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    Has anyone tried a test to see if this is resolved yet with the very latest Premiere Pro 2019 release 13.0.2 /AME I think ?

    I don't see any reference at all to this bug.

    No comment from Adobe engineering either on the bug/feature request site about fixing the H264 Export for Blu Ray from Adobe Media Encoder

    Are they hoping customers will give up and forget it ?

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    I see an export where I was testing, but I don't see an Encore project, so perhaps I didn't complete the test.


    My test today confirms that this bug is not fixed in 2019.0.2. Same test method: I created a small test file in PR and exported as H.264 Blu-ray. Opened EN, created a simple menu, imported the m4v and wav "as timeline," and linked to menu. Build to folder ends with the ves error.


    I believe they will fix this bug, but until they do, here is my list of workarounds in no particular order:


    Install PR and/or AME 2017 and use them to create the H.264 Blu-ray format export,

    Use MPEG2 Blu-ray from PR 2018,

    Export a regular H.264 (not H.264 Blu-ray) using higher bitrate to maintain maximum quality - and then let Encore re-transcode it,

    Use a lossless intermediate from PR and let Encore transcode, or


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    Averdahl  wrote



    You wrote earlier about don´t wanting to upgrade your OS and that´s probably the issue: Adobe Premiere Pro CC System Requirements


    FYI, i have used and use Win 10 Pro since the advent of it and have had no problems with that the automatic updates render the system unusable or semi-unusable. So moving to Win 10 isn´t as dramatic and problematic as many say/write. I have used Win 10 since it was beta and i what i have had issues with is new versions of Adobe products during those years ruining a work day since i had to do trouble shooting why the export comes out bad, etc. All errors were bugs in the Adobe software, not in Win 10. With Win 10 i have had zero issues with the Win 10 upgrades. Very few restarts are needed with Win 10 compared to Win 7 and older.


    Try it on a working machine for six months before you dismiss it without first hand experience.

    It is nothing to do with no really wanting to change OS - there are 3 very good reasons:

    1 - My hardware will not run on W10, and I cannot change the hardware as I need it for daily work.

    2 - I feel I should not be forced into spending literally thousands of pounds - yet again - on a new rig just to run Premiere Pro when W10 for me is simply not a viable OS.

    3 - My Pro Audio PC system builder company do not recommend Windows 10 - period.


    I could go into details but nobody would care so there is little point wasting my and your time any further.

    I just checked system requirements and known issues and I get the impression that all Adobe really care about is how well things work on bloody Mac.

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    Frustrating, Neil!

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    i had the Code 3 and 13 Errors while trying to build a bluray image with h264 bluray clips encoded with newest Pr Pro CC 2019 and Media Encoder version. it was driving me crazy. I kept replacing and reexporting clips from the Premiere Project but everytime another

    file caused the errors. When i set the encore executable to Win 7 Compatibility and administrative rights every problem is gone.

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    And naming convention is important. No spaces or special chars. These where also causing error messages.

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    Ok - is There a solition for macuser?

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    Which problem are you having? I am not convinced the Win 7 compatibility fixes the H.264 transcoding from 2018.

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    Hey everyone,



    I've been laboring on this home videos project for my mom for christmas for the last month, and I'm coming down to the wire and having an issue with my final disc. "


    The final disc I am attempting to burn (and, really what I mean is I'm building the image for the disc, to burn later), is a Dual Layer Blu Ray disc, and the timeline for this disc is probably 15 hours of SD footage exported from Premiere in MPEG2-DVD preset. There is a menu that I also made some assets for in Premiere, exported at MPEG2-BluRay. The export process is going fine until I hit this error:



    Blu-ray Object: "<Timeline>BluRay From Clips", Error: "invalid format", Code: "14", Note: "ERROR: Error reading enough data for 1 ac3 frame from C"



    And the build stops. You can see it rendering some stuff before hand, so this isn't the first thing it does. I left it to run last night and found this error this morning. It was taking a long time to, I guess, transcode all the clips, but now when I attempt to build, it quickly imports some files, and gets to this one and stops.


    Note: the progress bar on Build Progress has this underneath it:






    I'm stumped, no one on the internet seems to be having the same problem. I'm really hoping you all can lend me some advice that can get this solved in time for Christmas.



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    There are a variety of Code 14 errors, with the meat to the issue in the information in the "note." And yes, I find no other occurrence of your error.


    You say, "long time to transcode all of the clips." Are all the clips in timelines bluray compliant according to EN? (BD transcode status column says "Do Not Transcode"?)


    Do you have more than one clip in an EN timeline?


    Is the project setting a3c? Was format are the files for the imported audio?

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    Correct, all clips said  "Do Not Transcode."


    There are probably 100 clips altogether in the same timeline, rendered individually so as to make changing them and rearranging them easier.


    One thing I did notice was that I decided to delete the audio for the first clip, and then my error went from saying "Ctrk1" to "Ctrk2", and this indicates that the audio track is an issue.


    My exported audio clips are .wav files. I don't know off-hand how to change the project to take .wavs off hand. Alternatively, I could go into Premiere and export the audio as a3c?


    Thanks for your speedy response. I'm currently making a duplicate project just to make sure there isn't something screwy, but it will save me hours of work, it seems, if I find the switch that needs toggled on my first project to make it work, as I still have another project to start and finish before Christmas morning.

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    I realized that I misunderstood what was going on with transcoding; in building my second timeline and starting over, I realized that the Blu-Ray Transcode Settings for all these clips is by default "Automatic." I dont know if that changes anything.


    Something else worth noting is that all of these clips have been edited into 5 separate DVD disc projects just fine. I'm building the one Blu-Ray disc so as to enable chapter playlists across all the content and have all the content in one convenient place.

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    .wav should be fine. When placing multiple files with a3c on the same timeline, you can get issues. The .wav's will transcode to a3c just fine (in most cases).


    The "automatic" (transcode settings) is not relevant unless the "transcode status" is "untranscoded." But a status of "Don't Transcode" (which is what you want if you have transcoded from PR) will usually have a transcode setting also of "Don't transcode."


    In any event, if you have untranscoded assets on timelines, once your whole project is ready, select all the untranscoded assets, and use "transcode now." That keeps that transcoding step separate from the build.


    Dual layer disks makes this all harder. I get the benefit, but there is a price is likelihood of problems. Yes, that may have nothing to do with the error you are getting.


    There is a limit for Encore DVD of 99 chapters per timeline, and some reports indicate that Encore applied those same limits to BD. I wonder if that can be an issue.


    I would have approached  this differently, at least splitting the project into multiple timelines, even if each one had multiple videos. But I would first have tried one video per timeline, and using playlists to combine as needed.

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    Thanks for all the tips.


    I first approached this with intent to have fewer LONGER total clips per timeline, but ultimately all clips still residing on the same timeline. I strayed away from this early on as I didn't like how the chapters were clinging to nearest GOP, as I understood it, and my solution was to just add each clip separately, since the beginning of each clip serves as its own chapter marker. And here I am.


    My other concern with multiple timelines is that I don't quite understand how to utilize chapter playlists across multiple timelines. For example, these movies span the years of 1992-2006, all home movies and such. I want a chapter playlist that is just ALL the Christmas home movies, another that is all the kids birthdays, halloweens, etc., and so having all clips on one timeline seemed like the easiest way to go.


    There ARE more than 99 clips, 103 to be exact, but there are only 96 chapters. I dunno if that could be grossly affecting things or not.


    I'm also realizing in this very moment the existence of "Playlists" as opposed to the "Chapter Playlists" I've been using this whole time, and how this may further enhance what I've got going on.


    I'll continue to update as I make progress, and I appreciate the responses you've given so far.



    PS. I've got a second project practically built, about ready to try and run "build" and see how it goes. It took about a half hour to put all the clips back in order, most have a date in the file name from when they happened chronologically and its mostly drag and drop, so I'm not opposed to really just starting completely over if it means making my life easier in the end.

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    The main alternative is NO Chapter Playlists. All Playlists. A single Timeline can be in more than one Playlist, and a Playlist can be in a Playlist. But that requires that each Video be it's own export file from PR.


    You can also have an EN project that mixes Playlists and Chapter Playlists.

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    Excellent. I went that route and it was more or less a lot easier to manage and it got me further than I've ever been in the building process. Now I'm up against a seemingly unrelated Code 25 not enough storage error. I moved the project and its folder to my mostly empty 4TB drive this morning before work, it was on a nearly full 1TB SSD, my C drive. I came back from work and it had the same error, so I deleted some unnecessary stuff off the C drive, since Encore seems to have some stuff cached there as well, and may just need the space on that drive. I've got 200GB free, and I just ran build again and it failed once more with the issue of not having enough space.


    I'm marking your second reply as the answer as the allusion to the playlists instead of the chapter playlists got me over the hurdle I was asking about, however, any extra help you may have on this secondary issue would be very much appreciated.


    Thanks again!

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    Dear Community,


    when creating a Encore-DVD-menue using photoshop I had the problem that on the rendered DVD the sub picture layer is not displayed correct, the subpicker I created (and displayed in the preview right) is the same Text, but Rasterized and in green. This happened with all the Layers in several Menus.


    Where is my error?


    Best, gamma

    Encore error.jpg

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    Please post a screenshot of the menu in Photoshop with all layers revealed.

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    Thank you Stan!
    This is the structure of all the photoshop menus


    Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-26 um 13.40.00.png

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    Where you have (=) it should be (=1). This may not help, but try that first.


    The web help pages are messed up; can't send you to a link.

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