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    i am having a problem when i go to burn to dvd it keep telling me sense code 62900 a hardware issue what is going on really

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    Sense code errors refer to hardware or media.


    This is a link to a search in this forum for your error.


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  • 09/30/18--19:19: Creating Blue Ray Disc
  • Hello Everyone.


    This is the first time I want to create a Blue Ray Disc.


    I have a 2 Minutes 1920x1080 Clip, The client has a Restaurant, and he has a Blue Ray Player Attached to a Large T.V, and He want to play the Clip, and he wants the Clip to play as Repeat like a Loop. In other words, he dose not want to keep on clicking on the Play Button.


    Also, when I Export this In Premiere Pro, should I export It as H.264 Blue Ray, Or MPEG2 Blue Ray ?


    The Video has a good quality, Therefore I want the best setting so It can play In Blue Ray

    Thank you very much.




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  • 10/01/18--07:58: Re: Creating Blue Ray Disc
  • For a short clip, MPEG2 Blu-ray or H.264 Blu-ray may not matter. There is a current issue in PR 2018.12 where a H.264 Blu-ray export is not behaving properly and prevents creation of a BD.


    To author the disk, set the end action of the single timeline to itself. (name of timeline -> chapter 1) Encore always sets a chapter 1, you don't need to create one.

    The Encore preview should show this correctly: menu appears for 3 seconds then the timeline plays and keeps looping.


    Depending on what the clip does in the first and last frames, the gap may be more or less noticeable/objectionable. For some players, the last frame will freeze until the next loop starts.


    My test worked in Encore preview, PowerDVD 17, and from a BD player to TV using a BD rewriteable disk.


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  • 10/01/18--09:03: Re: Creating Blue Ray Disc
  • Alternately, create an .mp4 file and have it play back from a Digital Media Player device. Many available for less than $100 on Amazon. Plug in a USB stick or USB drive into device and it plays files out via HDMI. With remote control, should offer loop option. If customer needs changes or updates to video, you don't have to author a new disk, just quickly export a new .mp4 and email to him/her!





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    I’m trying to put an MP4 video file are used to be able to do it no problem on encore but this is what it saying “This file does not appear to be a Photoshop file” has anyone ever experienced that


    [Moved from the non-technical Lounge to the specific Program forum... Mod]
    [Here is the list of all Adobe forums...]

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    Are you trying to import it as a "menu"?

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  • 10/01/18--21:14: Re: Creating Blue Ray Disc
  • Dear Stan.


    I followed your Instruction and I did what you told me to Export H.264 and  set the end action of the single timeline to itself.

    It worked very well.


    When I clicked on Check Project-Start. I saw this Error " Title Remote Not Set ".  I could not find where It was. But the Blu-ray did play ok. What is this Error means ?


    Also, what is going on with this Export: H.264 Bluray ?


    Thank you very much.

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    Hi Stan,


    I'm using PR  CC 2018 v 12.1.2.


    I'll do the work and convert my material to H.264 Blu-ray.

    If It solves the problem great, I haven't lost anything but gained a whole lot.


    Thank you so much for your help.
    As soon as I have done all the conversions I will rebuild and see if the problem is resolved.

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    Create a simple test project first and use only one timeline for similar.  It can save you time.

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    There is a bug in PR/AME 2018.1.2 that result in the H.264 Blu-ray exports failing to build in EN. You can install PR 2017 (which will also install AME 2017) and export from there. Since the PR project is in 2018.1.2, you may need to export as a lossless intermediate and import those to AME 2017.

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  • 10/02/18--05:10: Re: Creating Blue Ray Disc
  • Technically, this is not an error as much as a warning. But it is better to set it.


    Go to the Flowchart and select the Disc icon. Then look at the Properties panel. Set the title remote as you wish - where will the user go when they push the top menu button. I think here, I would set it to "Stop." If pressed, it would just stop the playback.


    There is a bug in PR/AME 2018.1.2 that results in the H.264 Blu-ray exports failing to build in EN. You can install PR 2017 (which will also install AME 2017) and export from there. If you need to work from the PR 2018 project, you can export as a lossless intermediate and import those to AME 2017. If you are just taking an original file into PR for export, you can bring that into PR 2017 and export.

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    In Premiere 2018 Version 12.1.2 I created an H.264 video(not H.264 Blu-ray).  In Encore CS6 I created an Image File.  I burned the Blu-ray disc with ImgBurn.  The Blu-ray disc played without any problem.

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    Michael, remind me if I recall this incorrectly, but I believe that Encore re-transcoded the file you imported. As long as the quality is acceptable, that works. If done deliberately, use a high bitrate, or a lossless intermediate when having Encore transcode.


    But your strategy does avoid using another version of PR/AME.

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    Encore CS6 did re-transcode the video file.  The quality was very acceptable.

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    Hi Michael,


    Your approach is exactly the same as mine, except I haven;'t burned it on a disc.

    But that's when I encountered this problem and I posted it here.

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  • 10/03/18--01:55: Encode Failed
  • can someone help me to fix this Issue ?Capture.JPG

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  • 10/03/18--03:55: Re: Encode Failed
  • Occurs with long file name. This refers to the name of the actual file outside Encore: renaming the timeline or alias inside Encore does not help.

    Trial and error eventually showed that 80 works and 81 fails (including spaces).

    Let us know what you find. My notes suggested this was in transcodes, not full builds, but your screenshot shows a build.

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    Same Problem at the Moment.

    Please let us know some new informations...



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    The bug still exists. What file type are you importing to Encore, and from which PR version?

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