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    Yes and maybe....


    A Multipage menu keeps the audio throughout (and is only an option for a Bluray rather than a DVD).


    But it may not work as you would like because Hollywood uses a different system than Encore is capable of, and some effects or options you imagine may not be possible. Also there was a bug in Encore that can create a glitch on menu loop.


    They've messed the Encore help files up, and my link goes to the pdf version of CS5! I'll see if I can find the link.


    Only page 0 has a background, and it is the background for all the menus in that multipage.


    It can be odd to access the pages/buttons not in page 0. You can do this through the menu panel (the appearance in the menu viewer does not change) or the layers panel (the appearance in the menu viewer does change). Or you can move between pages in the menu viewer using the Show Next Page/Show Previous Page buttons.

    The Encore preview does not extend beyond page 0. Pretty worthless.

    So, burn a rewritable disk to test, or build to a BD folder or image and playback with a high quality software player. I like PowerDVD since Total Media Theater is no longer available.

    EN Next Page Button Menu Viewer.PNG

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    Thanks Stan, if you come across the link that would be great but if encore can potentially do it then I'm happy to play about and experiment.


    I did come across this Spanish video, I don't understand what he is saying but it looks like it will produce the kind of menu I want and I can hopefully follow what he is doing:


    Crear menú y Popup Blu Ray para Adobe Encore desde 0 - YouTube



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    This links to the CS6 pdf reference:



    Look for page 68.


    I forgot to say:


    Edit your menu in Photoshop, but I think it is much better to start with an Encore library template and modify that, than to create from scratch. For example, Citylights Multipage Menu HD.

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    I've attached two screenshots from the Sopranos blu ray. The video background plays on a loop and the front menu has three options (episodes, languages and features). When you click any of these the background video continues to play and a new menu pops up with further options. Then you can move down to the bottom, the pop up menu disappears and you can click another, a different pop up menu appears etc - all the time the video continues without being disrupted.

    Do you use Mac or Windows?


    If Mac, take a closer look at BluStreak Tracer from Rivergate Software:

    I remember seeing a video that demostrated this, motion background that continues to play with audio despite what submenu you choosed. If i remeber correctly it basically was a popup menu that was the First Play rather than a standard menu. Making a popup menu the First Play is not possible to do in Encore without using BluStreak Tracer.

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    Even when I choose "Preview from here.."  on a menu I can't get it to even preview.

    It gives me this error.


    I looked at other threads that suggest that its overlapping buttons, or a still image in the "Motion->Video" tab.

    I even tried creating a new blank menu with nothing on and it still gives me this error when I preview it!


    I can't think of what to do next.  This was a huge project that I converted from CS3, so I was thinking that had something to dow ith it, but inserting a new blank menu in CS6 still gives me the error so I am not convinced that its a CS3->CS6 issue.


    Any help greatly appreciated as I have been struggling with this for 2 days now.  : (

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    For the simple things you have tried, I don't see why this would throw this error for a preview.


    So, some ideas.


    Make sure you run Encore "as administrator."


    Create a new test project. I assume you are making a DVD, not a Bluray.


    Since a simple menu is a problem, start by importing one asset "as timeline."


    Then try to preview.


    If that works, add a menu from the Encore library. Set the menu to first play.




    Does that work?


    If not, what OS?


    Has Encore CS6 worked before?

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    Thanks Stan,  I did try and run as Administrator.

    I had to link back in the assets but I did that and tried to preview/build.

    Go the same error.

    Actually, I went to the Library tab next to Layers to try and add a menu but there were no items listed under the Library in any catagory, which is unusual.  Maybe thats got something to do with it?

    Anyway, any more ideas would be appreciated.



    I got the library file, and I re-installed the whole thing.

    Tried inserting a menu straight from the library. then clicked Preview from here.

    Still same error.

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    Ok. So...I figured out what went wrong. The issue came up again on my new CC account. It turns out if you add 1tb of storage it breaks your adobe CC account, and it won't launch Adobe Encore... Once I removed the added 1TB of storage from my account I was able to open it up again.


    My original adobe CC account has the added 1tb of storage. I added 1tb to this one over the weekend, which ended up breaking adobe encore again...I removed it today, and it works again.

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    I remember seeing a reference to this error, but a) I thought it had been fixed and b) had no idea it could affect Encore.

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    Same with new project and adding only a timeline?


    What OS?


    Has Encore CS6 ever worked for you on this system?

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    I started a brand new project with Encore CS6 on the same machine (i7 Win10)

    I inserted a menu from the library and it previewed absolutely fine, no error.

    I think its something in the project itself possibly. 

    I looked at the settings and prefs of the project that worked and the one that didn't and they are the same prefs seemingly.


    Maybe something went wrong when it converted from CS3 to CS6?

    Anyway, as of this moment I am still stuck abd running out of ideas, and facing the possibility of having to re-do this project from the ground up, and its a monster project so it might take a few days.  : s

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    That is what I would do: a redo is common fix for Encore problems, even without the convert.


    Generally, you can import the menus. Start a new project and import one of the old menus as a test. You have to do all the relinking, etc, Just test the menu itself first.

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    I'm having an issue with the Title Button and Menu Remote button when creating a Blu-ray.  I'm aware of how they work.  I've had succes when creating a DVD and I've had limited success when creating a Blu-ray. 


    Specifically if the disc begins with a timeline as first play then going to the menu, the title button and menu remote button do not work.  They will work on Preview.  However when they disc is published, these buttons will not work on my computer player OR my stand alone disc player.  I have confirmed with other discs that both players are fully functional.  This is an Encore problem.  I have also tried a complete rebuild of the project with the same results.


    Alternatively if the disc begins with a menu (as opposed to a timeline) the menu button works just fine.  On my project simply by swapping the first play around and setting the appropriate title button asset, the button works.  Just to be clear, with the first option (beginning with timeline) the menu button during the feature presentation will not work.  As soon as the first play as swapped, the menu button during the feature works.  So far my only conclusion is a bug of some sort.  It may just be I have missed something somewhere (searched everywhere with no success). If so some guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Alternatively it may just be a known problem in which case confirmation would stop me from going   !


    Thanks in advance

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    I guess it always helps if you can in someway answer your own question.  I have a work around which is quite satisfactory - so for anyone else with the same issue this will work.

    Generate a blank menu and use the video asset that was the desired opening timeline as a menu video.  Turn loop off to none and then set end action as the main menu.  For return to menu during feature, just use a basic pop up. 

    I think the original question is still an issue.  However given there is no further development this is a workable solution.

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    I'm on windows I'm afraid.

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    Interesting, Atempaj, I am unsure how the licensing for Encore would be affected by having additional cloud storage available.  Have you updated your support case with this discovery?  We will need to have your account reviewed by our Engineering teams to determine a solution.

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    Jeff, I can't find a link to the thread, but there was an odd problem related to users who upgraded to the 1TB plan. Can you identify a link to a thread on that? Curious.

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    Stan, this is the first time I have heard of any issues where the storage quota has affected the licensing of Creative Cloud applications.  I will inquire around though to see if there have been any other reports.


    Atempaj, please update this discussion if you face any problems updating your support case or having this issue investigated.

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    This is what I feared - a re-do.  Its a monster project with a ton of playlists, subtitles, 18 episodes ... ugh.


    One thing I did notice is that on the project that does not work, I cannot unlock the background layer.

    But on the project that does work , I can unlock the background layer.

    Maybe thats got something to do with it?

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    If there is motion applied, remove the motion then see if it unlocks. If not, with the motion removed, edit in Photoshop , convert the background layer to a regular layer and then create a new layer named "background" and convert it to a background. Encore can be fussy if the background layer is not the lowermost in the Photoshop stacking order and named "background."

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