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    The problem is not with Encore, but PR. So we're hoping for a fix.

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    I'm experiencing a strange problem with Encore CS6.

    I've created several video files using After Effects and Premiere Pro.

    All the these files are looking good on their own.


    I've put everything together in Encore CS6 and build a 'Blu Ray' iso file.

    When previewing it on my computer I notice that there's a transparent 'Stairs/Steps' through out the entire production.


    You can see it in the menu, you can on everything.

    I'm confused as to what can cause this.


    If anyone has faced a similar problem, I'm happy to be directed towards a solution.


    kind regards,

    David T.

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    Hi Stan,


    This is how I have got it set up in photoshop:




    This is how it looks in encore when highlighted (obviously this is showing all buttons highlighted but when they are not highlighted they are just white text):



    And this is how it looks when selected:




    Seems to all work fine.


    On a different subject I've been playing around with multi page menus for a while now and have finally got everything figured out and working fine. However there is one thing I'm still not sure about. I've been following some spanish guides on youtube Crear menú y Popup Blu Ray para Adobe Encore desde 0 - YouTube


    You can see at 7.01 he selects and cuts the main title bar into three parts and then groups them and the text in each folder. Now I've done some tests using a background bar behind the text, I didn't cut the bar into pieces like he did and mine seemed to work fine. Do you why he does this? Do I need to do it as well? I am perhaps missing something that will not work correctly if I don't do it?


    Many thanks

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    Please post a screen shot of what this looks like.

    Is Encore transcoding the videos?

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    Thanks for the info.


    All elements is a button group define the hit area. So if the same whole rectangle is included in each button, the buttons will ovelap. I did not watch past that point, but I assume that may be the reason.

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  • 09/27/18--08:27: CS6 MP4 ENCORE TIMELINE
  • Hello

    It's been several years since I created DVDs using Premiere Pro. In those days I exported media using MPE2-DVD.

    I opened up Premiere Pro CS6 and took at look at the settings. I forgot what settings I used. Preset, Quality, Bitrate.
    In years past I worked on AVI in Premiere Pro. Now I have mostly MP4 films.
    I did not know if I needed to export MP4 using a specific media setting. So I thought to open Encore to see if Encore would except MP4.


    The films I am working on are all MP4. I imported into the time line a one hour interview documentary.

    Everything looks fine considering the interview was shot in analog and it is letter box. That's fine. I want to create DVDs with Menu for public distribution.


    Is there anything I may be missing using Encore with MP4? 


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  • 09/27/18--08:39: Re: CS6 MP4 ENCORE TIMELINE
  • DVD is MPEG2. So if you bring an mp4 into Encore, it will require transcoding.


    Export from PR as MPEG2 DVD format. Set the bitrates for the length of the video so it will fit the disk.


    Blu-ray is a different issue.

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  • 09/27/18--08:44: Re: CS6 MP4 ENCORE TIMELINE
  • This is very helpful, thanks!


    I need help on setting the bitrates 'for the length of the video' ?

    The videos are one hour in length.

    Let me know if there is a short quick note on that topic.


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  • 09/27/18--09:26: Re: CS6 MP4 ENCORE TIMELINE
  • See this re bit budgeting.


    Encore Help | Project planning

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    Many thanks for your reply.

    Media Encoder and Premiere Pro CC2018 always load/update as separate sw applications in Creative Suite - so I assume only Media Encoder needs fixing?.


    If latest Media Encoder  is now producing H264 Blu Ray files that are not compatible with Encore 6 which one is wrong?.ie Encore not recognising latest compliant H264 files correctly - or they are not fully compliant files out of Media Encoder?.

    Surely there is an industry standard to which H264 encoded BluRay format video files should comply ?.


    I'm just trying to get my head around how such a fundamental problem would not be found in software QA testing for Media Encoder.


    Incidently, yes it was a _ves extension file (not vas) extension that failed in the AuthorScript Session files in my case.User input error !!


    Going back to PP CS6 now to produce my video is a non starter. Its a time waster.

    I did use PP CS6 and Encore 6 late 2016 to edit my daughter's wedding and produced Blu Ray discs with no trouble.


    I think whllst Adobe may feel the age of Blu Ray physical media is dead - well, there are some of us who still need to produce them now and again for clients and physical distribution etc,

    Streaming services are fine in theory but here in UK, the public broadband system runs on wet string !. In some regional areas you are lucky to download 1 to 2 Meg/sec.


    If anyone has any future update/ news on the 'fix' & clarification for this - it will be welcome to all in this Forum discussion thread I think,

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    So after reading your post and all the thread from 11th August I just wanted to post that last night I tried re-encoding using Mpeg2 Blu Ray and tweaking the bit rates.

    Result - it worked. I Created an iso file and just then right clicked on it in Windows 10 and burned a disc.

    Using Mpeg 2 was not such an issue on this occasion as I had plenty of room on the Blu Ray disc - but for projects where you are nearing your limit on capacity, then H264 is best as it is a more efficient compression codec of course.

    Obviously if the client wants H264 blu ray format then are stuck for now until Adobe issue a fix.

    So this should be classified as a 'work-around' for now I think and we still need the correct H264 Blu Ray  fix from Media Encoder 2018 V2 !!!!!, now probably 2019 ?.

    Picture quality from my test disc was very good as I was able to use max bit rates.

    I will escalate this issue directly with Adobe as well.

    Maybe this is of some help to others.....

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    I hope this helps to show what the issue is.

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    To answer your second question.

    I don't know.

    I'm just a simple that's learning to do this stuff.


    I don't think Encore needs to do any transcoding, as all the footage have been encoded as .h264 out of Media Encoder.


    But what do I really know.

    I'm a student of the masters ;-D


    kind regards,

    David T.

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    What version of PR/AME?


    Are you using the H.264 Blu-ray format from AME? (Gives you an m4v and a wav.)


    When imported to EN, look at the project panel, out to the right under the Blu-ray Transcode Status column. You should see "Do Not Transcode" indicating that EN sees the file as Blu-ray legal. If it says "untranscoded," EN is going to transcode it.


    If untranscoded, you need to look back at your AME settings.

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    Yes, thanks for reporting.

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    I'm using Premiere Pro CC 2018

                    Media Encoder CC 2018

                    Encore CS6


    Thank you for all your educational help.

    So just to confirm.
    From what I can see here Encore is definately going transcode all these files.
    That raises the following question when encoding the video files I need to explicitly indicate that they need to be Blu-Ray.
    Have I understood you correctly?




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    I still get a notification shown everyday that there is an update for Premiere Pro CS6 (respectively Encore). Can't you stop that message from displaying Adobe?

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    There are two H.264 export formats in AME/PR. "H.264" and "H.264 Blu-ray." Use the latter. It produces two files, .m4v and .wav, rather than one .mp4.


    However, there is a problem with export from the latest PR 2018.1.2. Is that the version you have?


    An alternative is to use MPEG2 Blu-ray, but you have a lot of material, and I think need H.264.

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    I explored a bit further. But check the Cloud Desktop preferences, and try unchecking "Show notifications." That may keep the popups notices from running.


    I also noticed this that had escaped me before. In the Cloud Desktop under Premiere Pro CS6 (where you also see the "update" message), see the "What's new" there. It gives a list of all the apps that interface with PR CS6 that have updates.


    In the installation I'm looking at (in which I never updated PR or EN), it lists a total of 8 apps that need updates, including Bridge and Adobe Media Encoder CS6.


    That doesn't help your issue other than to know whether there is really a significant update. 

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    Not sure how much this will help in your troubleshooting, but the behavior that you're describing indicates that the second layer is not present.





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