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    I think the workaround listed in Installing Creative Suite on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) is only necessary if installing with the Creative Suite installers, John.  If they are installing through the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application, then the installation at least should proceed normally.  You are right though it is becoming more difficult to install and utilize Creative Suite applications on modern versions of macOS and Windows.


    Atempaj, you may be on the right track with installing Encore CS6 on a Windows laptop.  Since you have a Creative Cloud membership, you are not confined to installing only on macOS.  Even a moderately powered Windows laptop should be able to run Encore CS6.

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    thanks, I'll try that. Windows machine still kicks back the same error as on the Mac. I'm starting to think this is on adobe's side, Maybe my account is bugged? Is there anyway to verify that? All other apps like Premiere Pro CS6 install and open just fine. Encore seems like it installs just fine, but does not see my CC subscription.

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    Atempaj, what other Adobe applications and versions are installed on the Windows laptop?  If you are able to open other Creative Suite 6 applications then Encore should open.  Do you have any third-party plug-ins, for Creative Suite 6 apps, installed on both the Mac and the Windows computer?

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    Atempaj, if the newly created administrator account did not solve the error I was going to recommend the following steps:


    1. Run all available uninstallers for Adobe applications - Uninstall or remove Creative Cloud apps
    2. Download and run a fresh copy of the CC Cleaner Tool - Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems
    3. Download and install the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application - Download Creative Cloud desktop app
    4. Download and install Premiere Pro CS6 - How to download and install Adobe Encore CS6


    You can use these steps for both Mac or Windows operating systems.  When implementing these actions on the Mac, I would recommend using the newly created local administrator account.

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    No third party plug-ins on windows computer. No other Adobe apps on it other than creative cloud and premiere pro cs6...

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    atempaj  wrote


    ... Encore seems like it installs just fine, but does not see my CC subscription.

    I'm a little confused. Is Encore installed and throwing errors when you try to open? Or not installing, which is what I thought the error messages are.


    Here is a post from Ann Bens indicating her recent successful Mac installation of EN.


    Re: Probleme installation adobe premiere pro CS6 mac 10.13.6

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    It doesn't matter which computer I'm on. It seems to be that it installs everything. Just when I launch it it give me the error thinking I don't have a CC subscription or serial. Premiere Pro was giving me the same issue thinking I was on trial mode when I tried to import iPhone x HEVC video files. The same error that I posted in the original post.




    This is the licensing error I get when I try and launch it, not during installation.


    I recently installed Premiere Pro CS6 (with encore) on windows 10 laptop (brand new). No other software on it other than Adobe CC.


    Got the same error when launching Encore


    encore error.PNG

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    I found the solution!!! My CC credentials or account is bugged!! I signed out of my CC account, and logged into it with my friends account. On this same laptop that was giving me the error... and it launched Encore CS6!


    So how do I fix my account? do I need to cancel it and start a new one?


    I renewed my CC account early this year, before the yearly subscription was up, and went to month to month. The customer rep told me they had to cancel my account and reinstate it into the new monthly plan... So how do I fix this? do I contact Adobe directly through their chat system?

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    Atempaj, Encore should be included with your plan.  The most expedient option is to contact our support team directly at Contact Customer Care so the membership can be reviewed and corrected.  If you can please update this discussion with your case number it would be appreciated.

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    Talking to rep now, case # ADB-3490630-F5T8 (chat)... Doesn't seem to understand that it's an account authentication issue... *sigh*

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    Ok, Atempaj, please bookmark View Adobe Support cases as it provides details on how to manage the support case if it is not resolved. 


    It is likely that your case will need to be escalated to resolve any membership concerns.  I will ask my colleague Bani to review this discussion on Monday, in case you continue to face errors.  I will also be back in the office on Tuesday.

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    ***Sigh*** No help from Adobe support. They keep thinking I have to purchase adobe CS6. They keep asking what my CS6 serial number is...Not sure if they understand that it comes with Creative Cloud.


    Finally, I asked if they could transfer my membership to a new Adobe ID, which I think will solve it. In the process now to transfer my subscription to a new adobe ID.... *Fingers Crossed*




    They were not able to help me. They still were not sure what to do and kept sending me to things I already tried earlier. In the end the only thing that fixed it was to sign up for a new Creative Cloud membership... and cancel the old one...

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    And here it is under my new account!


    Thanks, everyone who tried their best to help me!! I appreciate it! Now I know the only way to solve the issue was to create a whole new Creative Cloud account!!!


    Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 5.15.43 PM.png

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    Glad you figured out the problem and finally have a working Encore

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    New computer, fresh install of En. Cannot edit in Ps even though its installed.

    Had to look up my own answer to get it fixed.

    Is this not pathetic...

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    Ha ha. Good one. Sounds like something I'd do. I'm glad you could help you.

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  • 09/03/18--21:01: Re: Creating a DVD
  • As previously stated creating DVD's and Blu-ray's is no longer a viable option.  Adobe will never create a new program for making DVD's or Blu-ray's.  YouTube, Vimeo, etc. have become very popular for uploading videos.

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    Fantastic, thanks for the update Atempaj!

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    Hi Everyone,


    I'm looking to make a motion menu in encore and have spent the last few days watching every demonstration video I can find. I feel that I know enough now to make a menu in photoshop, import it into encore and the add video/audio and get the buttons working. However I want to make this as close to an official Hollywood style menu as possible.


    I've attached two screenshots from the Sopranos blu ray. The video background plays on a loop and the front menu has three options (episodes, languages and features). When you click any of these the background video continues to play and a new menu pops up with further options. Then you can move down to the bottom, the pop up menu disappears and you can click another, a different pop up menu appears etc - all the time the video continues without being disrupted.


    The tutorials I've watched with motion menus usually only have wo pages, menus and chapters, and when changing between one and the other the video restarts itself. Can adobe do the sam style of menu that the sopranos use where there is literally only one page and everything can be accessed via pop ups? If so can anyone point me in the direction of a guide? Would I need to create say four different versions of the menu in photoshop i.e. menu with nothing selected, menu with option 1 selected and so on?


    If encore is not capable of doing this does anyone know a program that can? I've been watching lots of different blu rays recently to see how the menus are structured and the vast majority adopt this everything pops up over the one motion menu structure, as opposed to the DVD structure of every selection moving to a new page.


    I hope this make sense and thanks in advance.


    Kind Regards


    menu 1.jpg


    menu 2.jpg

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