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    OSX Mojave

    Premiere 12.1.2

    Encoder 12.1.2

    I import *.m4v und *.wav


    Preset for h264 BD and VBR with high bitrate

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    i reencode the videofiles in encore (h264, bitrate max.).... takes a few minutes but works!

    This is unfortunately twice the work and time :-(

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    Hello Joined Hoping you guys can help me fix my problem I was creating a new dvd Menu for my family video i had it almost done i need Premiere Open to get some info off the Video so i open Both Programs at same time and it locked up Encore and Premiere Would not load so i closed both and open Premiere got info and went back to my Encore Project now every time i Go to Menu edit or anything to do with Libraries it get an Error "General Error"


    I've Tried clearing Media Cache Database I also tried uninstalling all Adobe software and Reinstalling i Tried Deleting my Preferences files I also tried download new set of libraries still not matter what i do i get Error "General Error" I need to get this video done for family be end of this month hoping someone on here can help me get rid of this darn Error message


    It was working just fine before i open both Premiere and Encore at same time i didnt know you wasn't able to do that i thought they both loaded there own Quicktime Server.


    Anyways Thanks so much for any help you all can give



    Here Flowcart and Error Message and My Project Layout if needed

    P.S. i even tried open whole new project with none of my video files and clicked a Libraries Menu and same error message

    If you need any more info Please let me know Thanks Untitled.png

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    I'm having the same problem.  Very aggravating.  Is there a way to go revert back to old Prpro and media encoder before the latest updates?  Is it the media encoder causing the problem or both>

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    I re encoded my video 10 min of a 1hr 25 min video file using only the (h264 30 bitrate) made an mp4 and brought that into encore and just burnt a blu-ray no menus to see if it would work and it burnt fine.  I used the blu-ray disc option in encore instead of creating an iso file.  Normally I create an iso file, but i was getting the error going both ways.  it burnt the disc looked great.      

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  • 10/04/18--07:46: Re: Adobe Encore
  • Two ideas that MAY work to install and/or run old programs in Windows 10

    -RIGHT click the program icon or EXE and select a compatibility mode in the pop up option window

    -or Run as Administrator to assign FULL Windows permissions may help


    I have Encore CS6 and it works with Win10 using the above ideas

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  • 10/04/18--05:34: Adobe Encore and Windows 10
  • I chat with customer support and got refer to this forum to post my issue about Adobe Encore which can no longer be activated. I have Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker and other Adobe products including Encore. He said that by posting here,  Adobe expert may help me getting the link to download Encore CS4 which I read was being provided to other customer.  I got a new Windows 10 system and would like continue using Encore and accept more projects so I can save in order to upgrade to latest versions. Right now I got no budget for this upgrade. Can anyone help me on this?


    [Here is the list of all Adobe forums...]

    [Comments is to ask about the operation of the Forum, not a specific program]

    [Moved from the Comments forum to the Encore forum... Mod]

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    Walkertx  wrote


    I'm having the same problem.  Very aggravating.  Is there a way to go revert back to old Prpro and media encoder before the latest updates?  Is it the media encoder causing the problem or both>

    Yes, present for both PR and AME exports.


    In the Cloud desktop app, you can install a previous version. You can install PR 2017.1.4 (which I believe will install AME also) or pick just AME 2017.1.4. In the app, click the arrow to the right of "open," then pick "manage" and then "Previous versions."

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    As long as it looks good, you're okay. You should be able to build to an image also.


    The downside is that Encore is taking your file and re-transcoding. When using this method, the Encore "transcode settings" are important. There are other methods for getting the intermediate file that may increase quality. This is more likely to be important if the movie is filling the disk.

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    Encore CS4 was still 32 bit. See this link:


    Adobe Production Premium CS6, Adobe Master Collection CS6 32-bit support


    I do not know if this provided a 32 bit version of EN CS4. But your problem will be if you have a 64 bit operating system. EN CS6 was the first 64 bit version.


    What are your other programs and are they working correctly? A CS4 suite of products?


    Do you have a cloud subscription?

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    As I remember (this is going on 6 years ago so I could be remembering wrong) Adobe provided 32bit versions of "some" programs (such as Premiere Pro CS4) when CS5 was released with a 64bit version of Premiere Pro


    I do not remember if a 32bit version of Encore came with CS6, but I don't think so, since the requirements clearly stated 64bit

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    Yes, I was a little amazed, since I did not think there was any support for PR 32 bit beyond CS5. As I said, I don't know if Encore is even in this package. But this is clearly a CS6 package.

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    If the original person could even find a link to download CS4, it won't work for 2 reasons


    1 - a serial number is required, and is no longer sold by Adobe (not even CS6 is sold now)


    2 - CS4 is even older, so trying to install may not work at all with Windows 10


    Premiere Elements is an "all in one" solution that works with Win10

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    I have Windows 10 32 bit as my old Dell Dimension 9100 that died have Windows XP which I upgraded to Windows 7 32 bit and upgraded to Windows 10 32 bit. Based from what I read from the Forum, Adobe is providing link to customer who requested for Encore so they continue using it as consideration. I chat with customer support directly but said its not their expertise on this matter and refer me to this forum. I'm quite disappointed that they cannot help. I wish they can just said no you can't have it. I just hope somebody from Adobe read my request and be considerate to help. Thanks for your comment fellow adobe users.

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    What version of the programs do you own? I assume they were disks with a serial number or what?

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    >Windows 10 32 bit


    Well, that means that the 64bit Premiere Elements is not an option


    Also, other users in a public forum are not going to be able to provide you with a serial number to be able to use any CS4 program

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    I don't know if this will help anyone, but my original encoded file created under the latest version of Premier Pro and Media encoder I kept getting the Encore Error code 3.  I transferred the file to my iMac brought it into Encore time line and burned a successful iso file.  No Error code 3.  I'm now going to create my menus and see what happens.  

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    No:( i use iMac und MacBook with latest Premiere and Encoder. I have always error 3 ...

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    It worked on my system.  On my Mac I have Encore 6.01.013 and on my PC I'm running version 6.02.004.  I created an iso file where it would not on my PC.  If it starts to give error code 3 does reverting back premier pro and encoder earlier version work?

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    Yep - I have the 2017 versions on my desktop but problem is my Preniere Project from 2018 will not import into PP 2017 so can't do anything with it.

    If you have a project on which you have spent loads of time then you are a bit stuck. So cant use the 2017 versions

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