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  • 11/28/18--05:05: Re: Adobe Encore
  • So you have it on one computer, and there it sometimes crashes and it fails to burn a Blu-ray disk? What type of computer? What Operating system?


    And it is not installed yet on the laptop? What Operating System?

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  • 11/29/18--10:22: DVD Menu Shrinks the expands
  • DVD menus (Not Bluray menus) shrink then expand when a button is activated to go to a video. I would appreciate a solution. Bluray menus are fine and don't jump around on button activation.

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    I'm still trying to figure this out. I took a couple days off to take care of some other projects, but am going gung-ho on this one now.


    Have a look at the attached screenshot:


    (hopefully you can click on this to expand its size)


    I have everything prepared as you have suggested, but I don't seem to have the ability to add an airplane or dragonfly from the "Toggle display of images" option that is currently selected. There's just nothing there. Am I missing a library or something? I am trying to follow your instructions exactly so that I can really understand the process at its core.

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    Change the library setting from "Travel" to "General." There are no "images" in the Travel group.

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    That is not normal. Lots of possible issues. Let's start here:


    How did you create the menu?


    What is the pixel size of the menu?


    Screenshot of the Encore flowchart?

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    Wow. Sorry!!!!! Where's the egg-in-face emoji when you need it most? Thanks for that.


    Obviously I am very green when it comes to Encore.


    That worked. OK, back to the grind now. I'm going to see if I can do what you have suggested.


    Stay tuned please... (and thanks again!)

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    Well, I didn't realize that images did not appear in all the libraries. I almost sent you down a rabbit hole, thinking you had downloaded the "abbreviated" library. Glad I checked that first!

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    All right, well I've got this working...kinda...


    I feel like I'm doing something wrong, or just as likely that I don't understand the process because I'm so unfamiliar with "what's going on" because this is just new software to me.


    Here's a video:


    I'm not sure how I'm going apply this to the full set of menu options (although it's only going to be about four or five).


    I kinda feel like I need to spill the beans on the design intent so you know exactly what I'm trying to do instead of being all secretive.

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    The pause should not occur once played on a player hooked to a TV. But you won't know till you try it.

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    Got it. OK, thanks for that.


    I'm trying to figure out what the process would be if I had two to three more menu options, and/or how exactly this applies to what I'm trying to do. I think there's something there, but I can't quite put it all together.


    Imagine a prize wheel that spins, while the pointer does not. Something like this:



    In this example, the pointer is the menu option being selected and the color represents a menu choice. When the wheel "spins" (in quotes there because technically it's not really animating or spinning; we're just giving the viewer that illusion), the colors shift by one and the new color — which is a menu option — is ready to be selected. In this image, let's spin the wheel clockwise:


    • the first color block, where the red pointer is currently touching, is purple and let's say that would go to one chapter;
    • the second color block is red and when you input the next command the wheel would shift/spin/adjust so that the pointer was on red and then the user could select the next chapter;
    • the third color block is yellow and when you input the next command the wheel would shift/spin/adjust so that the pointer was on yellow and then the user could select the next chapter;
    • ...and so on...


    Does that make sense?

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    BTW, in the end, the question is, assuming you can do it, "is it worth it?"


    For each menu background condition, you need a separate Encore menu. So for 5 colors, at least 5 menus (for each menu).


    Whether there is any illustration of spinning is another matter. The transition might be needed.


    I don't recall if I mentioned  this above, but part of it was implied by the issue of pauses in the last post: Encore made BD disks had issues with certain pauses/black flashes/or gaps, and they could be a deal breaker if you method results in any of those. I'd made a 4 square with the colors changing just to test the basic effect.

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    That's definitely a valid question and point. For this particular project, it is very special and seeing this through is well worth the energy for me. I really want to deliver the vision that I have. If it's not possible, then I can concede and just go with something else, such as moving the pointer to the menu spot (assuming that's possible).


    To mitigate the "flash" or "blink" issue, is it possible to have a background layer that is below all of the menus, or will the entire set of layers and all data flash/blink?


    Could I bother you to help with the four square example? I agree it's good to do a test to see if the basic effect is possible before diving in too deeply...although at this point we are pretty deep!

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    Menu created in Encore. I start with a blank HD menu from the Library, then add a photo from the subject of the video. I do all this in HD for Blu-ray then I create a blu-ray Disk Image. From here I can burn multiple Blu-ray disks. After this, I just switch to burning a DVD size disk image in the build window of Encore.


    The Blu-ray pixel size is 1920 X 1080, the DVD size I suppose would be a SD.


    You got me thinking: Maybe I should recreate the DVD menu using a blank SD?


    Let me try that and I'll get back to you.


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    Yep, I think that's it.

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    Hi All


    Presently working on a project requiring multiple delivery format (PAL and NTSC). 


    I have built and exported the PAL DVD with no problem.  All files were first transcoded using Media Encoder 2019 into MPEG files (.m2v) in 25fps. Encore recognised them accordingly and therefore did no further transcode (within Encore). File exported perfectly.


    The NTSC version is causing an issue.  The files were slowed from 25fps to 23.976fps and then transcoded into MPEG .m2v files again using Media Encoder 2019.  The  metadata of these files (as displaying in the project tab of Encore) is showing the files as MPEG video .m2v files with the correct frame rate of 23.976.  However Encore is still displaying the tag for each video file (under DVD Transcode Settings in the project tab) as 'Untranscoded'. 


    As per the PAL version, I have created these files (in the NTSC version) to ensure a 'Don't Transcode' NOT 'Untranscoded' flag. I find no logical reason why Encore is demanding a transcode.  Again the PAL version (PAL DVD using PAL files transcoded to m2v) is all good.  The NTSC version (NTSC DVD using NTSC files transcoded to m2v) is not working as it should.


    BTW, all files are progressive.


    I fear a bug that has been etched in the archive of ENCORE forever failures.  Any help that will eliminate this possibility is greatly appreciated.


    Thanks in Advance

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    Post a screenshot of the NTSC export settings.


    Also, Mediainfo in "tree" view of the .m2v.

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  • 11/25/18--16:55: ADOBE ENCORE, WHAT A PAIN
  • I have a client that wants a copy of the story on regular a dvd. I was following the tutorial to do it with Premiere Pro and then AME but then it requested Adobe Encore to do it. Adobe Encore is not included anymore, it says you should downloaded as part of CS6. I did and immediately it warned me about conflicts with a lot of my CC 2018 and 2019 programs. It wanted me to get out of Premiere Pro, Adobe link, Photoshop server something etc. I canceled out of it. It has to be a easier way to do this. Is Encore somewhere in Premiere Pro CC? I have a wav file and a M2V file but I need Encore to create a simple DVD?



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    I reinstalled recently and got no such warnings. How specifically did you install CS6?

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    Restart windows then install cs6. No other adobe app should be opened first.

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    >Is Encore somewhere in Premiere Pro CC?


    Sort of

    How to get previous using a Cloud subscription

    -the menu option to see previous versions has changed (several times!) see message #18 for the latest

    -or possibly (another new) procedure in


    When you have Encore questions, you may go to

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