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  • 06/14/18--08:15: Re: WHERE IS ENCORE DVD CS6?
  • You're welcome. Let us know if this doesn't work.

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    I am having the same issue.  I am on 2017.1.2.


    exporting from premiere H264 Blu-ray. VBR 2-pass.  Video has a lot of action.  Video plays fine and in sync in Encore.  Building a BD image. 

    Audio File

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I don't see the problem. This should work.


    It shouldn't affect sync, but I think you're pushing datarate and filesize.

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    Can you elaborate on "pushing datarate and filesize"?

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    I'm not where I can check this. I believe you pick the max data rate in Encore, which is okay, since nothing is being transcoded but menus. The transcode setting using PCM audio is fairly high. Generally you may not see any difference in your video with a somewhat lower setting.


    But I do not believe this should effect audio sync.

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    I had noticed the default audio PCM bit rate out of AME 17 was higher than Encore if using Dolby ac3 format, but you cannot change the settings for PCM.


    What worked this time...

    I broke up the 35 GB video file into 11 files (22 if you include the wav files).  Essentially breaking on chapter marks.  Re-rendered out with same settings as previous build attempts.  Assembled in Encore. Built ISO.  Played ISO in VLC.  Sync seems fine.  Burnt disc.  Audio in sync.  Wahoo!


    I found a post about red and green frames causing audio sync issues.  I think this was the source of the problem.  I wish I could find a solution to what cause them.  I did see reference to corrupt video file.  I don't believe that because I can take the same file and just have it first play the timeline without any menu or chapters and it builds and plays fine, but the project requires the ability to jump to individual chapters, so I had to find a solution.


    I was also having trouble with poster frames on the menu.  I could play through the entire video using the preview monitor, but if I scrubbed to set chapter marks, I would develop red and green frames in the intro or first chapter.  The intro is simple motion graphic titles with very little on it and about half of the length of the intro does not have anything on the screen but grey background.  If I set a poster frame on a good frame it would set, but when I tried to link the chapter to a chapter selection button encore would hang for a few seconds and then just pop in a random poster frame or sometimes the end frame of the entire video file.  So frustrating. Especially after buggy issue with Premiere Pro recent releases.


    I previously had placed chapter points on video transitions (dip to black) and poster frames on a static image with a motion graphic over it for each chapter.  Had a similar issues with DVD builds, but I was able to fight through them.  I did the same for BD builds in a project a year ago and did not have these issues.  This last build I set chapter markers and poster frames on frames that were not part of a transition or motion graphic.  Don't know for sure if that made a difference.


    I see that I have had most of the problems when the disc build size (total video size) gets above my total hardware memory (32 GB).  I am curious of two things:

    1. If I had a system with registered, buffered and/or ECC memory, would I not have so many issues?
    2. If I had 64 GB instead of 32 GB memory (more memory than BD-DL capacity), would I not have as many issues?



    i7-6800K @ 4 GHz (6 core)

    32 GB memory

    Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB

    7 internal SSD

    OS and applications on Raid 1 500 GB

    Source, Project, Cache, and Export are all on separate SSD.

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    The only one I recall is that the build uses up to 2 (or 3) times the BD total for temp space.


    The red frames was related to export issues (so yes, corrupt) or playback. This can be video hardware/driver related.


    Glad you got a good disk!


    Perhaps Neil Wilkes will drop by and comment...

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    I agree with ZenGeekDad 100%

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    Hi Matt


    Poster Frames do seem to be troublesome, and this might be caused by having a poster frame set too close to a chapter mark - when you encode for a Blu-ray the encoder (usually) drops an I-frame at a chapter point so it is possible to hang a marker on it for selection (all chapter marks must be on I-Frames) - this might be complicated by use pf poster frames, as these too will also need to be an I-frame if a still and if a moving section I have no idea how hairy things could get.

    It's the complexity that is causing the trouble so perhaps you could try what we do and simplify. By this I don't mean stop using motion menus if you want to, but prepare these in advance in After Effects and render them out as the video background to your menu - bear in mind for Blu-ray as a format everything is a video - even if it looks like a still menu, it is still a video file on the end disc in the same format as your main assets. Work with this, and don't dynamically link video assets into menus - this is causing the abstraction layer to probably do things on the edge of spec legality and playability. A Profile 1.0 machine cannot handle the same discs a Profile 1.1 or later machine can.

    The trick is to prepare as much as you can outside of Encore and feed it with pre-prepared compliant streams.

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  • 06/18/18--02:35: Re: Unknown audio tracks
  • Hi Martha


    This is down to how things are handled in the player itself.

    When you change audio tracks using the remote control AUDIO button, it only "knows" what the currently playing stream is on a huge number of DVD & Blu-ray players, my Oppo BDP-105 included. This is because text support is just very rarely - if ever- implemented as it is an optional spec component that is quite complex to add.

    So they don't.

    As long as the disc goes to the correct streams from your Audio Options menu all is good - and you should also find that if you scroll down to the first "unknown" audio stream and select it, it will become identified immediately as it's NavPack has now been loaded.

    Can you give this a try & post back please?

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    Forgive me if I missed this in the long thread, but are you burning to single or dual-layer Blu-ray media? Because no way 3+ hours is going to fit single layer when encoding at 35mbps, Encore would have to transcode to fit then. And unless creating some sort of master-quality concert recording, one could use .ac3 Dolby audio and save a lot of space as well to allow for higher-quality video encoding.


    For single-layer Blu-ray, looks like about 15mbps is max for video encoding at 3 hours 21 minutes


    DVD-HQ : Bitrate & GOP calculator


    Something else in Encore that is known to cause sync issues it putting multiple clips on same timeline.





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    Agree with what? The "long time to re-render audio" claim was thoroughly debunked. Either re-export just the audio from Premiere, or edit existing .wav in other software. Couple of minutes involved either way. Do it all the time.


    And if about Adobe realizing the importance of Encore to many customers...core programming in Encore was licensed from a third-party and that company was bought by another company which chose to no longer support/license that code, thus Adobe is faced with completely starting over from scratch with creating a new DVD application. And while some users do still need to burn DVDs, the vast majority do not and therefore makes no economic sense for Adobe to develop a new DVD app at this point, since there are plenty of alternatives available already. They are doing us all a favor by even continuing to make Encore CS6 available, while they could have just cut it off entirely.





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    Ok, thank you very much for the feedback, it would be to run on TV directly.

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    The most common option is to put the movies as H. 264, MP4s onto a USB drive and plug it into the TV. It depends on the TV as the style of menu option at presents, but basically each movie is its own separate file.


    You don't use Encore for this option.

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    Ok, thank you.

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    While I was attempting to burn a DVD in Encore, I got this error...



    "Encore was unable to complete the operation because of a hardware error(Sense Code 30C80). Please contact the hardware manufacturer for more information."


    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!



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    Several possibilities


    1 - you have a bad drive that needs to be replaced


    2 - you have a bad batch or brand of blank disc


    3 - your drive has been HIJACKED by some other software


    To test #3 create an ISO and use something like Imgburn to write the ISO to a disc

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    Thanks for the answer!  Considering that Flash is apparently supposed to be gone in a few years, I would hope that they would add some way to do this for computers that does not use flash.  The size compared to DVDs (not to mention resolution flexibility) make USB sticks pretty desirable.  Also what OP said about modern systems not coming with an optical drive.


    I hope they come up with a solution soon that is better than relying on flash.


    If anyone knows how to make a flash drive do this (advanced DVD menu features like what encore offers), please let me know!

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    Thanks for the return, exactly, and I still can not believe they did nothing, there must be something to replace Adobe Encore, but it should be finalizing. Let's hope it comes soon

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    CS6 is over 4 years old, and the reason Adobe stopped developing Encore is because the license for 3rd party modules was withdrawn... and Adobe has not (and I think will not) decided to write a completely new program


    If Encore doesn't do what you need, you will have to use a different program

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