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    What is your opinion of how long we will be producing DVD's and Blu-ray's?  Some articles I have read stated that many people would rather watch videos on Youtube, Vimeo,  phones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc.

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    Speaking for me only, this is my priority order


    1 - recorded on DVR

    2 - Netflix

    3 - DVD (no Blu Ray)


    Absolutely ZERO watching in a computer of any kind, including tablets


    PS - I do still make a DVD once in awhile, most recently my brother's wedding

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    I make a number of specialist classical church music videos, the record company makes a combined Bluray, DVD and CD in one package, this is sold online and in cathedral bookshops. I also produce local dance videos for pupils and parents, this is always dvd. I have yet to see a way of producing these types of videos online while still making a profit.

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    I am assuming that at some point Adobe will remove the ability to download Premiere Pro CS6.  This means that Encore CS6 will no longer be available.  We know that Adobe will not create a similar program. 

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    Don't know what to make of this. Do you a sample of the source material you can share? I can't find any similar clips.

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    JONARI  wrote


    Yes is like 6hrs long


    That wont fit on a dual layer.

    You will have to make 2 or 4 singles which i recommend to avoid any issues.

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    Yes I make 2 dvds

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    It is from a film called "Accepted":



    I've decided to use much smaller clips so as to transcodify much faster (should have done that from the beginning):


    The Steven Seagal Show #002 - YouTube


    No matter the source video, the problem appears to persist in a similar fashion:



    Bitrate viewer keeps telling me that the length doesnt change significantly, however, the renderers show otherwise, about 11 secs removed from the clip, about a ~5% difference.

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    I got this message and looked on my timeline and there was a wrong/false chapter marker that was so close to a legitimate one the only way I could see it was to expand the timeline in the view and then click thru chapter marker to chapter marker.  I had 2 markers labeled Chapter 4, about 5 frames apart from each other. 


    Again-- expand the timeline and look for bunched up chapter markers.  I deleted the extra one, ran the 'Check Project' again, and the error message went away.


    Also, don't be afraid to take the file out of the timeline and put it back in, to reset the chapter markers.  You will have to relink them to your menus but it may resolve this problem or identify additional markers that are causing the error message.

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    Can someone please help me figure out what's going wrong here?


    I have authored 10 BluRay discs in Adobe Encore over the last year with no issues. But today, when I had my project ready to Build and burn, Encore made a little window pop up saying something about the menu image size (????) I've done nothing different then all the other times I've made menus but today this kept happening.

    I tried changing the size of the image I am using as a menu (still menu, not motion) and the same thing keeps happening.
    I've included a screen cap of what it's saying. Can anyone help in fixing this?



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    I only do DVD, but that message looks like you have a bad button, not the menu itself

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    Code 14, "invalid format" are a collection of errors that vary based on the content of the "Note."


    I found only one other example of  your form of the error ("Note: 0x00010402   invalid resolution, graphics must be at least 8 pixels but no more than 4096 pixels in height and width  Spec").


    The solution was not clear in my opinion.


    First, what is the name of your object? Is there a button named "WOTG_menu/"? Or is that a menu name, etc.?


    Tell us more about the menu.


    Issues can be naming, background image of menu, button pixel size (increasing button pixel size may help).

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    @John T Smith


    You were correct! I had a small button which I was using for an "easter egg" and that was what was causing the issue. I made that button just a little larger and presto! Bluray went through the building process and burned perfectly! Thanks!

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  • 12/12/17--08:42: Adobe Encore Crash
  • Hello.  First time post.


    I've recently updated all my adobe cc products to 2018.  I'm also running the latest version of Mac OS. 


    Since my update to 2018, I'm unable to open Encore.  As I need to burn a dvd this is very important to me. 


    Why is Encore crashing upon it opening? Still crashing.  Nothing Happens.  See?  I've uploaded a video.

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  • 12/12/17--09:30: Re: Adobe Encore Crash
  • >running the latest version of Mac OS


    That MAY be your problem, since CS6 is going on 5 years old and there are compatibility problems with Sierra and especially High Sierra


    This Installing Creative Suite on a new Mac or macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later is about installing the standalone programs (not the versions installed via a Cloud subscription) but it also has information about an old Java that MAY help with your problem


    If not, you may have to find a new DVD authoring program that is compatible with your new Mac operating system

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  • 12/12/17--09:32: Re: Adobe Encore Crash
  • First try fixing permissions. Check all Encore program files including subdirectories and any user folders set up to make sure they are all read read-write.


    I have had issues on Windows various files get messed up, and you may have to uninstall, run the Adobe cleaner, and then reinstall Premiere CS6 which installs encore.

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    After a lot of research about sequence settings, Ive come up with the following sequence and exportation settings:

    Standard Exportation Settings.pngStandard Sequence Settings.png

    These have completely solved the issue on 5 different films .

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    Glad you got it sorted. Makes no sense given the mediainfo specs, but doesn't matter!

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  • 12/13/17--07:37: Re: Adobe Encore Crash
  • There is a free program for making DVD's.  It is DVD Styler(  It is free and is similar to Encore CS6.  There are many online tutorials to help you.  If you create a MPEG2-DVD video file in Premiere Pro, it will not reincode the video.  It is continually updated(November 25 2017).  It works with Mac and PC.  The author has stated that in the future he will create a Bluy-ray version.

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    Im having this message when I try to built a "IMG." FILE.


    Anyone could help me? Captura de Tela 2017-12-14 às 02.29.00.png

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