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    I've tried this and still unable to launch encore on sierra

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    I can't remember which Adobe program the discussion was about, but I did read that an old version of Java helped another user

    -READ HERE for an Adobe solution to installing old programs, including a link to installing the old Java runtime that is required

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  • 12/19/17--15:19: Re: CD Burner XP
  • I just keep everything default.

    The only thing I change is the burning speed which is always have the disk speed.

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  • 12/19/17--18:28: Re: CD Burner XP
  • Thank you

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  • 12/20/17--02:04: Re: CD Burner XP
  •  wrote

    is always have the disk speed.

    is always half the disk speed


    Oh I am very good at making typo's.

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  • 12/20/17--07:58: Encore Transcoding issue
  • I used Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 and selected encode for Blu-ray, h.264 and all setting set to max.  When that finished after ~3 hours, I imported the newly encoded file into Encore, it shows it is untranscoded and will transcode it again.


    How do I let Encore know the file is already transcoded?



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  • 12/20/17--08:03: Re: Encore Transcoding issue
  • 1st, do you have your bluray video imported into a bluray project?


    2nd, exactly what are the settings of your video?

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  • 12/20/17--08:07: Re: Encore Transcoding issue
  • yes, it is a Blu-ray project.




    1920x1080 progressive

    2 pass VBR

    35 Mbs

    max render

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  • 12/20/17--08:18: Re: Encore Transcoding issue
  • Encore will tell you when it is correct. Something is wrong in your settings. Please post a screenshot of your export settings especially the video tab, bitrate, Etc.

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  • 12/20/17--08:25: Re: Encore Transcoding issue
  • 11111.jpg

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  • 12/20/17--09:03: Re: Encore Transcoding issue
  • My sample with those particulars shows in Encore as okay (do not transcode). You are looking in the "Blu-ray Transcode Status" column, correct?


    The screenshot I am looking for is the one you see when you click on Custom and a new window pops up.

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  • 12/20/17--09:07: Re: Encore Transcoding issue
  • I was looking at the wrong column.  I wasn't expecting a DVD transcode column in a Blu-ray project, after scrolling over a ways, the Blu-ray transcode column is revealed and shows do not transcode.


    Thank you.

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  • 12/20/17--10:12: Re: Encore Transcoding issue
  • Yeah!

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    HI Howard,


    Were you able to find good settings for the subtitle font?  If you could, please let me know what settings you recommend.


    Thank you.

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  • 12/21/17--07:07: Re: CD Burner XP
  • I have always burned my DVD's at 16x and my Blu-ray's at 6x.  Anyone that I have made them for has never had a problem playing the discs. 

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  • 12/22/17--08:15: Re: Encore Transcoding issue
  • "and all setting set to max."


    Max is not always best. For example, Max Render is really meant to help with scaling of video, for instance 4k to HD, 1080p to 720p, HD to SD. So if the source and destination are both 1080, then Max Render is really doing nothing for you, other than increasing render time. I don't know if that's the case or not, since you posted a grab from Media Encoder. Would be more helpful to see a grab of Export Settings from Premiere instead as that shows both the source and destination settings.


    Also, it might be assumed that cranking the data rate to the maximum is going to help image quality, but in reality there is a point of diminishing returns. Most HD video cameras record at perhaps 24 to 28mbps... that video is very highly compressed already. Encoding it at 35mbps for Blu-ray cannot make it look better than the original.


    Unlike Hollywood Blu-ray movies, which use pressed discs, we must burn our own using lasers that etch pits into a dye layer on recordable media. This presents a compatibility issue with some players that may have problems playing such media. A high data rate only compounds the potential for playback issues. If you compare your 35mbps clip to the same clip encoded at 25mbps, I bet you would not be able to tell any difference at all (I've tried it myself). Also, if the movie is long it may not fit the disc at the higher rate and will need to be transcoded to fit anyway. Good idea to use a bit rate calculator before starting the encoding process.


    DVD-HQ : Bitrate & GOP calculator


    Curious if your source video is actually 24p or something different like 60p? You may have noticed that Blu-ray does not offer 1080p30 or 1080p60 encoding options since Blu-ray does not support those formats. A 1080p60 source would normally then be encoded as 1080i.


    I hope this information is useful


    Thank you



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  • 12/22/17--08:45: Re: Encore Transcoding issue
  • Thank you.


    You raise some concerns I've been having about that very issue.  The source video is animation 1280x720 30 fps progressive, it's a client's production, we've never loaded it into premiere.  Along these lines, I'm also concerned about the difference between encoding in AME v Encore, elsewhere I've read AME does a much better job yet I see the same setting options in Encore.  And I assume Encore uses the same encoder.


    I appreciate your's and everyone's input! 

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    Any input is appreciated!



    Properties of source video:



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  • 12/22/17--09:11: Re: Encore Transcoding issue
  • Don't encode in Encore, always better to prep the files first so they are already compliant when they get to that stage.


    If the source is 720p30, converting to 1080p24 is going to mess with the quality. Especially changing the frame rate, which will affect motion which will become choppier at the lower frame rate.


    I think you're going to be better off using the 720p59.94 setting for Blu-ray. Since the source is 30fps, encoding at 60fps just means every frame will be shown twice, but should really have the same smoothness of playback as original and you will not be scaling the video up, which is going to hurt detail with the scaling.

    As far as encoding, you can use Premiere - just drop the clip into a timeline (make sure settings match), then Export as H.264 Blu-ray. I actually never use the stand-alone Media Encoder myself...habit I guess.





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    I only do DVD which has, by specification, a set size of NTSC = 720x480 with PAR .9 to display at 4:3 or PAR = 1.212 for 16:9


    Link to DVD Demystified FAQ

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