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    0 0  wrote


    I have downloaded the trial version of TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6.  This is a new version(9/27/2017).  It is good for 30 days.  I have a 1:21:26 video.  I edited the video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.  I created an MPEG2-DVD video.  In Encore I made an iso file.  I used ImgBurn to create the DVD.  It took 12 minutes.  I used the same video in TMPGEnc.  However, I used the MPGE2-DVD video.  It took 10 minutes to make the DVD.  I could not see any difference in the quality.  I have not used all of the features yet.

    TMPGenc make some really good software - their Premiere Pro CC 264 encoder for Blu-ray produces a far better quality output than the AME version does - this appears as a plugin for AME or Premiere Pro directly. Highly recommended.

    I do not own the Authoring Works tool (we use Scenarist SD/BD and DVD-Lab Pro) but I do have the Video Mastering Works tool and it is very useful indeed. I still remember buying their MPEG-2 encoder way back when we had EncoreDVD version 1.0 as it gave the best output I had then seen (with the correct tweaks, as using presets will never, ever get you the best quality encoding & TMPG allowed a lot more "under the hood" tweaks than the built-in Main Concept engine in Encore/AME ever did. The downside was that it was even easier to make an absolute mess of the whole thing of course.


    But basically you will not go too far wrong with TMPG. They make quality, affordable tools

    0 0  wrote


    No answer here, but I'll add some info.


    BDs can be enhanced by BD-J, basically Java for Blu-rays. Encore does not provide this, just as it does not provide scripting for DVDs. What these accomplish, as I understand it, is flexibility and enhancement.


    A work around for some of these issues are tools like BDEdit.


    BD uses a different stream format than DVD, and multiple video etc streams can be placed in one file.

    Close - very close - but not quite there. It is not so much an enhancement as it is a completely different way to author. I do not believe it is possible to mix modes on a disc, and even if it is theoretically possible you would not want to in the first place.

    Firstly - we are talking the Original Series Full Journey set, yes?

    These are BD-J titles and I think this needs some explanation as there are several things at play here from the OP.

    BDedit is not a tool I am familiar with, and a quick look at the page for it makes no mention of being able to view & edit the JAR file, which is where the magic happens - the BDJO is simply the link between the JAR and the assets/playlists.


    Blu-ray has 2 modes of authoring - IG (or Interactive Graphics) and BD-J and I do not know if both modes can be used on one disc, and doubt it is possible - I will ask my programmer who will doubtless respond by asking me why we would want to bother.

    It is a totally different way to work, and will require a knowledge of Java programming and a copy of Scenarist BD which handles both types of authoring. For a good overview of the main features please see the Oracle website and read this series of articles.

    Authoring in this manner is along the lines of creating a DVD using entirely your own VM commands instead of an abstraction layer and this is the method we use for all of our titles simply because it is far, far superior to IG.


    Better menu control, more flexibility, "Hot Keys" allowed (coloured buttons switch audio streams on the fly etc), Live Updates, access to local persistent storage - all manner of good stuff. We have just finished a disc with the main menu having 5 different variations on a theme for an audio bed which play at random each time the clip gets loaded or loops around to the start).


    You could not even begin to mimic these ST titles with Encore - not a hope in hell. I shall have a look at these and will post back later with what is going on but you will need Scenarist BD-J to do this

    0 0  wrote


    In my experience with Encore, when I butt clips against each other and Build to Blu-ray, the end of each clip seems to pause for maybe 0.25 seconds before going onto the next clip.


    In my testing, all clips were rendered out of Premiere as m4v and wav files, in legal Blu-ray format, such that Encore reports them as Don't Transcode. The clips I've tested come from a variety of sources, but are mainly old TV ads, movie trailers, shorts and cartoons. They could be NTSC or PAL, interlaced or progressive, but all are rendered as 1920 x 1080, 23.976 fps.


    In what follows:

    • Cut means the outgoing clip shows full-brightness images right till the end of the clip
    • Fade means the clip fades to black in one second, right at the end of the clip
    • Black means the final 0.5 second of the clip is black.


    Here is what I've found:


    1. Multiple clips on a single timeline when played in Encore – no problems.
    2. Multiple clips on a single timeline when Built to Blu-ray – Cut and Fade clips show the pause problem. Fade clips seems to pause at about half brightness, whereas Cut clips pause on the last frame. Black clips don't have the pause problem.
    3. The pause problem occurs when I build to a folder and play that from a fast USB stick, and also when built to a Blu-ray disk.
    4. Reassembling the clips one at a time onto separate timelines, and then generating a Playlist, has the same result as above.
    5. The problem does not occur if I extract the m2ts files from the Blu-ray, open them in VLC, and play them automatically in sequence.
    6. Similarly, if I Join the extracted m2ts files using tsmuxer, and play the new file in VLC, there is no pause problem.
    7. Similarly, if I use tsmuxer to multiplex the original m4v and wav files (directly out of Premiere) into m2ts, then Join, then assemble in VLC, again no problem.


    Ques 1

    Is it possible to fix this pause problem, or is it inherent in Blu-ray?


    Ques 2

    Is it likely that the problem is due to the types of clips I'm using? Would the problem disappear if tried stills that Fade?


    Ques 3

    Making the final 0.5 seconds of a clip black, fixes the problem. Would a shorter time work?


    Ques 4

    Although I've been testing on material that's not my own, my real interest in all of this will be when I produce my own Blu-rays. Based on advice I read from experienced users of Premiere, I generated my projects in a number of Sequences. I assumed that I would then render each Sequence, and have the Blu-ray authoring program join them together seamlessly. But it appears I may be mistaken; that doing so will not work properly; that Blu-ray cannot play a series of m2ts files without a pause between them.


    When professionals produce a feature film on Blu-ray, do they ever do so in small sections? Or are films always rendered as one big file when it's time to go to Blu-ray?


    Thanks in advance for any comments.

    Question 1:

    Yes - do not do this. Assemble all your assets before authoring, and remember that Authoring is just that - it is not editing, and you simply should not butt clips up against each other. If you must do this then do it in Premiere, render the Elementary Streams & use those for authoring. Treat Encore as an assembly tool, and not an editor.


    Question 2

    No - the problem is trying to edit in Encore.


    Question 4

    Each sequence should be rendered out and thought of as the actual playlist - not part of a playlist. If I am putting a disc together with a 2 hour video film, then the whole film goes into one sequence and gets spit out as a .264 file with separate audio files.

    If you need to join 2 or more clips together then do it, but make sure each sequence is complete & self contained. Films are alwaysrendered as one large file.


    Blu-ray is complicated, and you will need to forget everything you know about DVD as it is no longer relevant.

    If you want to start doing commercial titles then there are some gotchas:

    1 - AACS is mandatory so you will need a tool capable of outputting at the least a Type A BDCMF file with AACS flags set.

    2 - Your clients will need an AACS content owners license

    3 - You cannot create BD-R titles using written media & sell them as Blu-ray discs as these are non compliant products and if they find out about it Sony will order all copies destroyed if they carry the Blu-ray logo - however you can sell as BD-ROM finalized as BDMV.

    4 - the biggest one of them all - what authoring package to use. There used to be 3 tools available that would handle replica content in one package - Encore cannot output Blu-ray replication masters without a plugin and I am not sure this is even still available any longer

    A - NetBlender's DoStudio was bought by Sony Creative Software & has been shut down now.

    B - Sony's own Blu-Print has been shut down

    C - Sony Creative Software no longer exists - all assets have been sold to Magix except DoStudio & Blu-Print, and DVD-Architect & Vegas cannot produce replica output masters

    D - Scenarist is still viable, still developed & still supported but it is £60,000 per seat plus annual support fees.


    I hope this helps, and if you need more details please either post here or drop me an email

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  • 10/05/17--04:26: Re: Encore encoding failed
  • jessicaj6327  wrote


    Hello i am having trouble sending a dvd to burn it says encoding failed, im working on encore cs6 thank you for your support

    Okey Dokey.

    Can we please have some more detailed information?

    1 - What is your TV standard?

    2 - What are your source files video codec, frame rate, resolution etc?

    3 - Can you post details of the fail?

    4 - Can you post a screenshot of your project?

    0 0

    Looking at your project file, you have 29.97fps set to Progressive Scan at 1440x1080.

    This is not Blu-ray legal (29.97 at 1440x1080 must be interlaced) so I suspect this is why your audio is losing sync.

    Can you please post your main film encoding settings? I see your intro is 23.976 (this is fine) but I cannot see the film frame rates. If these are also being encoded to 23.976 then you will have problems, as Encore is not an editor - it is an assembly tool.

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  • 10/05/17--04:37: Re: presets for dvds?
  • I am really sorry about the digital equivalent of shouting, but please please please lose the funny file names!!!!!

    Looking at your AME screenshot, I am seeing bracketed words, spaces and non alphanumeric characters. This will cause Encore - and most authoring tools - to have a complete hissy fit.

    All assets must be alphanumeric characters only, and underscores instead of spaces. This is really important.


    Moving right along, are you trying to build a DVD or a Blu-ray type disc?

    DVD uses MPEG-2 for DVD (not regular MPEG-2) at 720x480 (NTSC) or 720x576 (PAL). Not H.264.

    What are your source files - check with MediaInfo& post the screenshot back please?

    0 0

    dumb&frustrated  wrote


    Out of curiosity, does creating a playlist eliminate the pause that occurs at chapter markers? I'm guessing it wouldn't but I've never created a playlist.

    You should only get a pause at chapter markers if you have added a command of some sort as the player will pause to read the command and then continue. I did not know that was even possible in Encore.

    Try to avoid stacking clips into one sequence - this is not a good idea, and please remember to treat Encore as an assembly tool, not an editor.

    0 0

    You are also getting another issue - minimum data rate is too small.

    with VBR encodes the minimum file data rate should be 2.8Mbps, nothing lower - 2Mbps is generous of Encore.

    In your case, why use VBR if the source file is so small?

    Personally, I would use a 7Mbps CBR encode with PCM audio here - this will be much better and should work in conjunction with eliminating the ROM content.

    0 0  wrote


    I am creating a professional Blu-Ray release of a not-to-be-named band's studio album. This is an anniversary-edition remastered re-release, so attention to detail is rather important as thus far my goal has been to redo everything from the original DVD release in 1080p resolution. None of the source material goes any higher than 1080p, so 4K Blu-Ray is unnecessary. Encore should therefore be fine.


    So here's my problem... What I want to see when I highlight a button in any menu is a custom image. Each button highlight image would blend with the background image behind the button. The background is mainly video, but where the button would be highlighted it's a static pattern. I already have the Photoshop PSD file built with the images I wish to use labeled (=1) Play, (=2) Play, and so forth in separate layers, all perfectly aligned within a transparent layer that sits above my video background.


    I want to use 8-bit pictures for my buttons and button highlights. HOW do I do this? Or is Encore not the tool for me? What program, then, should I use? Remember, although I am trying to release this disc in mass-production hollywood quality (or at least as close as possible), the only feature I cannot seem to find within Encore is custom button highlight images. I should not need any other crazy features that may be part of far more expensive software.



    Your biggest problem is how this is going to be mastered - Encore is incapable of creating a replication master for Blu-ray discs as it does not support AACS, which is mandatory. If this is going to be replicated then you have problems and will need to buy an add-on called Blu-Streak Tracer. The downside here is that this is Mac OS only.


    Importing the PSD as you have it should work just fine as long as it is properly formatted.

    If using 1080p then the frame rate MUST be 24 or 23.976fps

    0 0

    I do not use Encore but I have to ask - what other options do you have for your downmix settings please?

    I see the metadata is set to prefer stereo downmix.....

    640kbps is out of spec for DVD (although fine for Blu-ray) and although some players will handle it most will not - for DVD you should not go above 448kbps but as this did not sort the problem I do wonder about the metadata.

    Is it the same player for both DVD & BD? Can you check on a different playback system to eliminate the player as the problem?

    0 0

    You also do not want to be using AAC - this is out of spec for Blu-ray as well as DVD (nit pick - there is no such thing as a Blu-ray DVD) and if audio is important (and it should be as it is half of the production) then you should use PCM stereo, not AC3 or anything lossy.


    VBR 1-pass is like showering in your clothes - pointless. If you have the space use CBR and if not use VBR 2-pass.


    Finally, lose the spaces in your file names. I cannot stress the importance of this highly enough: only ever use alphanumeric characters & underscores instead of spaces. Letters & numbers ONLY.


    Anything else - just drop us a line & we will help

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    breendab78164435  wrote


    I have the same question with you, i just want to play the hot 4k UHD Blu ray disc on my computer, and i have the Blu ray player, but it just does't work. I so sad about that. Hoping some one can help me.

    Does the media player you are using actually support UHD Blu-ray?

    Does your video card support this?

    Does your monitor support this?

    0 0



    I'm actually preparing a Bluray Disc with Encore CS6 and need to put subtitles in Persian letters (looking like Arabic et written from right to left). Althought Encore has the language in the list, it writes it from left to right as we do with latin alphabet. The problem is that there's no specific option inside the menus to chose right-to-left paragraph direction like in Premiere Pro CC.


    Does anyone know how I can make Encore to recongnise a different writing system ?



    Thank you very much !

    0 0
    0 0

    Thank you !


    I'll try it.

    0 0

    Let us know what helps!

    0 0

    As it happened, it was the Sony Blu-Ray burner at fault, I replaced it.....D

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  • 10/08/17--22:02: Getting it all to work right
  • So the title is a bit vague but there is a lot going on so I have no better way to put. Let's start at the beginning.

    I have a video that I downloaded that I want to put on a Video DVD. The video is called the Animix Project and if you want a copy to play with it can be found at It is in an avi container, about an hour long, with the following streams: video - MPEG4, 1.4Mb/s, 512x384(4:3), 23.976fps; audio - MP3, 128 kb/s, 44.1 kHz, stereo

    The reason I want a DVD of it is to be able to play it on a CRT TV with a proper sound system. Sounds like a lot of work just to enjoy an old video but most of it is already done, I just need the video encoded on a DVD. I have CS5.5 Master Edition so all tools are available. Here is what I have tried and how it has gone wrong.

    First I simply added the video to Encore as an asset, dropped it into a timeline, set the most basic of options so it would build, and let all the rest figure itself out. I ended up with black boxes around the video, no surprise there, and audio that both sounded worse than the original and that was out of sync by the middle of the entire movie.

    Second attempt, add in Premier Pro. I imported the file into Premier and used the crop effect's zoom feature to upscale the video to 480. I exported the sequence with the Format set to MPEG2-DVD and the Preset set to Match Source Attributes Highest Quality. A quick preview showed a good looking upscaled video but the audio was again sounding worse than the original, it was set to PCM and 48khz. Still I imported it into Encore and ran a quick build, although I did tell Encore not to transcode the audio this time. It came out looking good, sounding OK, but still had the out of sync audio from the middle on.

    Third attempt, mix in Audition. This time I tried to add Audition into the mix to possibly fix the audio sounding so bad. This failed immediately as Audition cannot open an avi file. So onto the next attempt.

    Fourth attempt, third party audio software, Audacity. Unlike Audition Audacity will open the audio from an avi file. So I did just that and once opened exported the file as a "WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM" file with the Project Rate set at 48 kHz. This audio file sounded just like the original, being a PCM of the original MP3 I would hope it did. I than took the m2v from the second attempt and the wav from Audacity and imported them into Encore. A new timeline and a quick check of the settings, especially telling Encore not to transcode the audio, and another build was complete. And the audio was still out of sync halfway through.

    A quick fifth attempt similar to the second was made with the difference being that I used the Adobe Dynamic Link feature to send the sequence directly from Premier to Encore after adding the crop effect for the zoom. Unfortunately I got the same issues as in the 2nd attempt, poor quality audio and out of sync audio.

    Other attempts were made while changing the export settings in Premier. These were mostly to get the top quality out of the video and involved topping out the bitrate settings and setting all the high end, and slow, settings to be used. This changed nothing during the Encore build. Another attempt tried using Dolby Digital instead of PCM when exporting the audio in Premier. The same quality drop was noted as before.


    One quick addition to all this was that any attempt to use a Premier video in Encore failed during the build. I found another post that had that particular problem so I tried all this after adding the video 1 frame from the beginning of the sequence. I compensated when adding the separate audio in Encore by doing the same to the audio file in the timeline. Please note that this only occurred when exporting from Premier was involved and not in the fifth attempt when using Adobe Dynamic Link.


    So this is where I am at currently. The two major problems to solve are as follows. First and foremost is to fix the audio sync error in Encore. Second is, if necessary to use the Adobe transcribed audio, is to fix the audio quality.


    I can easily provide any more information if needed.

    0 0


    I am new to adobe video applications. I was long time with Final Cut Studio. Let me ask you: Adobe Encore is not available anymore in Creative Suite CC 2017? I am cloud subscriber, so I have the last updated Adobe Premiere. Is there any DVD creator (equivalent to the Encore) for CC2017? Thanks a lot.

    0 0

    How to get Encore using a Cloud subscription

    -and more on previous versions see reply #3


    Somewhat dated now, but still some good information for Encore

    PPro/Encore tutorial list


    And Community: Encore | Adobe Community

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