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    Just a quick comment to all this discussion: DVD is not HD, so you should not expect the same quality after exporting HD footage to MPEG2-DVD. It is always like a downgrade.

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    Thanks for reporting. Interesting difference  in CS6 and 5.5. I'll try it if I have a few minutes.


    My rule of thumb is never trim or alter anything in Encor; whether it appears to work or not. Make it the way you want it in th editing app.

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    I finally got it working on my own. I uninstalled everything even the cloud app. Then I reinstalled the cloud app and changed the language to English (International) first thing before installing anything new. I installed prem cc and then the cs6 family, opened encore cs6 and bingo, it opened right up. I had seen mentioning of changing the language in other threads but that didn't work for me, so I thought I would do a clean install and then change the language and it worked. I never saw this clean install mentioned even in Adobe's troubleshooting, I think they should take note and add it, could save some people a lot of guesswork.

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    What were your results from each step in John's link at post 1.


    If you have no succeeded, there is a chat button on that page.

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    Just changing the language didn't work for me. I already had prem cc installed under English (N. Am) and when I switched, it acted like a different account, as if I didn't already have programs installed and encore still didn't work. I even tried uninstalling cs6 family only, changing the language and then reinstalling it, no luck. Only worked for me after a clean install of everything, even the cloud app, then changing the language, then downloading and installing cs6 family.

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    >never saw this clean install mentioned


    These are different issues, but I have seen such mentioned


    Discussion of RE-installing


    One fix for signout problems

    - 48.html

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    I get this error when burning a Blu-Ray Disc from a Disc Image in Encore CS6. 


    Blu-ray Error Code "0" Note: 



    Up until recently burning discs was not a problem.  Any ideas?



    Blu-ray Error.png

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    If it's mentioned in one of these links then that's fantastic, honestly I won't be reading them to find out, I've waisted more than enough time on this. Okay, curiosity got the best of me, I read them and they are not even addressing the same issue. Besides, video professionals need to be spending their time being productive, not spending hours sifting through obscure threads. The problem needs to be fixed or the answers need to be more readily available. I would suggest, at least, on this troubleshooting page,, add that if simply changing the language does not work for you, try a clean install and then change the language before re-installing. Or, I don't know this might sound crazy, make English (International) the default language, or just take one of the English choices away. Boom, simple fix and you're customers are happier, more productive and not wanting to stab themselves in the eyeball.

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    The qualification is that Encore can be very fussy, and you never know what will corrupt a project.


    And this is why I recommend transcoding all of your assets outside of Encore - everything.  Don't even bring in .wav files and let Encore transcode those.  If every assets you import says Do Not Transcode, then you can delete anything you want from the project, and hence from the hard drive, without worry.


    It also makes for easier archiving with a smaller project folder.

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    The project was originally shot on two cameras – a Canon 5D Mark iii, and a Panasonic GH2.


    What settings were used for the two cameras?  What are the specs of the footage?

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    I'm trying to write a blu-ray dvd


    On a side note, those are two very different things.  You say Blu-ray (or BD), and you say DVD.  There's no such thing as a "Blu-ray DVD".  It's one or the other, not both.

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    SOLVED ! I just spent about an hour chatting with Adobe Support. The solution was to uninstall Premier Pro CS6 Family and download it using the CC App. It seems that the problem was that I was using Encore from my old CS6 Version.

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    Search for the error:


    3 possible issues, but I have little confidence that is it for you.


    Content is actually too large for disk, even though no error to that effect.


    Bad media.


    Roxio patch (I can't imagine that is it, but it has fixed a problem or two even in newer installs).

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    Where would I find the media info? It doesn't give me any stats when I press "Get Info" after right clicking the file on my laptop. Is this a setting in Premiere Pro?


    I thought that transcoding was necessary if there was a difference between the 29.97 fps DVD burning format and the 23.976 fps of my original movie. But it sounds like the frame rate difference will be okay as long as the 2:3 Pulldown flag is present and the footage is not transcoded. Correct?

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    The GH2 footage was set to HD 24p cinema (in Standard color format). I don't know what the camera settings were for the Canon 5d Mark iii, but that footage never game me rendering trouble.


    When I right click to "Get Info" on the video clips, the specs are as follows:


    Dimensions: 1920x1080

    Codecs: H.264, Linear PCM, Timecode

    Color Profile: HD (1-1-1)


    This info is the same for both Canon 5D Mark iii and Panasonic GH2. If you need anymore settings, I'd need to know where to find them.

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    I'm building a blu-ray project for a client using a multi-page motion menu.


    The menu has a minute long video clip with audio looping behind it, and has four button options; Play movie, Languages, Bonus Material, and Scene Selection.


    The Language, Bonus, and Scenes buttons each use a seperate page with highlighted text as buttons for aditional content. Each of these pages also has a light, brown background image which I've turned into a button as a workaround for them to be visible along with the buttons. No matter what I do, only the first page works properly.


    I've tried turning each of the pages seperately into Page 1, (#1) Page 1, to make sure I have my settings correct, and they all work fine as long as they're the first page. However, every other page after page one, (#2), (#3), etc,  turns the buttons into a highlighted block unless I remove the brown backgrounds. Is there another work around this? Is this a limitation of blu-ray; to only allow one page to work with a background image at a time, or is this a limitation of Encore?

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  • 02/18/14--19:02: Re: The Future Of Encore
  • There is no future for physical media, which is why Encore was discontinued.


    As many of you know, there is a major shift taking place right now with digital media, specifically in the world of streaming content and cloud-based media storage. Within 2 to 3 years, DVDs and Blu-rays will almost be completely dead as a delivery format. While many companies have tackled some of the issues with this transition to online delivery, none of them have addressed the real issues, which is why DVD and Blu-ray continue to be used.


    Since Adobe has offered no solution for this, you might be interested in the new MediaZilla platform ( ) which is the first platform that truly offers a solution to the chaos of digital media. MediaZilla has finally addressed the major pitfalls of existing services like Vimeo, iCloud, DropBox, etc. In addition, it has innovative features like easy to create online "Blu-ray style" menus to showcase your work,  a feature that no other platform offers. MediaZilla has already gained huge support by the top video professionals (Ray Roman, Dave Williams, etc.) and is being hailed as the future of the industry. You might want to go check it out. Again, Adobe offers no competing solution, not even close.

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    I  think that is the nature of multipage: only one background for all the pages. There is a background color and an image. Encore help does not explain this. I have assumed it is a bluray spec.


    Bluray is subject to the same issues for overlapping buttons, so I don't see how you can use a button to avoid this. YOu can try to add an image to the bottom of a layer group.


    Remind me; what is the advantage of a multipage menu if you are to going to share the background?

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    The thing the client is doing is using separate backgrounds for each option, which are spread out across the screen.


    I took a look at the Dark Knight Rises, the Indiana Jones blu-ray set, and those discs kinda show what this client is aiming for; a main menu with play movie, languages, bonus material, and scene options with individual sub menus with separate backgrounds for each option.


    If you happen to have those disc available, give them a look. Is Encore capable of creating blu-ray menus that work similar to those?


    I've been researching this multi-page thing for a week now, and there just isn't a lot of info out there past creating one page. It seems I can create as many pages as I want without a background and it works fine. It's when I add a background to each page is when things start to become problematic. Buttons that were once color highlighted text become ugly solid color blocks.

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