have. But the iso is very small, so I'll contact you tomorrow to send it to you.


    The "multipage menu" he is addressing is not the same thing. I don't know if this is possible with a multipage. The one benefit to multipage, is an audio background will keep going.


    Re the buttons, Encore doesn't work that way. Transparency is ultimately set by Encore using color sets and highlights vs fixed button elements. For BD, you can use richer colors and get more in the highlights than DVD. Don't get too hung up on them yet: they can be refined once you have the main elements working.

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    If I would not be so doggone stubborn and just show you the project, I think this multipage menu thing actually will work or at least get close to working so that it gives the illusion I am seeking. I may just have to do that and show you.


    I would also be be really interested in seeing what you come up with so if there‘s a way you can show me what you’ve got, that’d be awesome.


    I think betwen the two concepts, there’s something there that will work for me.

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    Sent a PM to send you a link.


    On further reflection for your purpose, the problem with multipage is that it allows only one background for all the pages.

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    Hi all. Need a little help. I just built a new PC, Installed clean Windows 10, all Adobe CC2019 software and updated to the latest 13.0.2 version. Also installed Encore CS6 and when I opened it for a first time I have this error: Encore CS6 Failed to initialize QuickTime.

    What is the solution? Should I install QuickTime?
    Thank you in advance.

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    If you are not using QT files you may ignore that message


    Quicktime 7 no longer supported

    Remove Quicktime NOW



    -I do not have QT so I do not know how this is done, but I did read a message that the QT player is the problem, so if you select an option during QT install to install ONLY the codecs, and not the player, you won't have security problems

    -I do not have any part of Quicktime installed on my Win10 computer, but I did install VLC which "seems" to have installed "something" which allows me to edit my Canon camera MOV files in Premiere Pro

    VLC Player

    -I've never done so, but VLC is said to be able to convert video to a new format

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    I reinstalled recently, and skipped QT. I get the error and have seen no ill effects.


    Win 10

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    Same old junk. DVD menu jumped when each of the 5 buttons were pushed.

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    Sorry that did not work.


    I just burned the iso I created from your project to a DVD+RW and played on a BD player hooked to a 4K TV. I do not see any jumps.


    The menus are set to 4:3 in Encore, but display as 16:9.


    Describe how you are viewing again?

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    Uploaded the .iso to the same folder on dropbox.


    Burn to disk and see if that also has the jumps. If so, test your disk on a different player/tv.

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    I've got some killer stuff in the works, thanks to your help. I am combining the techniques from the test file you sent me along with the one from the YouTube video above, and it's coming along almost perfectly and exactly as I had desired. I'm very excited to see this one through!


    The one last little piece (at this moment, I guess you could say) is I'm trying to add a sound for when one scrolls through the menu options, and then a different sound for when one selects that option. Right now, I can't get any sounds for either of those activities. This would really seal the deal.

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    I sent a new .iso and project. Only changes are menu 1.


    A button "transition" is a file that plays between clicking a  button and what the button links to. One factor is that the transition file must be muxed (audio and video in one file), so not an audio file only. But it could be black video. As illustrated in my example, you can do things like dissolve menu 1 into menu 2. Or menu 1 into a spin and out of the spin into menu 2. With audio to match. I think you're going to like this.


    The new project also links from a second button on menu 1 to a movie file. One of the oddities is going to be how to pick an actual button to play a movie.


    I don't know if this is going to work in the end, but it is fun!

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    Averdahl  wrote


    So - output to an SD AVI or an SD Quicktime ProRes (if on a mac as this option is not available for PC)


    Adobe Pro Video Apps Now Support ProRes Export on Windows


    How did they get around the licensing issue? This is great news - if it works!

    I had better get this installed (I usually stay well clear of latest new releases until I see that nobody is having trouble with it, as I have to keep things always running so get nervous)

    Thanks for this.



    Now I am seriously baffled - my Premiere Pro CC installation is 12.something, and the CC app shows no update available.

    See screenshots attached.Installed PPro version.PNG

    What is wrong here please?

    Yet no update mentioned.PNG

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    I would try to log out from the CC app and then log in again. Or, log out from the CC app, restart the computer and then log in again. Or, log out and go to Download Adobe Creative Cloud app and install the latest version of the app.


    I have done very limited testings of the ProRes export, but it has been flawless and fast all the times i have tried.

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    Averdahl  wrote


    I would try to log out from the CC app and then log in again. Or, log out from the CC app, restart the computer and then log in again. Or, log out and go to Download Adobe Creative Cloud app and install the latest version of the app.


    I have done very limited testings of the ProRes export, but it has been flawless and fast all the times i have tried.

    Doesn't work.

    All I get is the message in CC that my PPro is up to date on version 12.1.2

    Allegedly up to date.PNG

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    If you are on Mac, do you have an updated operating system?


    I'm on Win10 so I don't have a Mac link, but I think the latest PPro version requires a newer Mac operating system

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    Yes, 2019 requires win10.

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    You wrote earlier about don´t wanting to upgrade your OS and that´s probably the issue: Adobe Premiere Pro CC System Requirements


    FYI, i have used and use Win 10 Pro since the advent of it and have had no problems with that the automatic updates render the system unusable or semi-unusable. So moving to Win 10 isn´t as dramatic and problematic as many say/write. I have used Win 10 since it was beta and i what i have had issues with is new versions of Adobe products during those years ruining a work day since i had to do trouble shooting why the export comes out bad, etc. All errors were bugs in the Adobe software, not in Win 10. With Win 10 i have had zero issues with the Win 10 upgrades. Very few restarts are needed with Win 10 compared to Win 7 and older.


    Try it on a working machine for six months before you dismiss it without first hand experience.

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    I encountered and SOLVED this problem today. BluRay created fine, DVD had 332 error. Checked chapter markers, and noticed there were about 6 of 22 that were "doubled up", meaning I had 2 chapter markers in 1 position. Went through and removed the duplicates and now the disc image burns perfectly.

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    Thanks for reporting!

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