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    Thank you but i was expecting to solve the problem and continue with the same system we worked till now because here where i work, we have not that much time to do all those processes....but there is another thing i would like to mention. I plugged an external blu ray disc and Encore recognized it immediatlely and works fine...but the internal of the laptop there has to be something to solve this issue, and if you wonder why i'm not continuing to work with that external blu-ray drive, its because the external drive is used for another PC that has no internal Blu ray disc, which means i'd have to be working only with one Blu-Ray disc...


    Thank you very much, i wish you could help me more to solve this issue

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    Another thing:


    I just tested the Disc that Encore doesn't recognize in Blu-Ray Mode...i tested it in DVD mode and it works perfectly...but when i change to Blu-Ray...still nothing :/ "None Found"

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    >wish you could help me more to solve this issue


    Step 1 - do as Jeff said in #2 and I said in #5


    If writing an ISO and burning with Imgburn works, go to step 2


    Step 2 - read what I put in #5 about things to avoid

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  • 08/07/13--17:15: video freeze
  • I'm a new user to Encore.  I'm used to DVD studio pro.

    I want to use a video clip as a menu backrop. This works fine until I add buttons.  The menu freezes at my loop point.  The sound plays through, but the video for the menu stays frozen on the loop point.  How can I fix this?



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    I used to be able to burn dvds just fine from encore (cs5.1 running on imac OS X 10.7.5) but now I get this error every time a try to burn a disc. I've tried two types of dvd-r and two types of dvd+r but no success. (some of these disc types used to work) Any thoughts?

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  • 08/07/13--19:39: Re: video freeze
  • What happens if you remove the loop point? Are the video and audio the same length?

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    See this  thread:



    Use the test John suggested in post 1 in that thread to ensure that your build works if not burning.

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    Creating an ISO on your hard drive is a good idea to prove that Encore is working... I don't do Mac, so have no idea what you would use to then burn that ISO to DVD

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  • 08/07/13--21:45: Re: video freeze
  • It stays frozen on the first frame.  Audio and video are the same length.

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  • 08/08/13--06:22: Re: video freeze
  • So when there is a loop point it plays to the loop point and freezes? When there is no loop point it just displays the first frame?


    You are seeing this in Encore preview?


    What format are the motion video and audio files?

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    When we generate subtitles for a bluray disc in Adobe Encore CS6, from a text script file, everything looks fine untill we burn the whole thing to a disc.

    The Bluray disc displays the subtitles in a black bar over the image when we play it back on a screen or TV. This is not visible when we preview the disc within Encore nor can we see this in the timeline itsself. Is there a setting of some kind I'm missing here? Or is that just the way Encore generates subtitles?


    Header 1
    So the subtitles look like this when playing the BluRay disc. Instead of just appearing normally without a black background.

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  • 08/08/13--06:35: Re: video freeze
  • If loop point is 0 the menu is only a still of 0, loop point 23 it is only a still of 23 for the whole menu.


    Yes in preview, I just burned a disc to see if it still does it.  Haven't had a chance to check yet.


    I used encoder's presets for bluray to export my original 4k prorez file.




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  • 08/08/13--06:50: Re: video freeze
  • Sorry; made a bad assumption: DVD or Bluray?

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    I am new to Encore. Due to the enormous amount of disc space the transcode files take, I had to put the Encore ncor /project files on my backup drive. Since there is a lot of work that goes into menus, etc., it makes sense to have these files on a different drive from my backup (so they can be backed up) but I can't find a way to have the transcoded files (the main disc space hog) on a different drive from the ncor files  What do you do to ensure your work is backed up?

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    The only transcoded files that will be inside the Encore project directories are those that Encore transcodes. When you import transcoded files to Encore, they stay where they were. Yes, this complicates things if you are using dynamic link, or Encore is otherwise doing the transcoding.

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    The only transcoded files that will be inside the Encore project directories are those that Encore transcodes

    The files Encore transcodes are very large and so I cannot have my projects on my production drive. I am hoping to be able to tell Encore to save its transcodes to a different directory as I can for the cached files. Without this ability,  I quickly run out of disc space.

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    I am hoping to be able to tell Encore to save its transcodes to a different directory as I can for the cached files. Without this ability,  I quickly run out of disc space.

    You cannot change Encore's behavior. And Adobe has announced that CS6 is the final version of Encore, so this is not a "feature request" scenario.


    Your easiest option is to add drive space.


    Another option is to change your workflow so the large transcodes are not done by Encore.


    Another option, that I have not tested is to a) let Encore transcode, b) close Encore and then move the transcoded files (m2v/a3c, for example, with their xmp files) to your desired location, c) open the project in Encore, and d) use "locate transcoded file" to tell Encore where they are. If  you try this, let us know whether it works.

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    Your last option worked. I moved my transcoded files and used "locate" to specify its location. While not perfect, I can move the transcoded files off the production drive so they don't have to take up precious space. While adding more drive space would be ideal, I also don't want to have the transcoded files backed up. Seems like a waste of the backup drive space.


    Thank you.

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    Hey Everyone


    I'm really hoping you can help cause I am beyond frustrated. Here is the problem.


    We create a DVD each month with all of the newest movie trailers on them that play in video stores.

    Here are the steps we take

    1. Download the 720p quicktime trailer from the web

    2. We then edit them in Premier Pro CC
    3. We add a graphic overlay (Its a 1280X720, 72dpi TIFF) I use the Photoshop CC preset for it
    4. Export the project as a h.264 (.mp4) file (Target bitrate 7.5, Maximum Bitrate 7.5, Use Macimum Render quality) It comes out beautiful in 720p HD.


    Then we open Encore CS6

    1. Start a new timeline

    2. Import our .mp4 file
    3. Set our transcoding. Now here is the problem, I have tried every preset. Along with custtominzing it, our most recent was..


    Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 1.27.32 PM.png
    Then off we go to author it. But when its done, it's sooooo blurry you can;t even read text on the screen. Now I know that DVD IS NOT HD, I get that, but it should still be legible no? Is this the best I can get? Here are some screen shots (sorry I had to take with my camera of the DVD and you can see how blurry it is.




    Any help would be appreciated as our client is really getting annoyed with the quality. The company before us used Premier Pro and Encore but it came out way nicer. Im just lost here.

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    please help...I sent project from premiere cs4 to encore and it rendered and encoded and then crashed i assume when it was going to write to disk. All video and audio files seem to be intact in the encore sources>transcodes can i use these to continue?


    they include each of these files











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