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    Encore may set the layer break correctly if it finds a good place, but there are numerous complaints about it being unreliable. In your case, it is probably not able to find a good break point.


    The workarounds I find here in the forum are all Windows/ImgBurn.


    You may need to change your chapter points and/or file sizes/lengths, so Encore can find a point easier.


    Also, use DVD+R, not DVD-R. According to Neil Wilkes, -R is more exacting on the break point.


    Please post a screenshot of your project panel where we can see the file sizes and transcode status.

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    A few more things....


    One Mac user reported that Toast will use the Windows ImgBurn method - send it a folder build and it will allow the layer break there.

    Re: Serious layer break problems with Encore


    Problems are harder to solve if you are trying to send this disk for replication rather than just burning.


    Jon Geddes said only Verbatim and Facon Media Pro are reliable (in 2012). He also provides info re chapter breaks and disks that are very full.

    Re: Layer break not on cell boundary

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    Help! I may have accidentally told Encore to edit menus with - which does not work. Now I can't change it back to editing with Photoshop (Elements). Anyone know how to change with program Encore wants to edit menus with??







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    If in Windows, you have to define which program will edit PDF files. Look up in the Control Panel something to the effect "Associate a file type...with a specific program". There may be other ways, but that is one way.


    Also, while in Encore, if you right click on the menu being viewed, does it not say "Edit in Photoshop"?


    If in an Apple computer, sorry, can't help.

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    Thanks for answering! It's a PC and it DOES say Edit in Photoshop on

    right-click but it tries to open instead. When I uninstalled it says Photoshop is not installed (which it is) it kinda thinks is Photoshop I guess. I will try the PDF thing!


    - Dave

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    You got it!  Actually you said PDF files but I figured you meant PSD files

    and that did it! Thanks!!



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    You're right, I did mean PSD files - brain fart. Glad it's all working.

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    After transcoding an MP4 file into an M2V one, the audio and video become slightly shorter in length and desynch with subtitles: (Screenshot of encore and VLC media player)




    The subtitles themselves are not the problem: (Screenshot of "subtitle edit")


    Screenshot 12-02-2017 10.36.06.png


    If i choose "Keep existing settings" when importing a video file into premiere pro, the video wont desynch, but it'll be zoomed, otherwise it wont zoom but it'll desynch:


    Screenshot 12-02-2017 10.42.18.png


    Im sure the problem is pretty simple to solve, though im too amateurish to know what to do exactly .

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    I'm on my phone so can't see your screenshots well. But the usual problem here is that your sequence settings should match the clip you're importing. Do I get to the new icon and that should create a matching sequence. But what is your Source clip characteristics? Host country view of the Mediainfo properties.

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    "But the usual problem here is that your sequence settings should match the clip you're importing."


    Excuse my ignorance but, how do I match the sequence settings?

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    Just drag the clip to the new icon in the project panel and this will create a matching sequence.


    However, if you have something like variable frame rates, you may have to convert to clip. That's why I asked for the media info information. Media info is a little app that examines your clip.

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    Screenshot 12-03-2017 14.58.52.png


    Im terribly sorry, I have no formal training on these kind of programs, so I dont have a clear idea on what you mean with "new icon" and "project panel" , could you further clarify or make a graphic explanation if its not too much to ask?

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    I'll respond further later today. Good job getting mediainfo and reporting that information. That is helpful.

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    Here is a screenshot of the project panel (PR CC 2017,  your workspace may look a little different). Your imported source footage is in the project panel. Drag it to the "new" icon, and it will create a sequence, that should be the correct settings for that footage. But it may not.


    PR CC 2017 New Icon.PNG


    Post a screenshot of your sequence settings once set.


    Are you trying to make a DVD or Blu-ray (or both)?

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    Ok, thanks a lot bro, I appreciate it: (Im using CS6)

    Screenshot 12-03-2017 21.43.22.png


    However, it did not solve the issue...


    Just DVD.


    Sequence Settings:

    Screenshot 12-03-2017 22.52.18.png

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  • 12/04/17--03:17: Photoshop File Error - 25050
  • Trying to burn a DVD or Blue ray I get "Photoshop File Error - 25050" after I click Build and it starts the build process.


    What does this error mean, how do I fix it?

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    Please heeeeeelp!

    I've been creating this DVD for so long... I exported without subtitles and it worked, no problem at all.

    Now that I'm adding subtitles, importing them as .txt (I've previously changed format as Adobe Encore .txt) and some of them also have been created with encore it doesn't let me.

    I read could be because of typography so I changed like 4 times using the most common ones...

    Also I correct the safe areas, subtitles are always inside...

    I don't know what else to do... I need to hand in this project to a customer and this is delaying everything!

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    Yep; not it. The display format should be 23.976.


    Try changing the display format to 23.976.


    Can you post a screenshot of mediainfo in the "tree" view?

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    I can't find another instance of this error with this specific number.


    I'd start with fixes for the more common Photoshop -1 error. Filenames too long; contain special characters; psd file contains video in layers or fonts that are causing trouble.


    Mac OS by any chance?

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    Can you post a short bit of the subtitle .txt file? (Top 6-10 lines)


    Did you try changing the margins as suggested here? I concluded this was the method most likely to fix this.




    Edit: Sorry; does not go to the right post:


    subtitle or menu subpicture too complex - HELP : Adobe Encore DVD


    Edit 2: Argh! The first link is the correct one where Dave Knop describes the process for reimporting the subtitles. The second link stated his margins without the method.

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