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  • 11/20/17--11:03: Sense Error 52100
  • When I burn a blu ray of my project it works fine.


    When I attempt to burn a DVD it shows an error code and cites sense code 52100. The discs i'm using are 4.7GB, 16x speed, 120 mins, DVD-R by Verbatim.


    help! How to fix???


    thank you!

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  • 11/20/17--12:21: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • Since codes almost always point to the drive or discs. First try burning at a lower speed if you can select the option.

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  • 11/20/17--12:21: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • 1 - you have a hardware error that means your drive has a problem in that mode (my understanding is a multi-drive has two lasers, one for DVD and one for Blu Ray)


    2 - try a different brand DVD blank to find out if your drive is having a problem reading your blanks


    3 - create an ISO and use a different burning program to find out if there is a "disconnect" between Windows and drive


    Read for notes on installing Imgburn WITHOUT any toolbar add-ons... Set Imgburn to use the slowest burn speed your drive and media will use... I set my burn speed to 1x and let Imgburn adjust to the actual minimum


    Things and Software to AVOID when authoring/burning a disc

    Start -->
    #2 has WHY Explained

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  • 11/21/17--10:26: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • I tried it at the lowest speed, still doesn't work :/

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  • 11/21/17--10:28: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • Tried a different blank DVD - still had the same problem.


    Re: ISO and Imgburn, is there a similar program for Mac OSX ? I'm gonna try this approach next...

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  • 11/21/17--11:53: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • I'm on Windows, but I **think** I've seen "toast" mentioned

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    encore cs6にてblu-rayのビルドをしていますが、どうしても25GBのディスク容量を超えてしまいます。


    ISOイメージを作る際は、encoreのビルドのディスク情報で24.98GB なので、



    それを→xmedia recodeで13GB以下のmp4にエンコード


       →img burnでISOイメージに変換












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    Translation not good. I don't understand.


    Post screenshot of project panel showing transcode status.


    Post screenshot of build panel.

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  • 11/22/17--09:37: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • ok i'm going to try it thank you!

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  • 11/22/17--09:39: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • how do i make an ISO ?// what is that?

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  • 11/22/17--10:12: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • An encore, on the build tab, select to build to an image rather than burn to a disc.


    When using toast, be sure to burn the image to the disc, rather than just copying the files. Some users tried using the Mac burn utility, but I don't recall whether this worked or not.

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  • 11/22/17--10:29: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • Ohh ok. I tried burning the project to a disc image in Encore and then burned that image to the DVD... it didn't work. Well, it worked but I couldn't navigate or play the movie from it, it was only an image of the main chapter menu.


    But I didn't do that through Toast.. I forgot my log in info for toast but as soon as I get it I am going to re-download and try again.

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  • 11/22/17--13:36: Re: Sense Error 52100
  • Does your writer have the latest firmware?

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    I'm finding the same problem and don't know how to fix it. I'm working on a Bluray and DVD authoring of the same content, using the same subtitle file. In the DVD everything is ok, but in the Bluray the subtitles appears inside a black box! I tried the anti-alias without success. Anyone would know how to remove the subtitles black box?



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    Thank you for replying me.

    I am also worried about the translation.

    transcode status.


    build panel

    build panel.jpg

    I converts the main part to MP4,

    and make it smaller and smaller.

    When converted to ISO by finishing,

    It will be 23.3GB by all means.

    I can not reduce the size.

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    Thank you.


    We need the "Project Panel," not the Project Settings:


    EN CS6 Project Transcode Status Arrows.PNG


    We need to see "B," the Blu-ray Transcode Status column.

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    Mit diesem Hinweis encore cs6 video buffer underflows wird der Blu-ray Brennvorgang abgebrochen.

    wer weiss einen Ausweg?

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    You will find a number of other threads with this error message.


    I think it usually reflects a real datarate problem, but sometimes because there are spikes that should not have occurred with the transcode settings used.


    But the solution/workaround is to reduce datarate.


    There may also be times where changes in the type of transcoding (CBR, VBR one or two pass) has fixed the issue for a particular project.


    In this thread, Jon Geddes recommends a max of 27 or less.

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    I put a screenshot.

    encore project panel.jpg

    I do not understand it yet,

    Using your mail as a hint, I transcoded for each asset.

    Then the overall size becomes smaller,

    Tentatively I was able to build.


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    I did that. Still the same thing happens. On the link section, it shows the button and A# with the # of the audio I selected. The default sleection even changes, but when I go back to the main menu and press "Play", the timeline still hasn't changed. =/

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